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Ajanta Caves Sculptures – History & Information!

Ajanta caves sculptures in Aurangabad (Maharashtra) are very popular rock structures. Along with Ellora caves, this location is also among UNESCO world heritage sites of Maharashtra. Let’s see more information about history, paintings and images!

Location: Soyagaon Taluka, Aurangabad District, Maharashtra, India.

Best Time To Visit: You can visit to see Ajanta caves sculptures any time of the year. The caves remain open throughout the year for tourists. However, June to February is the best period to visit this place, because weather during these months remains pleasant.

Formation: Between 2nd Century BC to 5th Century AD. 

Ajanta Caves Sculptures Information

These are world famous caves in the Maharashtra state of India. The caves are at 388 kms away from Mumbai, 107 kms from Aurangabad and 59 kms from Jalgaon. Along with Ellora caves, tourists from all around the world come to see Ajanta caves sculptures. Caves are especially famous for their rock architecture as well as for beautiful paintings. These caves were created by Buddhist monks since 2nd Century BC to 5th . They display a beautiful piece of medieval Buddhist architecture.

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The Ajanta caves sculptures have been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983. Caves show great examples of Ancient Indian Architecture. Enthusiastic Archeology students & researchers from all around the globe visits here to explore these caves. 


According to Archaeological Survey of India, there are total 29 caves into mountains. You can see the number of sculptures devoted to Lord Buddha. Ajanta caves history and structures are very unique. As sculptures were created between 2nd century BC to 5th century AD many generations did not know about them. Caves remained unnoticed for a long period since then. Ajanta caves sculptures were again discovered in 19th century by some British Officers while hunting animals. These caves are located in Satmala mountain ranges. 

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 The caves include many sculptures as well as paintings. The paintings are unique and the colours are almost as fresh and beautiful as they were centuries ago. These paintings give useful insight to the historical background of Ajanta caves sculptures.


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Paintings are ultimate masterpieces of Buddhist art. Some of these caves have incidents and stories from the Jataka Tales depicted on the walls. Pictures like Bodhisatva Padmapani with lotus in hand, Avalokoteshwara in shades of gold, Dancing Apsaras are beautiful.

The incidents of the life of Lord Buddha are depicted in Budhhavihar & various caves. Ajanta caves history is studied by many people. Almost all caves have a large number of  pictures of the kings and queens with different stories.


Timing:  Tourists can visit Ajanta caves sculptures from Tuesday to Sunday between  8:00 am to 5:00 pm (holiday on Monday). 

Entry Fee: (Current ticket prices)

  • Entry for children up to 15 years is free.
  • For Indian, SAARC (Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,  Bhutan,  Afghanistan, Pakistan & Maldives) and BIMSTEC  (Thailand & Myanmar) Tourists Ticket price is Rs. 10/- per head.
  • For other tourists Ticket price is Rs. 250/- per head.
How To Reach Ajanta Caves Sculptures

You can reach here by Road, Rail or Air very easily. Tourist or ST buses, Private cabs are available to Aurangabad from all major cities in Maharashtra. Cars or Buses will drop you at about 2kms s from the caves. Then you can reach up to caves either by shuttle buses or by taking a walk!

  • Nearest Railway Station: Jalgaon Railway station (59 kms) is the nearest railhead to Ajanta. You can catch private cars or bus service from the railway station till caves.
  • Nearest Airport: Aurangabad (107 kms) is the nearest airport to Ajanta caves sculptures. Aurangabad is well connected to major cities in India.

Eating Stuff: You can have food at Aurangabad or else there are some Dhaba’s on the way to Ajanta. Ther are not much food options nearby caves so having food before heading towards  caves is a good option.

ajanta caves photos images

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Stay: Many private hotels, as well as MTDC accommodation is available in Aurangabad city. You can choose any hotel as per your budget.

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