Kanheri Caves: Meditation Center of Buddhist Monks Near Mumbai!

images of kanheri caves
Great Panoramic Views!

Kanheri caves Mumbai is another set of Buddhist caves in Mumbai after Elephanta Caves. These caves display some of the rare sculptures unlike other caves in India.

Location: Inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali East, Maharashtra (India) – 600 066.

Best Time To Visit: Tourists can visit Kanheri caves Mumbai at any time of the year. As these caves are there inside the national park, one can get beautiful views of surrounding greenery in monsoon season.

Formation: 1st century BC to 10th century BC.

Kanheri caves Mumbai Information

Kanheri caves are among the oldest caves in India and are located in Borivali part of Mumbai. These are rock-cut caves situated amidst beautiful Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Every cave is adorned with rock bed unlike other caves in India. The road to caves leads through the green forests of the national park. Kanheri caves Mumbai are about 6 kms away from the entrance of the national park.

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This place is one of the famous tourist spots in Mumbai. It pulls large a number of people because of its splendid carvings, sculptures, historical importance, and serenity. Kanheri word literally means the black mountain. Various waterfalls also arise at this place in monsoon season!

Architecture of Kanheri Caves

These are the Buddhist caves which date back to times from 1st century BC to 10th century BC. It was a center of education for Buddhist monks. They used to stay in Kanheri caves Mumbai for meditation purpose. There are total 109 rock cut caves carved in the basalt rock. These caves are spread over a big area and a single monk used to stay in each cave. Due to its amazing architectural features, it is one of the best caves in Maharashtra.

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