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Bandra Worli sea link (BWSL), Mumbai: A Modern Architectural Marvel!

Bandra Worli sea link (BWSL) in Mumbai is one of the main architectural landmarks of Mumbai & India. The length of this cable-stayed bridge is 5.6 km.

Location Address: Bandra to Worli, South Mumbai, Maharashtra (India).

Best Time To Visit: BWSL remains open for transportation at all time. You can visit this spot at any time of the year except during planned maintenance or some racing car rallies!

Bandra Worli Sea Link Mumbai Information

It is an 8-laned cable suspended bridge built in the Arabian sea that links Bandra & the west Mumbai with Worli. This modern technological marvel is also known as Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link. This bridge is the 1st cable stayed bridge of India inside the sea. BWSL gives you a great drive experience inside the great Arabian sea. Bandra Worli sea link Mumbai is one of the best sea bridges in the world due to its unique design.

It is among the major landmarks of the Mumbai as well as India. Drive at BWSL offers very good views during morning and night times. The view of bridge and suburb in the background looks absolutely stunning while entering from Bandra side. Bandra Worli sea link Mumbai has glamourous lighting arrangement which looks marvelous in the night!

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Purpose of BWSL

Bandra region lies in western Mumbai suburbs while Worli lies in South Mumbai suburbs. Earlier it used to take 50-60 minutes to travel from Bandra to Worli or vice versa. But after the construction of BWSL, this time has reduced to whooping 8 to 15 minutes! It also helped to reduce the traffic jam in the adjacent roads.

Bandra Worli sea link Mumbai has total 8 lanes which enable very speedy travel. Out of 8 lanes, public transportation of first 4 lanes was started on 30th June 2009. Then the remaining 4 lanes were made available for transportation on 24th March 2010.

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Architecture & Construction of Bandra Worli Sea Link Mumbai

This cable suspended bridge is an example of fantastic modern architecture. The total length of Bandra Worli sea link Mumbai is 5.6 km. Maharashtra state road development corporation(MSRDC) was the governing authority (client) of this massive project. This was built by Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) at a cost of Rs.1600 crore. While consulting firms for this projects were DAR Consultants & Jacobs Engineering. The construction of the BWSL was initiated in 2000 and it was completed only in 2010 after a delay of 5 years.

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This cable suspended bridge actual has 2 continuous bridge sections in each direction. Bandra Worli sea link Mumbai is built into 3 different segments – South Viaduct, Central Cable Stayed Portion and North Viaduct. The middle section of the bridge is cable stayed. Apart from that middle portion, other sections on each side rest on piers having a spacing of 50 metres from each other.

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Amazing Facts of BWSL
  • It is a 1st ever sea bridge in India that is constructed and developed wholesomely by the Indian engineers.
  • It weighs equivalent to that of 50,000 African Elephants.
  • The length of steel cable used in the different structures of the bridge is equivalent to the circumference of the earth.
  • Construction of Bandra Worli sea link Mumbai consumed 90,000 tons of cement. In this much amount, 5 buildings of 10 floors can be constructed.
  • A huge amount of lighting is provided on the main road as well as for decorative purpose which consumes 1000 KW power every day. All illumination lights were installed by Bajaj Electricals. Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) and Reliance Power supplies the electricity to BWSL.
  • It is fully equipped with ultra-modern automatic systems for traffic surveillance, Traffic monitoring, instrumentation, emergency support & communications.
  • BWSL has its own in-house diesel generator to fulfill emergency power requirements.
  • The toll plaza of Bandra Worli sea link Mumbai has automatic toll collection system.

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Time Required: The ride on the BWSL can last up to 15 minutes depending upon your speed!

How To Reach Bandra Worli Sea Link Mumbai

The bridge section starts from the Mahim Interchange (junction of Western Express Highway and Swami Vivekananda Road) and connects to Worli at Worli end. Bandra reclamation area has the closest bus stop near the bridge. BWSL is accessible either enter from Worli sea face or else from Bandra. You can enter the bridge from Bandra via Western Express Highway.  

  • By Road: You need to have a 4 wheeler vehicle to ride on Bandra Worli sea link Mumbai. 2 wheelers are not allowed on this bridge due to safety reasons. So you can take a ride on BWSL in your car or hired the taxi.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Lower Parel station (central railway) is the nearest station to Worli end where as Bandra station (western railway) is the nearest station to Bandra side.
  • Nearest Airport: Mumbai airport is the closest airport to this spot.

Toll Charges:

  • Cars: Rs 55/- for single journey, Rs 82.50/- for the return journey and Rs. 137/- for the day pass.
  • Tempo/LCV: Rs 80/- for a single journey, Rs. 120/- for the return journey and Rs 200/- for the day pass.
  • Truck/Bus: Rs 110/- for a single journey, Rs. 165/- for the return journey and Rs 275/- for the day pass.

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Map To Reach:

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Bandra Worli sea link Mumbai (BWSL) is one of the top architectural marvels of India. Do check out other popular tourists spots in Mumbai at our blog!