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Devagiri Daulatabad Fort (Aurangabad): Information of Safest Fort In Maharashtra!

Devagiri daulatabad fort is located near the Aurangabad city of Maharashtra. With 7 lines of defence, Devgiri is arguably one of the strongest and impressively built forts in the world.

Best Time To Visit: You can visit Devagiri daulatabad fort all year round. However, the period between monsoon and winter season (July to February) remains soothing to visit this fort. The temperature goes very high (37°C to 44°C) from March to May due to which traveling around & exploring the devgiri fort premises becomes difficult.

Location: 14 kms from Aurangabad city, on the way connecting Aurangabad & Verul, Maharashtra.

Time Required: 2 to 3 hours are sufficient to explore Devgiri fort and its surroundings properly.

Devagiri Daulatabad Fort Information

The massive hill fort of Devgiri lies on the isolated hill near road connecting to Aurangabad & Ellora Caves. It is also known as “Daulatabad Fort”. This is a 12th-century hill fort which was constructed by Raja Bhillamraj. Devgiri was among the heavily guarded & impregnable forts. The fort stands on 700 feet high hill. Even today, the fort is in a good condition as compared to other popular hill forts in Maharashtra. It is one of the best-preserved forts in India.

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Devagiri daulatabad fort had the main outer wall, series of inner walls, heavy metal doors, secret paths and strong ramparts along with cannons. There was also a 40 feet deep moat around the fort which had mechanical drawbridges and many crocodiles in it. Due to which this fort was very difficult to win by outsiders. The fort has total 7 lines of defense till the main palace at the top point of the fort. Each line of defense is designed in such a way that even if that line is seized by enemies, they cannot attack use it to attack the fort by directing the fire inwards. Apart from all these features, the sides of the hill had very steep slopes.

Daulatabad Fort Architecture

There is a good motorable road up to the top of Devagiri daulatabad fort. The fort has 3 doors & a sturdy set of ramparts. Ramparts of Devgiri fort are almost 2 km long. There is a strong 6 km long outer wall. Hatti Haud was a place on the fort which was built for resting elephants.  Muhammad Tughlaq strengthened the fort after taking it over. It is one of the most famous tourist spots near Aurangabad.

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Extra work on fortifications was done to improvise the defense of the fort. Big cannons made of bronze metal were placed at the important positions of the fort. In addition to the outer wall of the fort, there were few inner walls with strong heavy iron gates. Spikes were also installed on the iron gates to prevent a direct attack on the door.

Chand Minar

There is a beautiful minaret (tower) in front of the Devagiri daulatabad fort. Minaret is 200 feet tall having light pink color along with circular balconies. The architectural features of this tower are similar to the Qutub Minar in Delhi. Chand Minar has a Square shape at the bottom, arched openings along with some Persian inscriptions on it. According to historians, this tower served as a small mosque. The lower portion of the Chand Minar was constructed by Muhammad Tughlaq. After winning the fort in 1346, Ala ad-Din Hasan constructed the middle portion in addition to the lower part.

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What To See On Devgiri

There is a Bharat Mata Mandir & Chinese Mansion on the Devagiri daulatabad fort. A little ahead of a tunnel, 125 feet in length named “Andhari” is there. At the top of the fort, there is a formal darbar, the royal court & a cannon. It is a totally different world!

Devgiri Fort History 

Initially, the name of the fort was Devagiri daulatabad fort and it was a strong base of Yadav dynasty. After that, various dynasties of Deccan ruled over this fort. Later, the sultan of Delhi – Muhammad Tughlaq renamed the fort as “Daulatabad (city of fortune)”. He moved to this fort after losing his throne in Delhi.  After realizing the importance of this fort, Muhammad Tughlaq moved his capital, court and an entire population of Delhi to Devgiri.

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Timings: Everyday 09.00 am to 06:00 pm.

Entry Fee:  Rs. 10/- per person for Indian tourists and Rs. 100/- per person for foreign tourists.

How To Reach Devagiri Daulatabad Fort

As Aurangabad is among the popular tourist cities in Maharashtra, you can easily reach here via road, railway and air. MTDC plys a tourist bus service and Devgiri is one spot of them.

  • By Road: From Aurangabad city, there is a regular bus service to Devagiri daulatabad fort. You can also catch private vehicles like internet cabs, buses & tourist cars to reach the fort.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Aurangabad station is the nearest railhead to reach Devgiri daulatabad fort. The station is 15 kms away from the fort. Private vehicles are easily available outside the station to reach up to the fort.
  • Nearest Airport: Aurangabad Chikkalthana airport has a nice connectivity to all major cities in Maharashtra & outside Maharashtra. Flights from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi and other cities fly to Aurangabad. The distance between the airport & Devagiri daulatabad fort is 22 km.

Accommodation/ Staying Options: There are a lot of hotels in Aurangabad city for accommodation purpose. Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) also has the resort in Aurangabad. You can book MTDC Room or check availability at this link.

Eating Staff: There are no restaurants nearby the devagiri daulatabad fort. So be sure to have your food in Aurangabad before heading towards the fort. Also, carry plenty of water along with you.

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Devagiri daulatabad fort is a unique fort in India which is frequently visited by tourists from all around the globe. Devgiri is a must visit spot for architecture & history lovers!