Chanderi Fort Trek, Badlapur: Great spot in Maharashtra

Chanderi fort trek in Badlapur region of Maharashtra is a great 1-day trekking spot near Mumbai. There is not much history to this fort but it acts as a good adventure place!

Location Address: Chinchavali Village, Near Badlapur & Panvel, Thane district, Maharashtra (India).

Best Time To Visit: November to February is the best time to visit this fort. The main trek route leads through the waterfall so you cannot do this trek in monsoons.

Elevation: This fort stands at a height of 710 meter (2330 feets) above mean sea level.

Chanderi Fort Information:

This fort is located near Chinchvali village of Badlapur suburb in Thane district. Chanderi fort trek one of the challenging yet an exciting treks in Maharashtra. The fort lies at an elevation of 800 meters above MSL. It lies exactly in the center of the Matheran mountain range. This fort was used to keep watch on the surrounding region as the fort is at considerable height. You can see a rare bronze statue of great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on the top of the fort. Chanderi is joined to a group of 4 pinnacles called Mhasmal.

Chanderi on left & Mhansmal on right!

There is a big cave on the mountain, which has a sacred deity of Lord Shiva. Chanderi fort trek is a nice option for trekking near Mumbai & Pune. This mountain is visible on the right side while going towards Karjat from Kalyan. There are many waterfalls on the way of trek to this fort. In rainy season, the fort offers amazing panoramic views & green natural beauty. Chinchvali is the base village to this fort, which can be approached from Badlapur & Vangani. As the region near fort has many waterfalls, large crowd come here to enjoy only waterfalls!

Chanderi Fort Trek

It is about 40-50 minutes walk from Chinchvali to the base of fort. It takes about 3 hours to reach at the top. The trek route goes through the dense jungle and a steep waterfall. The jungle is quiet thick and many people are misdirected in the forest due to different jungle trails. Therefore, it is advisable to take a guide with you while going to this fort. There is a cave atop the fort, which has deity of lord Shiva.

Beautiful view of surrounding!

The Chanderi fort trek route to the top gets very difficult after the cave. Many people avoid going on the top due to dangerous approach. Road to the pinnacle is very slippery & there is danger of landslide. There is a cistern near this cave, which has drinkable water till October. Another reservoir is located at the base of the pinnacle near the cave.

Chanderi Fort History:

There is not much history related to this fort. Mughals built this fort & its walls were very strong. This fort came under the reign of Marathas in May 1656 when Shivaji Maharaj won all region till Kalyan-Bhiwandi-Rairi. There are some remnants of fortification on the top and near caves. Otherwise, the fort is completely in ruins.

Cave at the top

This fort was possibly a watchtower or a military base. There is a very limited space to stay, lack of development, low water storage areas and extremely difficult approach. You can see various peaks in Sahyadri Mountain Range like  Prabalgad, Kalavantin, Irshalgad, Matheran, Peb(Vikatgad), Manikgad to the east and Gorakhgad, Bhimashankar, Peth, Siddhagad on the west of the fort. Other peaks like Narkhind, Mhasmal and Haji Malang are also visible from the top.


Time Required:  takes about 3 hours to reach atop from the base village – Chinchavali.

Difficulty Level: Hard. Chanderi fort trek falls under the category of hard trek.

How To Reach Chanderi Fort

  • By Road: You can easily reach here by taking an auto-rickshaw from Vangani station on Central railway line. It takes 20 minutes to reach the base village from station.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Vangani station & Badlapur station are convenient railheads to reach this fort. These both stations are situated on the Central railway line. You will get private vehicles from these both stations till the base village – Chinchvali.
  • Nearest Airport: Mumbai airport is the closest airport to Chanderi fort.

Restaurants Nearby/ Eating Stuff: No food is available at the top of the fort. You must carry your own food & water while doing Chanderi fort trek. Water is available in the cistern but reaching till there is not possible for everyone.

Accommodation/ Staying Options: There is a big cave at the top of fort. About 30 people can stay easily in this cave. Some portion of the cave near deity have tiles flooring.  

Map To Reach:

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Chanderi fort trek is a must try spot for Sahyadri lovers. It offers a great 1-day outing from Mumbai & Pune as well!