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Adventure Watersports In Goa: List of Best Beaches & Rates!

Adventure watersports in goa have flourished a lot in recent years. While hunting these watersports , tourists come across a so large number of beaches that it becomes difficult to find the right one.

Being home to a large number of beaches, adventure watersports in goa are very popular. Goa has vast opportunities for adventure & water sports lovers. Various beaches in north goa as well as beaches in south goa offer thrilling water activities. If you are on the trip of Goa, then you must try these amazing rides.

Goa Watersports Beaches

Tourists can enjoy various water sports in south goa beaches and in north Goa beaches. Miramar beach, Sinquerium beach, Aguada beach, Calangute Beach, Condolim Beach, Bogmalo beach, Arossim Beach, Palolem beach, Baga Beach, Varca Beach, Majorda beach Vagator Beach & many other beaches provides facilities of water sports in Goa.

Best Time To Enjoy Adventure Watersports In Goa

Nowadays, almost every person visiting Goa enjoys the watersports. October to May is the best time to enjoy water sports in Goa. The atmosphere remains clean and cloudless during this time period. Fairly placid water and clear blue sky creates the amazing mood to enjoy water sports. Generally,

Goa Water Sports Packages & Rates

Goa water sports rates range between 100rs to 5000rs depending on the ride. Rates of some watersports in Goa are mentioned below:

Sr.No. Type of Watersport Rates (In Rupees)
1 Parasailing 800 to 1000 per couple
2 Water Skiing 500 to 800 per person
3 Scuba Diving 100 to 1500 per person for 30 minutes
4 Wind Surfing 400 to 800 per person for 60 minutes
5 Water Scooter 100 to 150 per person for 10-15 minutes
6 Banana Ride 200 to 300 per person for 15-20 minutes

Various Adventure Watersports In Goa & Beaches


dolphin rides in goa
The pod of dolphins!


Dolphins are generally spotted few kilometers inside the sea. If you are lucky then you may spot dolphins nearby the beach. Many private boat owners, as well as professional boating firms, offers Dolphin spotting rides in Goa. One can also chase the group of Dolphins on Speed Boat!!

  • Beaches To Enjoy Dolphin Spotting: Sinquerium beach, Aguada beach, Calangute Beach, Bogmalo beach, Palolem beach, Baga Beach, Varca Beach, Vagator Beach and Miramar beach are best beaches to spot Dolphins in Goa.
  • Swimming Criteria: Swimming is not required.


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©Thomas Cook

In parasailing, a rope is tied to the boat at one end and another end is tied to the player (having the parachute). So as the boat moves inside the sea, the player gets lifted up in the air due to parachute. One can see magnificent views of the sea, beach & sunset while doing this ride. As you go high up in the air, the views of the surrounding area look magnificent. It is great adventure watersports in goa.

  • Beaches To Enjoy: The best locations for Parasailing in Goa are Arambol beach and South Palolem beach. You can enjoy Parasailing also at the beaches of Dona Paula, Miramar, Condolim, Anjuna, Majorda, Arossim, Baga, Calangute and Sinquerim.
  • Swimming Criteria: Not required. A life jacket is provided for this ride.


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Windsurfing is a thrilling and exciting sport! One has to ride on the water using sailboard and control the board according to the direction of the wind.  The board remains equipped with a wishbone boom, mast and sail. One can turn the board around by steering it away from the wind.

  • Beaches To Enjoy: Wind Surfing can be enjoyed at various beaches in both south and north Goa. Arambol, Vagator, Coco beach, Palolem, Colva, Agonda beaches are the famous locations for wind surfing in Goa.
  • Swimming Criteria: Swimming skills are required to perform windsurfing.


sea sailing in goa images photos

©Fair winds sailing school

  • Beaches To Enjoy: Palolem Beach, Grand Hyatt at Bambolim Beach offers sea sailing facilities in Goa.
  • Swimming Criteria: Swimming is not required.


scuba-diving-in-goa-snorkelling images photos


Scuba diving & Snorkelling are among best adventure watersports in goa. Many water sports clubs offer facilities for these sports. Exploring beautiful varieties of fishes, corals & fauna species under water gives you a memorable experience.  

  • Beaches To Enjoy: You can take an amazing experience of these sports at Baga beach, Aguada beach, Palolem beach and Bogmalo Beach. Grand Island, Davy Jones Locker, Suzy’s Wreck, Surge City, Sail Rock, Uma Guma Reef, Turbo Tunnel, Bounty Bay are some common wrecks to enjoy scuba diving in Goa.
  • Swimming Criteria: Swimming is not required. In a case of deep scuba diving, they provide you training.

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Water skiing is all about balance! A person is dragged while standing on water with the help of semi-rigid board (ski). A rope is attached to the boat and person is pulled on water. A performing person is provided with one or two skis. It is suitable for all age groups.

  • Beaches To Enjoy: Condolim Beach, Arossim Beach, Baga Beach,  Calangute Beach, Mobor Beach and Utorda Beach are best beaches to do water skiing in Goa. It is advisable not to do water skiing during the monsoon season i.e. from July to September
  • Swimming Criteria: Not required. A life jacket is provided for this ride.


jet skiing in goa images photos


It is one of the best adventure watersports in goa.

  • Beaches To Enjoy: Calangute beach, Arossim beach, Colva beach, Benaulim beach, Candolim beach, Mobor beach, Rajbag beach, Miramar beach and Utorda beach are the best beaches to enjoy jet skiing in Goa.
  • Swimming Criteria: Not required. A life jacket is provided for this ride.

kneeboarding in goa images photos

©Bobos Watersports

  • Beaches To Enjoy: The beaches of Candolim, Mobor and Rajbag offer kneeboarding and wakeboarding facilities.
  • Swimming Criteria: Not required. A life jacket is provided for this ride.


kayaking in goa images photos

©Goa Kayaking

Kayaking is less of an adventure watersports in goa because it offers more of a calmer side experience. One can sit in the boat and paddle down inside the river. Kayaking along river coast, backwaters, mangroves and mini bays gives the amazing experience. In mild rain showering, it becomes the even more exciting sport!

  • Beaches To Enjoy: Kayaking takes place along rivers in Siolim, Nerul and calmer Beaches like Morjim, Hollant (near the Dabolim airport) and Palolem beach. One can also enjoy Night Kayaking in Vasco.
  • Swimming Criteria: Not required. A life jacket is provided for this ride.


river rafting in goa images photos

©Unknown Source

In river rafting, a group of people has to manually ride the boat inside the river with splashing & fast water current. Rafting in river having lush green trees on its both sides provides amazing adventure opportunity!

  • Spots To Enjoy: One can enjoy the river rafting in Tilari River near North Goa. Mhadei river also shares amazing spot for rafting.
  • Swimming Criteria: Not required. A life jacket is provided for this ride.


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Yachting is actually not a water sport. The yacht is a kind of boat that help to sail you deep inside the ocean. One can spend an amazing time while sailing & exploring sea on the yacht. Many people enjoy Fishing, sun bathing, having party and barbecue on the yacht. As it is quite money consuming, Cruising is the alternative for Yachting.

  • Beaches To Enjoy: Yachting is offered at many beaches like Candolim beach, Calangute beach, Colva beach, Mobor beach, Dona Paula beach, Utorda beach, Arossim beach and Benaulim beach.
  • Swimming Criteria: Not required. You remain safe on the yacht.


kitesurfing in goa images photos

©Unknown Source

Kitesurfing includes surface water surfing with the help of kite like parachutes. This sport depends on the speed of the wind. Surfer holds a rope attached to the Kite. As kite moves forward due to the wind, a surfer is dragged on the water surface. So that he/she can perform various stunts using the surfing board.

  • Beaches To Enjoy: A very few water clubs offer this sport in Goa. It is comparatively less offered sport in Goa. You can do kite surfing at Arambol beach and Morjim beach.
  • Swimming Criteria: Swimming skills are a must for this watersport.


water surfing in goa images photos

©Suitcase magzine

It is a very exciting adventure watersports in goa. Water surfing involves the riding on big water tides with the help of surf board. Surfer can move on the big waves according to size & speed of the wave.

  • Beaches To Enjoy: South Cavelossim, Mandrem and Ashvem beaches provide good opportunities for water surfing as these beaches have calm water.
  • Swimming Criteria: Not required. A life jacket is provided.


banana rides in goa images pho

©Unknown Source

In Banana ride, a group of 3-7 people has to seat on the Banana shaped ride that floats on water. They take you into the sea and suddenly flip the ride to one side. This causes falling of people in a deep water. This is one of the top adventure watersports in goa.


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©Unknown Source

Bungee jumping includes taking a jump into the valley. An elastic rope is connected to the jumper’s leg so that he can be safe. A structure like a bridge is built high up between two mountains forming a valley. So when a person jumps from a middle of the bridge, he does not collide with mountain or any other obstacle. 

After jumping into the valley, the cord gets stretched and the jumper is pulled upwards as the cord recoils. It creates up & down oscillation of jumper which avoids collision with ground or water stream below valley.

  • Beaches To Enjoy: Anjuna beach valley in North Goa offers thrilling bungee jumping events!!
  • Swimming Criteria: Not required.

It is said that the English windsurfer – John Lucas set the trend of adventure sports in Goa. A huge number of western people used to visit Goa since 1970’s and he was one of them. Lucas falls in love with the seacoast and adorable beauty of Goa. As he was very enthusiastic about windsurfing, he brought his surfing board and rig on next visit to Goa. Since that period, various adventure watersports in goa started originating.