Kalavantin Durg Trek: Difficult yet exciting trek in Sahyadri!

Kalavantin durg trek along with Prabalgad is among the popular trekking destinations in Maharashtra. It offers an exciting trek which involves walking on the mountain edge!

Location Address: On Prabalmachi Plateau between Matheran and Panvel, near Thakurwadi village, Panvel, Maharashtra (India).

Best Time To Visit: September to January is the best time to visit this fort. Avoid visiting here in the heavy monsoons as rock becomes slippery & dangerous.

Elevation: The fort stands at an elevation of 670 meters (2200 feet) above mean sea level.

Kalavantin Durg History & Information:

It is a popular hill forts along with its twin fort Prabalgad. This peaks stand near Prabalmachi plateau between Karjat & Panvel regions of Maharashtra. Out of these 2, Prabalgad fort has the highest elevation of 2300 feet whereas Kalavantin peak is 2200 feet high. You can easily spot this peak from the Mumbai Pune expressway. Thick woods, windy atmosphere and foggy weather makes this place an amazing spot after heavy monsoons. Kalavantin durg trek is one of the most exciting treks in Sahyadri Mountain Range.

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This fort was formerly known as Muranjan until it was captured by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1657. It was constructed at the rocky Prabal plateau close to Matheran is said that the fort was built for a queen named Kalavantin. You can get magnificent views of the surrounding region from the top. Malik Ahmad who was the prime minister of Ahmednagar Kingdom captured Prabalgad in 1458. This fort was taken down along with Mahuli Fort, Karnala fort, and Kalyan region after Sambhaji Maharaj’s death.

Kalavantin Durg Trek Route

Now the trek to this peak gives super-thrilling and adventurous experience. Trek has 2 phases – Thakurwadi village to Prabalmachi and Prabalmachi to Kalavantin. As you go through the Prabalmachi village, there is a diversion. A straight path takes you to Kalavantin, whereas the right turn takes you on the Prabalgad. The straight route takes onto the V-shaped mountain gap from where rock steps to the starts.

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This is the last patch of the Kalavantin durg trek and has very steep climb through stairs. The steps are made by cutting the rock of the hill. Please note that no safety measures like guard rail of safety ropes are available on these steps. But steps are big enough to accommodate your foot. You need to take the support of hand hold on the mountain wall. While climbing up you can see surrounding forts like Chanderi Fort, Irshalgad Fort, Karnala Fort, Haji Malang, Matheran Hills etc.

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Difficulty Level:

Medium to Hard. Trek till Prabalmachi has easy climb but after it route becomes challenging. Especially the rock-cut stairs of the Kalavantin durg trek are risky & dangerous for beginners.

Time Required: It takes about 2 hours to reach up to Prabalmachi from the Thakurwadi. Then it takes about 40 minutes to reach the top of Kalavantin.

Accommodation/ Staying Options: There is ample of space at Prabalmachi to setup a campsite. About 300 people can easily stay near campsite area. So you can stay your tents and camp at the top. Alternatively, you can also request local people for homestay.

How To Reach Kalavantin

You can reach Thakurwadi easily from Panvel. Various means of transportation are available from Panvel city.

  • By Road: Daily ST Buses ply between Panvel ST Bus depot and Thakurwadi village. 8 seater rickshaws are also available outside the Panvel station until the Thakurwadi.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Panvel station on the Harbour railway line of Mumbai is the nearest railhead to this fort. You can take private vehicles outside the station to reach over here.
  • Nearest Airport: Mumbai airport is the closest airport near Kalavantin durg.

Restaurants Nearby/ Eating Stuff: A village at Prabalmachi has few restaurants which offer all basic veg and non-veg food. These restaurants offer food like Zunka-Bhakri, Chicken-Bhakri, Egg Bhurji & Omelette, Dal-Rice and Bhaji etc.

Map To Reach:

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Kalavantin durg trek is really an amazing destination for adventure seekers. It is certainly among the must visit spots in Sahyadri mountain range!

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