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Aurangabad Caves: The neighbour of Ajanta & Ellora Caves!

Aurangabad caves Maharashtra are beautiful rock cut sculptures near Aurangabad city. These caves are completely different from the famous pair of Ajanta & Ellora caves. People usually get confused between Aurangabad caves and Ajanta – Ellora Caves.

Location: Aurangabad, Maharashtra (India) –  431101

Best Time To Visit: Tourists can visit these caves throughout the year. This spot is one of the most visited tourist spots in Aurangabad. Visit during rainy and winter season gives a memorable experience!

The time required: 2 hours are adequate to see the entire cave complex properly. 

Aurangabad caves Maharashtra Information

The beautiful caves of Aurangabad are total 12 rock cut Buddhist caves dating back to 2nd and 6th century. These caves are situated amidst the beautiful hill area in the Sihaychal mountain range which runs from east to west of Aurangabad. The caves are about 2-3 kms away from the landmark of Aurangabad – Bibi ka Maqbara.  Tantric Hinduism has a lot of influence on the carvings and designs of Aurangabad caves Maharashtra. These carvings are one of the best illustrations of Indian classical art.

aurangabad caves images
Caves in Monsoon season!

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These caves are carved out from Basalt rock. The total 12 caves are present into 3 different groups. Out of these, cave number 3 & 7 shows the most splendid sculptures. 1st group (Western group) has cave number 1 to 5, second group (eastern group) consist of cave number 6 to 9 and the 3rd group has cave number 10 to 12. Group number 1 and 2 are about 500 meters away from each other. Aurangabad caves Maharashtra are one of the best caves in Maharashtra.

Group number 3 is on the further east side of the 2nd group. Sculpture of women with unique ornamentation & hairstyle in cave number 6 is beautiful to watch. An idol of Lord Ganesha and Lord Buddha are also there in the 6th cave. Cave number 7 of Aurangabad caves Maharashtra is the most interesting caves famous for its sculptural ornamentations on women.

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Even after so many years of creation, these caves are still in good conditions. Caves premises have large pillars, corridors, verandas, walls which are carved with beautiful designs & sculptures. Cave number 2 is a vihara with an idol of Lord Buddha. Cave number 3 is the biggest & most beautiful cave among all caves. There is a sculpture in cave number 9 which shows a statue of Buddha in nirvana. The famous carving of the Sutasoma Jakata & geometrical architectures is worth seeing!

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How To Reach Aurangabad caves Maharashtra

Aurangabad has good connectivity to all major cities in Maharashtra like Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur and Nagpur. ST buses regularly ply to Aurangabad from all these cities. From the city, you can catch private transport vehicles to reach these caves. Private vehicles are easily available inside the city.

  • Nearest Rail Station: Aurangabad central station is the nearest railhead to reach these caves. This station is well connected to Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Manmad, Nashik and many other cities in Maharashtra.
  • Nearest Airport: Aurangabad airport is the closest airport to caves. Private vehicles are easily available from the airport to caves.

Caves remain open to tourists daily between 09:00 am to 05:00 pm.

Contact: You can contact Aurangabad caves Maharashtra authorities on 077093 43800 or +91-240-2343169

Ticket: Entry Fee for caves is Rs. 10/- per Indian tourist & Rs. 100/- per foreign tourist.

Staying options: There are lots of different hotels in Aurangabad for accommodation purpose. MTDC also has its own accommodation facility in Aurangabad. You can check MTDC resort room availability or book a room at this link.

Eating Stuff: You can have your snacks at Aurangabad city or hotels on the way to caves or nearby caves. There are no eateries in cave premises.

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The caves structures of Aurangabad caves Maharashtra are the rare example of Indian art. But the fame of Ajanta & Ellora caves has benighted these caves. So if you ever plan to depart for Aurangabad then try to visit this spot!