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Andharban Trek: Great Jungle Trek From Pune!

Andharban trek near Pune is a popular jungle trek in Tamhini ghat region. The jungle trail of Andharban is a must experience trail in Sahyadri’s.

Location Address: Near Mulshi, Tamhini Ghat, Pune, Maharashtra (India).

Height / Elevation: 2100 feet at the starting point. You will start descending into the valley from the starting point itself!

Best Time To Visit: August to January is the ideal time to do this trek. This trek route presents a spectacular natural scenery in the rainy season.

Andharban Trek Information

It is perhaps one of the most amazing treks in Sahyadri mountain range. Situated amidst thick forest cover of Tamhini ghat, Andharban jungle trek route presents you a very scenic nature trail. The Andharban trek route is an ancient travel path that joins Konkan region to Ghat Region. Experiencing the marvelous beauty of nature is the specialty of this trek. This area exhibits abundant natural beauty in the monsoon season.

Few parts of the region have so dense forest cover that rays of the sun can hardly make their way through trees. These trees stand right next to each other in a very congested fashion. Hence the name of this forest was kept as Andharban. In Marathi, Andhar means Dark and Ban means Forest (Andharban=Dark Forest).

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Amazing sight on the trek route!

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Trek Route

Andharban jungle trek is roughly a 13 km long route which starts from Pimpri dam. The trek route passes through very thick woods. You will be in a shadow of trees for most of the time. There are some splashing water streams and few waterfalls on the Andharban trek route.  You can get a great panoramic view of Kundalika river valley, Bhima dam, and Tamhini ghat range while ascending towards the Bhira dam. There are many species of wild flowers and butterflies in this forest (just like popular Kaas Plateau). So photographers and nature lovers can have few nice snaps in their gallery!

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Misty view of mountains!

©Rohit Patil

The starting point of Andharban jungle trek itself is at the highest elevation that rest of the trek route. So you will start descending from the elevation of roughly 2100 feet into the valley. The descend continues until the Bhira dam (end point of the trek). Andharban trek route passes through the mountain ridges and exhibits mind-blowing panoramic views of the surrounding Sahyadri Mountain Range. Dense forest cover continues till first 8 km of the route. More descend of 4 km lands you in the Konkan till Bhira dam. This dam gives the origin to cascading Kundalika river which is famous for white river rafting in Kolad.

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Magnificent view from mountains!

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Andharban Trek Difficulty Level

This trek route is easy for all age groups. However, few patches pass alongside valleys hence you must be careful.

Time Required: It takes about 6-7 hours to complete this trek. Andharban jungle trek begins at the Pimpri dam. The route passes through the woods of Andharban and ends at Bhira dam (source of the Kundalika river).

Places To See:

  • Kundalika River Valley
  • Tamhini Ghat Range
  • Waterfalls
  • Plus Valley
  • Bhira Dam Backwaters
  • Ghangad Fort
  • Tailbaila Peak
  • Sarasgad Fort
  • Independence Point

Start-End Points/How To Reach

Google coordinates 18.462435, 73.383398 indicates the precise point from which Andharban trek route starts along the scenic Pimpri dam and 18.510341, 73.417509 are the end points at Bhira dam.

  • From Pune: Pune → Piranghut → Mulshi → Tamhini ghat → Pimpri Dam.
  • From Mumbai: Dadar → Vashi → Kalamboli →Lonavla → Pimpri Dam and returning route – Bhira Dam → Pali → Khopoli → Kalamboli → Vashi.
  • ST Bus Route: If you are planning to by ST bus then take a bus to Bhamburde village from Lonavala (40 km). From Bhamburde, you can either have a walk of 14 km or take a private vehicle to Pimpri village.

Accommodation/ Stating Options: Andharban jungle trek can be easily finished in one day so you don’t really need any shelter for accommodation. However, you can set up your tents at the appropriate place among trek route.

Restaurants Nearby/ Eating Stuff: There are no food facilities nearby Andharban trek trail. So you need to carry sufficient food and water with you. There are plenty of waterfalls to have drinking water in monsoon season. But the arrangement of food has to be done by yourself.

Map To Reach:

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Overall, Andharban trek provides a thrilling jungle trek amidst Sahyadri’s. It is a must try trek for every adventure lover!