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Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Chandrapur: A Thick Forest Sheltering Variety of Flora & Fauna!

Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Chandrapur is one of the rich biological reserves in Maharashtra. It acts as a home to many exotic species of flora & fauna!

Best Time To Visit: February to May is the best time to visit this sanctuary. Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Chandrapur has a thick jungle which makes difficult to spot animals during rainy & winter season. The height of grasslands & bushes remains low during summer time when the possibility of spotting animal increases!

Location Address: Bhamragarh, Chandrapur district, Maharashtra (India).

Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary Information

The sanctuary of Bhamragarh is one of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in India.It is located in the Chandrapur district of Vidarbha region in Maharashtra. This amazing wildlife reserve has spread over an area of about 104 sq.kms. It provides a perfect habitat for a large number of wildlife species. This wildlife sanctuary is well known for its world class flora and fauna. Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Chandrapur is certainly one of the best wildlife reserves in Maharashtra and it provides a great opportunity to explore wildlife.

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Roads Inside The Sanctuary!

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The sanctuary of Bhamragarh has a very dense forest cover with a rich heritage of wildlife. It is literally the heaven for animals, birds and other wildlife species. The majority of the sanctuary has thick woods with small patches of grass plateaus. The Bhamragarh wildlife sanctuary holds a great variety of exotic flora and fauna including some endangered species. It holds a rich collection of wild life and a variety of vegetation. Parlkota River and Pamalgautam River are the main source of water for wildlife and they fulfill the need of water of local tribes.

Administration and management of Bhamragarh wildlife sanctuary in Chandrapur are done by Chief Conservator of Forest and Field Director Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve which has headquarter at Chandrapur. Few other sanctuaries also present around this sanctuary.

Wildlife Species At Bhamragarh

  • Fauna (Animals): Variety of animals likeLeopards, Blue Bulls, Jungle Fowls, Barking Deers, mongoose, Wild Boar, Peacock, Flying Squirrel and Sloth Bear can be spotted here in large number.
  • Flora (Plant Species): The forest of Sanctuary majorly comprises of moist deciduous mix forests. Some of the common trees present in this sanctuary are Mango, Arjun, Bel, Bija, Jamun, Ain, Behada, Shishamtendu, HirdaHaldu, Kuda, Kusum, Bamboo, Kadam and many others. The main species of grasses includes Gawat, Mussam, Khus, Kusal and ChirkhusShrub species like Kuda, Tarota, Kudgudi, Tarwad, Gokhru& Neel are also present extensively.
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Water stream in the sanctuary!


Gond and Madia tribes are the main tribes that reside in the jungles of Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary Chandrapur. They still completely depend upon the forest for living & fulfill their need for food, timber, grass and wood. Madia and Gondi are their languages.

Hemalkasa Lok Biradari Project

It is a very magnificent project inside the Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary of Chandrapur. This project is run freely by Dr.Prakash Amte for Adivasi People of this region. He is a national award winner for his extensive work for tribal communities in the jungle near Chandrapur. In spite of having a doctorate degree from the urban area, he has spent his entire life in the jungle to help Adivasi People. Dr.Prakash Amte is an inspiration for everyone. Hemalkasa Lok Biradari Project is a must visit spot for every person right from a child, youth to senior citizen.

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Leopard Roaming Amidst Woods!

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Timings:  The sanctuary remains open from 06:00 am to 07:00 pm.

Restaurants & Eating Stuff:  Forest guest house is the only option to have food. So you better take few dry food items along with you while visiting the Sanctuary.

How To Reach Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary Chandrapur

One can easily reach the Sanctuary from Chandrapur. It has nice connectivity to major tourist cities in Maharashtra via many State highways like MH MSH 6, MH MSH 9, MH SH 233, MH SH 243 and MH SH 264. A large number of MSRTC buses ply to Chandrapur from all over the Maharashtra.

  • By Road: The nearest bus stands are located in the towns of Aheri (102 km away) and Ballarpur. Buses from these bus stands will be available to Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Lonavala, Thane, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad and other nearby cities. Cabs can also be rented from the city of Nagpur in order to reach this Sanctuary.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Ballarpur is the nearest railhead to reach this sanctuary. This station is 197 km away from the sanctuary. Cabs are easily available from railway station to Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Chandrapur.
  • Nearest Airport: Babasaheb Ambedkar Airport in Nagpur airport is the closest airport to the sanctuary. The distance between the airport & sanctuary is 370 km via Chandrapur.

Accommodation / Staying Options: Forest Guest Houses are available near the sanctuary for accommodation purpose. But one needs to take a prior permission from the Deputy Conservator of Forest. You can contact them at their office in Chandrapur.

Official Website:

Nearby Tourist Places

  • Anandvan Ashram, Warora
  • Ancient Caves, Chandrapur
  • Gonda Raja Fort (Chandrapur Fort)
  • Manikgarh Fort, Chandrapur
  • Ballalpur Fort, Chandrapur
  • Hemalkasa Lok Biradari Project

Map To Reach:

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Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Chandrapur is a must visit sanctuary in Maharashtra due to its untouched & exotic nature.