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Bombay High Court, Mumbai: Beautiful Example of Gothic Architecture!

Bombay high court is the highest jurisdictional body for Maharashtra & Goa. A large number of tourists visit Mumbai high court apart from people related to legal cases.

Best Time To Visit: You can visit Bombay high court anytime of the year during the court timings.

Location Address: Dr. Kane Road, Near Rajabai Clock Tower, Fort area, Mumbai, Maharashtra (India) – 400 032.

Popular For: Unique Gothic Architectural Style.

Bombay High Court Information:

The structure of Mumbai high court stands in Fort area of Mumbai, Maharashtra. It acts as the institution of justice for the states of Maharashtra and Goa. This high court also serves for the Union Territories of “Div – Daman” and “Dadra & Nagar Haveli”. It is the highest body of Legal and Judicial Jurisprudence. They handle lakhs of civil & criminal cases every year.

The High Court can exercise original Jurisdiction only in the city of Mumbai. Aurangabad, Nagpur, and Panaji also have benches of the Bombay high court. It is one of the most chartered and among the oldest courts in the country. This High Court handles lakhs of civil and criminal cases every year.

bombay high court images
Veranda of the court building!

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Architecture & Construction

The Bombay high court is a masterpiece of Gothic style architecture. The dimensions of the building of the court measures 171-meter-long and 57 meters wide. Construction of this building took place between 1871 to 1878 and The 1st sitting took place on January 10, 1879. The building of Mumbai high court is a design of British engineer Col. JA Fuller in early English-Gothic architecture with huge towers and broad staircases.

The structure consists of black stone and is 562 feet long and 189 feet wide. Apart from the central tower, 2 octagonal towers a form structure of Bombay high court. Even statues of Justice & Mercy are situated at the top of this building which resembles the inspiration for law abiding citizens. The stained glasses of this building are as beautiful as those of Afghan Church and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.

Inside of the court building!

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Bombay High Court Judges

The Court has a total of 64 judges, with 48 Permanent and 16 Additional Judges (Numbers may change with time). Honorable Justice Mr. SB Bhasme is considered to be the most reputed Chief Justice of this high court till date. His hearings resulted in the favor of people. In 1979, he was posted to Supreme Court of India.

The current Chief Justice of the Bombay high court is – Honourable Mr. Justice Mohit S Shah. People can walk inside the high court building and see the pandemonium and pageantry of public cases in progress.


Along with the high courts of Calcutta and Madras, Bombay high court was founded as per the ‘Indian High Court Act’ of 1861 passed by the Queen of England. The 1st Chief Justice, the 1st Attorney General and the 1st Solicitor General of independent India was associated with the Bombay high court. This indicates the strong force and ability of persons serving this court. The decision given by the Mumbai high court can only be challenged in the Supreme Court of India. In 1995 when the city name changed from Bombay to Mumbai, the court kept the same historic name.

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Front view of the structure!

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How To Reach

You can easily reach Mumbai high court by city transport means like taxis, buses or trains from anywhere in the city.

  • Nearest Railway Station: CST on the central railway line and Churchgate on western railway line are nearest railheads to reach the Bombay high court. You can catch taxi or BEST buses outside the station to reach up to the high court.
  • Nearest Airport: Mumbai airport is the closest airport to reach this spot. Taxis are easily available from the airport.

Court Timings: You can visit Bombay high court from Monday to Friday at any time between 11:00 am to 05:00 pm.

Eating Stuff: There are plenty of cafes & restaurants nearby high court building to have food. Popular restaurants like Fountain Sizzlers, Raju Sandwich, Kala Ghoda café, café Mondegar and The pantry are not much far from this monument!

Accommodation / Staying Options: A large number of hotels are available in Mumbai for accommodation purpose. Various deluxe, semi-deluxe and budget hotels are present in each and every part of Mumbai. You can book any of them as per your convenience.

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Bombay high court is an integral part of a history of the Mumbai as well as India. Do give a visit to this monument if you are an architecture & history lover!