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Bahrot Caves, Bordi – Sculptures Situated on Hills Near Dahanu!

Bahrot caves in Bordi town of Maharashtra are set of Parsi cave temples. These caves are situated at a distance of 8 kms from Bordi. These caves have the sole Parsi cave temple in India.

Location: 20 kms to the south of Sanjan and 8 kms away from Bordi, Thane District, Maharashtra, India.

Bahrot Caves Information

Bahrot Caves are located at Bordi town near Dahanu, Maharashtra. These caves are carved on the Bahrot Mountain which is 1500 feet high. Bahrot Mountain is located at the distance of 20 kms south of Sanjan.  These Caves holds a prominent religious importance for the Parsi people. According to legends, Zarathosti ancestors (Parsis) took refuge in these caves in 1351 AD for long 13 years, while hiding themselves from the Muslim invaders. Zarathosti took The ‘Iranshah Flame’ to Bahrot caves Bordi. These caves are among important caves in Maharashtra.

History Behind Caves

The Zarathosti ancestors blessed an Iranian fire temple in the hills, but the fire was later transferred to these Bahrot caves. This ‘Iranshah Flame’ has been kept burning since then until even today. Caves serve as a memorial to the brave men who laid their lives to keep the holy flame burning. Inside the main cave of Bahrot, a Jashn can be performed in order to pay tribute to those brave men. This fire is the most eminent grade of devoted fire in the world. These Caves have the only Parsi Zoroastrian Cave temple in India.



It is said that the Iranian Zoroastrians had close trading connections with the Gujarat coast. Sanjan was also a popular & wealthy port with whom the Iranians had close connections. So it is considered as this was the actual reason for the Zarathosti ancestors to seek refuge at this place.

Present Status

Tourists visiting the caves can participate in a Jashn that is regularly performed at this place. Nowadays, the caves are in a very bad condition and need repair and maintenance. In order to prevent further deterioration of the caves, the Government of India was prevailed to declare the cave as a protected monument. Various glass wares, coins & Pottery dating back to the last Zoroastrian dynasty have been found.

Do visit this amazing place if you make a point to visit Dahanu. It feels nice here as Bahrot caves are located away from hustle & bustle of the city. You can also see various attractions nearby the caves like Dahanu Fort, Dahanu Bordi Beach, Aswali Dam & other. The brief description of all these spots is given below!

Tourist Information

Best Time To Visit: Tourists can visit Bahrot caves Bordi throughout the year. Visit to the caves during monsoon season gives you a memorable experience. In monsoon season, one can see beautiful lush green views of the nearby region, lakes, dams & villages.

Time Required: The trek from Aswali village to caves requires 2 hours. Another 1 hour is sufficient to see caves & surrounding views!

How To Reach: In order to reach Caves, you have to reach Aswali village first. One has to complete 2 hours trek from Aswali village till the caves. The village is located at about 20 kms from Dahanu. Dahanu & Bordi are well connected to all important cities in Maharashtra by Road and railway transport. Regular bus services ply to Dahanu from all main cities in Maharashtra.

-By Road: Dahanu is connected to Mumbai via NH-8 connects Mumbai. ST buses regularly ply between Dahanu & other important cities in Maharashtra. It takes about 2.5 hours to reach Dahanu from Mumbai. The distance between Dahanu &  caves is 21 kms.

-Nearest Railway Station: The nearest Railway stations are Gholvad Road (3 Kms) & Dahanu Road (3 kms) from Bordi city. You can easily find a vehicle nearby station to reach the caves.

-Nearest Airport: Mumbai Airport (140 kms) is the nearest airport to reach Bahrot caves Bordi. Many cab services ply taxi till Dahanu and Bahrot. Cabs from airport to the caves will cost you around Rs. 2000/-

Eating Stuff: It is advisable to have food before heading out for the caves sightseeing. Or else you can carry food & sufficient water along with you. There are not much food options nearby the caves. (Please do not throw the wrappers of food items nearby caves area & help to keep the place clean.)

Accommodation: There are decent accommodation options available in Dahanu.

bahrot caves dahanu


Nearby Attractions:

  • Dahanu-Bordi Beach: The Bordi Beach is one of the major tourist sightseeing spots in Dahanu. The beach is very calm and safe. This beach is a very safe place for swimming. The beach has a beautiful long stretch of 17 kms from Dahanu to Bordi. The water level of this beach always remains below the waist height till 400-500 meters inside. It is one of the serene beaches in Maharashtra.
  • Dahanu Fort: Dahanu fort is another famous tourist attraction in Dahanu. Dahanu fort was ruled by the British before the independence of India. Fort is situated at 24 kms away from Bordi. The Marathas had conquered Dahanu fort in January 1739 AD. After the independence of India, the fort was converted into a jail.
  • Aswali Dam: The Asavli Dam is a huge dam located in Bordi village. The construction of this dam is carried out in the similar way of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. The dam is 354 meters long and 24 feet high. The surrounding region of this dam displays eye-pleasing natural beauty (specially in monsoon season). One can see amazing views of Aswali dam from Bahrot caves.
  • Depchari Dam: Depchari dam is a big reservoir and one of the biggest reservoirs in Bordi. This dam is even more big in dimension than the Aswali dam. Unlike the Aswali dam, very few people visit this dam. Depchari dam offers very scenic natural views. It is situated at 20 kms from Bordi.
  • Mallinath Temple: The Mallinath Tirth Temple is a Jain temple located in Kosbad. The distance between Mallinath temple & Bordi is 20 kms. Mallinath temple is dedicated to Lord Adinath. It is one of the big temples in Maharashtra related to Jain religion.

Map To Reach Bahrot Caves-Bordi:

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