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Anjaneri Fort Trek: Beautiful Trekking Destination Near Nashik!

Anjaneri fort trek is one of the fascinating treks in Nashik region. These hills hold a lot of historical and religious significance as well.

Location: Anjaneri Mountain, 20 km from Nashik, Towards Trimbakeshwar Road, Maharashtra (India).

Best Time To Visit: July to January is the ideal time to do Anjaneri fort trek. The atmosphere remains very pleasant during these months!

Elevation / Height: The fort is at a height of 1280 m (4264 ft.) above mean sea level.

Anjaneri Fort Trek Information:

It is a famous trekking spot amidst Sahyadri Mountain Range near the city of Nashik.  This fort lies on the Trimbakeshwar road which is approximately 20 km away from Nashik.  A huge number of trekkers & adventure lovers visit this fort every year. The Anjaneri hills are blessed with abundant natural beauty & environment. 

You can experience peaceful surroundings, lush greenery and many waterfalls over here. In monsoon season, the views of surrounding region look damn beautiful. This fort is one of the important & must visit spots in Nashik. It is an easy one-day trek from Nashik and Mumbai as well.

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Trek Route

The beautiful village of Anjaneri is the base village for Anjaneri fort trek. You will notice two pinnacles from the village which are known as ‘Navra’ and ‘Navri’. Then start proceeding towards these peaks. You will notice the temple of Anjani Mata just after 10-15 minutes.

From here the left turn goes towards Seeta Cave and the Right route goes towards the fort along with few other temples. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to reach the fort from the base. The Anjaneri fort trek route is thrilling which goes through dense bushes, caves, lakes and splashing waterfalls. It is among the most beautiful treks in Maharashtra.

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Anjaneri mountain is also a birthplace of Lord Hanuman which is the another reason why a large number of people visit this place. He was the son of Anjani Mata & The Vanara PrinceKesari Maharaj. He is also recognized as the son of Pavan Dev (The god of wind) because he gave the Lord Shiva’s Prasad to Anjana Devi, after which Lord Hanuman was born.  To reach the birth place of Lord Hanuman, you have to do a trek of 6 km from the base village.  

The mountain has got its name from the mother of Hanuman – Anjani Mata. The entire childhood of Lord Hanuman was spent on this mountain. In the latest research, scientists has found a rare plant – ‘Anjanerika soparia‘ on this  mountain. According to researchers, this plant is available only on this mountain.

What To See
  • Seeta Caves: It is another famous attraction part from the fort. The walls of these caves are inscribed with amazing designs. It has 2 rooms which can accommodate 10 to 15 people. You can stay here while doing an Anjaneri fort trek!
  • Anjani Temple: A temple in the faith of goddess Anjani is there on the mountain. More than 10,000 pilgrims visit this place during the auspicious day of Hanuman Jayanti. It attracts huge devotees even on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The temple is big and can be reached within 15 minutes from the plateau.
  • Other Caves: There are total 108 caves carved all over the mountain of Anjaneri. It is believed that these caves were built by Jain monks in the ancient times. They displace beautiful ancient art through their architecture & designs!
  • Vaitarna Back Waters: You can see a breathtaking view of vaitarana dam backwaters from a top of the Anjaneri hills.
  • Brahmagiri Hills
  • Trimbakeshwar Range

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Time Required: The complete Anjaneri fort trek takes about 3 hours from the base village. You will be amazed to see the beauty of nearby Sahyadri Mountain Range during this trek!

Difficulty Level: The trek to Anjaneri fort is of the easy level. Anyone can do trekking at this spot including small children.

How To Reach Anjaneri

Being one of the popular tourist cities in Maharashtra, Nashik has good connectivity via road, rail and air. MSRTC (ST) and tourist buses ply regularly to Maharashtra from all over the Maharashtra. The distance between Mumbai to Nashik is 168 kms, Aurangabad to Nashik is 182 km, Pune to Nashik is 210 kms, Kolhapur To Nashik is 450 km and Nagpur to Nashik is 655 km.

  • By Road: Distance between Nashik & Anjaneri is 20 km. ST buses and private vehicles are available from Nashik till Anjaneri Phata. Then you have to walk towards the base village which takes 15-20 minutes then start Anjaneri fort trek.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Nashik Road railway station is the nearest railhead to reach this fort. You can catch vehicles outside the station.
  • Nearest Airport: Nashik airport is the nearest airport to this fort.

Accommodation/ Stating Options: If you are planning to do a night trek then you can stay in the caves or else in Anjani temple. Apart from big Anjani temple, few smaller temples of Hanuman & Anjani Mata are also there on the mountain.

Restaurants Nearby/ Eating Stuff: While doing an Anjaneri fort trek, you have to carry your own food & sufficient water with you. There are no eateries or hotels on the mountain. Otherwise, you can make the arrangement of food at the base village. Local people provides the food as per request.

Nearby Attractions:

Map To Reach:

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Anjaneri fort trek is a great option to get soaked in the beauty of mother nature. You can witness splendid landscape views of the surrounding mountain range In the monsoon season!