Tikona Fort Trek – Beautiful hiking route near Pune

Tikona fort trek in Pune is an exciting weekend gateway near Lonavala town of Maharashtra. The scenic trek route is the main highlight of this fort!

Location Address: Tikona Peth (Gavhande) village, Kamshet, Near Lonavala, Maharashtra (India) – 412 108.

Best Time To Visit: July to January is the best time to visit the fort. Monsoon season is the ideal time to visit this fort when you can see breathtaking views of the surrounding Pawna dam and Maval region. Trekking becomes exhausting after the end of winter season.   

Difficulty Level: Easy. Tikona fort trek falls under easy grade trekking routes. The trek route is not risky and is an ideal for beginners. Just be cautious in the heavy monsoons when route becomes muddy & slippery.

Elevation/Formation: The fort stands at an elevation of 3850 feet (1091 meter) above mean sea level.

Tikona Fort Information:

Also known as Vitandgad fort, it is a popular trekking destination near Lonavala hill station. It is one of the prominent hill forts in the Maval region of Pune district. It is often called as a twin fort of Tung (Kathingad) Fort. Tikona peth is the base village to reach up to this fort. Other forts like Tung (Kathingad), Lohagad and Visapur stands in the close vicinity of this fort. The shape of the fort is triangular and looks like a pyramid from long distance. This is one of the good trekking spots in Maharashtra.

[caption id="attachment_1837" align="aligncenter" width="600"]tikona_trek_route Route to the top![/caption]

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Fort has got its name Tikona (3 Angles in Marathi) due to its triangular shape. The fort attracts large number of hikers and adventure enthusiasts in the monsoon season. It stands at about same height as its neighboring Tung fort. You can see Trimbakeshwar Mahadev Temple, Satvahan Caves and a Lake around the fort. It takes about 1 hour to see the entire fort properly.

Tikona Fort Trek Routes

It is quiet an easy & short trek to reach on the fort. The fort has a very big entrance gate. There is a water tank & ancient temple inside the fort. A cave along with a large water tank is present on the left side of the entrance gate. The route going ahead of the cave have steps and takes you to the fort bastion. Now from here you can see fortification, some other water cisterns and downward route. Spectacular views of the nearby Sahyadri Mountain Range, Forts and Pawna lake region can be seen from top of the bastion.

[caption id="attachment_1836" align="aligncenter" width="600"]tikona_fort_photos Stunning view of the Pawna lake & Tung fort![/caption]

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Some part of the Tikona fort trek has vertical climb due to the triangular shape of fort. Tung fort is located towards west side of the fort and is surrounded by the Pawna Lake on its 3 sides. Forts of Lohagad & Visapur are also visible from the top towards North direction. After monsoons, you can see the reflection of the fort in waters of Pawna Lake. One can get stunning views of the Pawna dam region and nearby forts from the top. It’s a great place to visit near Lonavala, Mumbai & Pune.

  • Via Tikona Peth:

This is the most common and preferred trek route which starts from the Tikona Peth village. It is a very easy route which takes you to the top within 1 hour. You can easily reach this village by taking private vehicles from Kamshet railway station on Lonavala-Pune railway line. Private vehicles are also available at Kale colony to reach Tikona peth. Otherwise, you can catch a ST bus to Paund or Morse from Kamshet at 08:30 am and alight at Tikona Peth.

  • Via Bedse Caves:

It’s a quiet offbeat trek route from Bedse caves. Via this trek route, you can visit Lohagad, Visapur, Bedse caves and Tikona in a single visit. The fort is accessible from Bedse caves.

  •  Via Kevre-Bramhnoli-Tikona Peth:

Many hikers tryout Tikona fort trek along with Tung fort. First give a visit to Tung fort and then proceed towards Tungwadi village (base village of Tung fort). Then take a walk towards Kevre village and get a boat to Bramhnoli from there. Later on, it’s a walk of half an hour till Tikona Peth from Bramhnoli village.

Fort History

The construction of this fort was done by the Shilahar Dynasty Kings. In 1585, the fort was won by Malik Ahmad Nizam Shah I of the Nizam Shahi dynasty. Later on in 1657, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj won Tikona fort along with other forts like Lohagad, Visapur, Mahuli, Karnala, Songad and Tala. The fort was mainly used for keeping an eye over the Pawna Mawal(Region).  Being the small fort, it was not of much importance in battle point of view. In 1660, Dhamale family ‘Deshmukhs’ of Maval Region took the responsibility of the security of the fort.

[caption id="attachment_1835" align="aligncenter" width="480"]tikona_fort_images Main Fort Structure![/caption]

©Shradhha Gosavi

Again in 1665, Mughal Sardar Jaysingh attacked the Maval region but remained undefeated. The fort was surrendered to Mughal Sardar Kubad Khan on 12 June 1665 as per the Treaty of Purandar. However, later on the fort was recaptured by the Marathas. Shivaji Maharaj’s Son Sambhaji Maharaj met Aurangzeb’s son Akbar in 1682.  After that meeting, Sambhaji Maharaj requested Akbar to stay on the Tikona fort. However, the weather didn’t suit Akbar and he fall sick. In 1818, Marathas had a war with British over Tikona which resulted in the huge damage of the fort.

Things To See on Tikona fort trek:

  • Views of Tung, Lohagad, and Visapur Forts
  • Views of Pawna Lake surrounding the fort
  • A Giant Entrance Gate
  • Trimbakeshwar Temple
  • Satvahan Caves


Timings/ Opening hours: Fort remains open throughout the day.

Time Required: It takes about 1 hour to reach atop from the base village (Tikona Peth/Gavhande village). Length of Tikona fort trek is about 2 km. You can easily do this trek within 1 day from Mumbai & Pune suburbs.

How To Reach

There is a good motorable road till the base village. You can take your vehicle till base and park it in the paid parking area.

  • By Road: You can easily reach to Lonavala via Mumbai-Pune Highway or taking a Train service. From Lonavala proceed towards Kamshet via road or train. After reaching Kamshet ask for Gavhande or Tikona Peth village. Plenty of ST Buses are available at Kamshet Bus Depot at an interval of almost 1 hour.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Kamshet railway station on the Lonavala-Pune railway line is the closest railway station to the fort. Train plays on this route throughout the day at the interval of about 1 hour. From Kamshet station, you will easily get auto-rickshaws for the base village on sharing basis.
  • Nearest Airport: Pune airport is the closest airport to this fort. You can easily reach Lonavala from the Pune via taking a bus or cab.

Accommodation/ Camping Options: If you want to stay on the fort then there is a cave atop. 10 to 15 persons can stay in this cave during non-monsoon months. Water leakages occur inside the cave in monsoon season. It not safe to pitch a tent due to less space and high winds on the top. Otherwise, you can stay in the Tikona peth village.

Restaurants Nearby/ Eating Stuff: Few restaurants are available in the base which serves basic food dishes. You can have food like Pohe, Pithla-Bhakri, Mirchi Thecha, Chicken-Bhakri, Rice place etc.

Map To Reach:

[mapsmarker marker="174"]

Exciting trek route, amazing weather and stunning views of the surrounding region makes Tikona fort trek a must try hiking route in Monsoon season. 

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