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Chakan Fort (Sangramdurg): A fort that hosted 54-Day war

Chakan fort in Pune is a land fort, which hosted a historical 54-day battle between Maratha & Mughal army. Let’s see more information about the fort in this article.

Best Time To Visit: You can visit this fort throughout the year. There are no particular timings to visit this fort.

Location Address: 35 km from Pune city, near Chakan MIDC, on the NH-50, Maharashtra (India).

Chakan Fort Information:

It is a popular Fort 33 km away from the Pune city in Maharashtra. Sangramdurg is the other name of this fort. This fort is popular for the last war between the Maratha & British. This is a unique fort, which is built on the ground and has strong walls along its circumference. That is why it is also famous as Bhuikot Killa (Bhui=Ground; Kot=Compound wall). The fort is among very few ground forts in Maharashtra.

The fort was a very important place from the strategic point of view. Chakan fort was vital to have control on regions like Paud, Ghotan, Bhimner, and Ghodner. It was under the reign of various rulers like Yadava, Bahamani, Adilshahi, Marathas and British.

Bastions & walls of the fort.

Chakan Fort History:

The construction of the fort took place in the end of the 12th century by an Abyssinian chief. In 1595, the fort was handed over to Maloji Bhosale (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharajs grandfather). In the 16th century, the fort witnessed an epic 54-Day war between the Maratha general Firangoji Narsale against Mughal Sardar Shahistekhan. Against the tiny Maratha army of 600-700 soldiers, Mughal army was close to 20 thousand. Still, Maratha’s fought very bravely till 54 days. The fort stood very well against heavy attacks of Mughal. Due to the strong fortifications, Mughal used high strength explosives to destroy the fort walls. However, Marathas broke down their heavy attack as well.

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Fortification along the circumference.

©Vihan Deshmukh

Therefore, Mughal army blocked the supply of goods going inside the Chakan fort. Then Mughal army dug an underground tunnel till North-East bastion of the fortification and blasted it with explosives. In the end, Firangoji Narsale surrendered due to short supply of materials, artillery & manpower. In spite of losing the battle, Shivaji Maharaj gave Firangoji the control of Bhupalgad fort to appreciate his bravery & efforts. A few years later Maratha’s again won the fort. Later, the fort was conquered by British from the Marathas in the 18th century.

Fort Architecture:

The construction of the Chakan fort is very strong in nature. It has a strong fortification wall with bastions and corner towers. There was also an extra line of the inner wall inside the fort, which improved the defense of the fort. A wide ditch (moat) was also present along the periphery of the fort to increase its defense. Current situation of Fort is very bad; presently the entire fort is in ruins. The Fort seriously needs the restoration and maintenance.

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The entrance of the fort.


Nearby Attractions:

  • Temple of Lord Vishnu (in Varah Avatar): The meaning of ‘Varah‘ is a pig and it is a 3rd avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu. This incarnation is very rare in India.
  • Chakreshwar Temple: It is another important temple, which lies inside the fort. The temple has beautiful carvings on it.
  • Alandi


How To Reach:

Pune has nice connectivity by road, rail & air to all important cities in Maharashtra. ST buses regularly ply in between Chakan and Pune as well as Shivajinagar ST Stand. It takes 1 hour to reach the Chakan fort from Pune and half hour from Talegaon.

  • Nearest Railway Station: Shivajinagar station (31 km) and Pune Station (33 km) are nearest railheads to reach the fort. ST buses are available to Chakan from both stations. You can also hire private vehicles from the station.
  • Nearest Airport: Pune Airport is the closest airport to the fort. It has very good connectivity to all major airports in India.

Restaurants / Eating Stuff: It is advisable to have your food on the way to the fort or else in the Pune city. Chakan being an industrial area, plenty of restaurants are available near the fort. Carry sufficient amount of water with you while going to see the fort.

Accommodation / Staying Options: Various hotels are available in Pune for accommodation purpose.

Chakan Fort Map:

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Although the fort has a rich history, its present condition is very bad. The growth of shrubs and other plants have taken place around the fort. Authorities must take steps towards the preservation of rare land fort like Chakan.