1. Choose your route precisely according to your interest by deciding your spots.
  2. Don’t try to visit many places in a single visit, take enough time to enjoy a particular spot.
  3. No matter which place you visit, always keep a water bottle & some snacks with you.
  4. Do not carry valuable things like jewellery, more money or bank cards unless required.
  5. Stay healthy by eating hygienic food, avoiding tap water & avoiding public toilets if possible.
  6. Try to remain calm & happy during the trip, it will reduce your stress.
  7. Try communicating with the local people to know their culture.
  8. Always have a book with you to read while you are not travelling or relaxing.
  9. If you are travelling along with your entire family then try to avoid overcrowded places.
  10. Try to pack your bag as light as possible and do not take unnecessary/heavy things with you.
  11. Don’t be too precious about your personal space.
  12. Try to plan your trip by yourself and avoid travel agents as there are chances of getting cheated.
  13. Always keep your photo identity proof (i.e Aadhar Card, Pan card, Driving licence, etc) with you as there are chances where you will be asked for your identification.
  14. Keep a camera with you so you could take plenty of photographs while travelling, it’ll help you to capture your memories!
  15. Try to wake up early, enjoy your breakfast before heading out for parks, museums and other daytime activities.
  16. Keep a guide-book/notes with you about the place you are visiting. It will enhance your journey.

Have Happy Memories!!!!