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Chikhaldara hill station – Cool place near Nagpur & Akola!

Chikhaldara hill station offers many leisure opportunities to tourists. It is a single spot in Maharashtra where the crop of coffee is harvested. Along with deep valleys, lush greenery, wildlife, lakes & waterfalls this place is one of the best places to visit in Maharashtra.

Information of Chikhaldara Hill Station

Chikhaldara hill station is a popular place located on one beautiful plateau in Amravati district of Maharashtra. It is the only coffee cultivating region in the Maharashtra. It is situated at an altitude of 1118 meters above mean sea level. This is a most preferred tourist spot in Vidarbha region during months of summer. Due to scenic beauty, pleasant weather, lakes, waterfalls along with amazing wildlife; a huge number of tourists flock to this hill station every year.

chikhaldara hill station
Misty Greenery!!


It is nestled amidst Satpuda mountain range of Amravati district. It is a big town and lies on the Melghat mountain in the satpuda range. This town was discovered by Captain Robinson of Hyderabad regiment in 1823. Tourists can see a wide range of biodiversity at Chikhaldara hill station region. Like other hill stations in Maharashtra, the climate of Chikhaldara always remains pleasant and cool.


It is said that once Pandavas stayed in the forest of Chikhaldara. During those times, Kichaka was the king of this region. Bhim, who was the strongest among all of them had the battle with Kichaka and threw him into a valley. Then that valley used to know as Kichakdara. Later on, over the large time period, the same name became Chikhaldara


The hill station region is surrounded by a thick cover of the jungle. This is a protected area by government & hunting is banned. The colour of forest has reddish brown shade instead of usual green colour. So the colour of forest matches with the colour of mountains. Due to a strict prohibition on hunting, the population of tiger has increased to a good extent in this region. If you are lucky then you may spot a tiger walking from Chikhaldara to Semadoha. A large number of peacocks, bears and owls can be spotted in this forest.

Places To See

There are many places to visit at this hill station due to enchanting natural views, big valleys, beautiful trees, exotic wildlife, flora & fauna, amazing waterfalls and beautiful lakes. There are ample of tourists spots in the nearby vicinity which attract thousands of people every year.

Points: Worth visiting Points in Chikhaldara are Mozari Point, Bhimakund, Hariken Point, Devi Point, Panchbol Point, Prospect Point, Monkey PointVairat Devi, Semadoh Lake, Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens,  Tribal Museum etc.

Forts: Gavilgad Fort and Narnala Fort are two must visit forts in Chikhaldara. Architecture and surrounding sights from this fort are wonderful. Tourists can also see sculptures & cannons over here!

chikhaldara hill station images greenery waterfalls
Waterfall at Chikhaldara Hills!


Lakes: Many lakes such as Devi Lake, KalaPani lake, Machhali lake, Shakkar Lake are there at this hill station. Sometimes various wild animals can be seen on the banks on these lakes.

Apart from hill station region, Tourists can also plan to visit following cool spots nearby it:

  • Dhakana-Kolkaj National Park
  • Siddha Kshetra Muktagiri
  • Waterfall of Bakadari and Kalalkund
  • Panchbol Point: Panchbol point is an interesting point to visit. The sides of 5 mountains are connected naturally at this point and they have formed a big valley. If you make any sound, then sound echoes back 5 times hence it is also known as a Panch Valley. This is among most popular points in Chikhaldara.
  • Devi Temple: This temple is built at an interesting location. It is a cave temple and situated under big rocks. It is situated close to the Shakkar Lake. So the water from the shakkar lake always leaks through the upper portion of the cave.
  • Hariken Point: This point is located close to the government garden. It lies on the south side of the chikhaldara plateau. Wonderful views of the surrounding region can be seen from this point. Mazari village, Gavilgad fort, Amazing Valleys, Vairat mountains and nearby area displays spectacular beauty in the monsoon season!
  • Bhim Kund: It is believed that at this pond Bhim washed his hands after killing Kichaka. There are a water stream and 3500-foot-deep valley at this place.
  • Gavilgad Fort: Gavilgad fort was built 300 years ago. One can see amazing carvings of Idols, Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Bulls & Lions on the walls of this fort. Various scripts in Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic language are also carved on the fort walls. 10 cannons moulded from the mixture of iron, copper and brass are placed on the fort.
  • Shakkar Lake: This lake is situated next to the Devi Temple & on the way to the Gavilgad fort. Boating facilities are available in this lake.
  • Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary: Hill station region comes under the Chikhaldara sanctuary only. Animals like Leopards, Wild Boar, Sloth Bears, Wild dog, Panthers, Sambar and many other are found in this sanctuary. In monsoon season, one can see many waterfalls inside the sanctuary.
  • Melghat Tiger Reserve: It is one of the popular sanctuaries & Tiger reserves in Maharashtra. It has spread over the area of 1676.93 sq.kms. Tourists can enjoy thrilling animal safaris in this reserve. There are total 82 tigers along with wild bear, sambar, panthers & sloth bear in this tiger reserve.
  • Wan Sanctuary: This sanctuary is situated adjacent to the Melghat Tiger Reserve in the south-east region. This sanctuary is full of biodiversity. Trees like Bamboo, Teak, Aawala, Tiwas, Moha, Kusum, Tectona Grandis, Dhawda, Lendia and many others are found here.

Best Time To Visit: Tourists can visit Chikhaldara hill station throughout the year. However, October to April is the best time to visit this place. The feel of cool breeze and soothing weather at this time is worth experiencing!

Location: Satpuda mountain range, Amravati district, Vidarbha Region, Maharashtra, India.

Elevation: 1118metres (3667 feets) above mean sea level.

Weather: The temperature of chikhaldara hill stations usually remains pleasant all year round. It stays in between 20°C to 30°C. But in extreme winter, it falls down up to 5°C and rises up to 39°C in summer.

Transport: As it is one of the most visited spot in Maharashtra, plenty of travel options are available to reach this spot. It is situated at 100 kms from Amravati, 230 kms from Nagpur & 763 kms from Mumbai.

  • By Road: One can catch State Transport (ST) buses from Amravati to Chikhaldara hill station. ST buses regularly ply between Amravati & Chikhaldara. The town is well connected by road to famous cities in Maharashtra like Amravati, Wardha, Akola, Nagpur, Pune & Mumbai.
  • By Railway: Badnera is the nearest railway station to reach here. The distance between Chikhaldara and Badnera is 110 kms. The station is situated on the Central Railway line.
  • By Air: Akola airport is the closest airport to Chikhaldara. The distance between Akola & Chikhaldara is 150 kms. Nagpur Airport (230 kms) is the another option.

Eating Stuff: Various hotels and restaurants are present in Chikhaldara to have food.

Stay: The MTDC accommodation is available in Chikhaldara. MTDC has its own resorts and Dormitory of 50 beds here. There are many other low-cost Lodges, Semadoha Forest rest house, and Luxury Hotels. Even reasonable hotels provide good accommodation and nice amenities. You can check the availability of MTDC rooms at this link.

Map To Reach:

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Chikhaldara hill station is a complete tourist delight! Which hill station in Maharashtra have you visited? You can share your memories on our Instagram account! 🙂

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