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Dhammagiri Igatpuri (Nashik) : Vipassana Meditation Centre in Maharashtra!

Dhammagiri Igatpuri (Nashik) is a Vipassana Meditation Centre in Maharashtra. Various courses on insight meditations are taught in this centre.

Best Time To Visit: Dhammagiri Igatpuri (Nashik) conducts the Vipassana meditation courses throughout the year. You can enroll for the course as per your convenience. However, you can also give a visit just to see & explore the Vipassana meditation centre!

Location: Dhamma Giri Vipassana International Academy, Igatpuri, near Nashik, Maharashtra.

Dhammagiri Igatpuri (Nashik) Information

Dhamma Giri is a famous math and Vipassana meditation center near the Igatpuri region of Nashik. It was founded by ‘S N Goenka’. Dhammagiri means the ‘Hill of Dhamma’ & it is one of the world’s largest Vipassana meditation centres. This vipassana centre started offering various meditation courses since 1976. The whole place is scenic, beautiful & mind pleasing. It serves as great one day gateways near Nashik & Mumbai. The beauty of this place is simply outstanding!

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Just like Global Vipassana Pagoda in Mumbai, this place is also popular among people. Dhammagiri Igatpuri is less than 2 km away from the main Igatpuri town. From the main highway, a small road takes you to the Myanmar Gate which is the main entrance. There is ample of space for the parking of vehicles. So you can take your vehicle right up to the entrance. A short 15-minute video is generally shown to the tourists to give insights about the meditation. It is among the top visited religious spots in Maharashtra.

Vipassana Meditation Centre

There are more than 400 cells for individual meditation inside the Pagoda (Golden Structure). It offers courses in Vipassana (insight meditation) techniques taught by Buddha in India 2500 years ago. Dhammagiri Igatpuri near Nashik meditation center attracts a large number of people from all parts of India as well as all around the globe. You can register for the course after entering into the Dhammagiri.

vipassana igatpuri photos images


The meaning of Vipassana is to see things as they really are. These are India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. People visit Vipassana meditation centre in so large scale that generally there is a waiting period of 2-3 months for participating in courses.


Nowadays, more than 10,000 people pursue various meditation courses at Dhammagiri Igatpuri near Nashik. One can complete various courses having the duration from 2 to 10 days. The 10 days courses are in high demand and are held twice a month. As a visitor, you can go through a detailed tour of the Vipassana meditation centre and get the information of  meditation courses offered over here.

Various courses taught at this place helps you to increase the concentration and  find answers of all of your questions. You can experience an amazing peaceful state of mind after the completion of the course!

You can see various courses and their current status at this link.


The large Golden Pagoda of Dhammagiri Igatpuri near Nashik serves as a landmark for Igatpuri. This pagoda is one of the most beautiful monuments in Maharashtra. It can be easily spotted from the Mumbai-Nashik highway. This Vipassana meditation centre has magnificent architecture and colorful walls. Guides can take you to the detailed tour of the meditation centre. One beautiful structure having a big ringing bell (Ghanta) is there inside the complex. Beautiful paintings depicting the life of Lord Buddha are also there. Parks & gardens have been maintained in a nice way!

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Vipassana Igatpuri Rules

  1. Book your course well in advance. Generally, there is a waiting period of 2-3 months.
  2. You cannot leave the course in between except a very strong genuine reason.
  3. They provide very less amount of food to avoid sleep and to increase concentration. Breakfast, Lunch and evening snakes are given to meditators. They do not allow you to have dinner. If someone has a medical issue they can show the prescription to avail food in the night.
  4. You need to be very silent during the entire course.
  5. Consumption of alcohol or smoking is absolutely prohibited during the period of course.


How To Reach Dhammagiri Igatpuri in Nashik

This Vipassana meditation centre lies on the way to Nashik from Mumbai on NH-3 (Mumbai-Nashik Highway). Igatpuri is 45 km from Nashik and 120 kms from Mumbai. It is about 3 hours drive from Mumbai. One can drive straight up to the entrance by car. ST & tourist Buses that play regularly between Mumbai and Nashik take a stop at Igatpuri. Then you can catch auto-rickshaw from Igatpuri town till Dhammagiri.

  • Nearest Railway Station: Igatpuri station is the nearest railhead to reach Dhammagiri. Auto-rickshaws, jeeps, and tum-tums are easily available from the station up to the Dhammagiri Igatpuri. The distance between station & main gate of the complex in hardly 2 km.
  • Nearest Airport: Ozar Airport is the nearest airport to reach Dhammagiri. This airport is 65 km away from Dhammagiri. But this airport has very less number of flights. So Mumbai airport (135 kms) is a better option to reach here. Mumbai has a very good connectivity to all major cities in India as well as outside India.
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Eating Stuff: There are lots of restaurants & Dhaba’s nearby this place.

Staying Options

Accommodation facility is available at this Vipassana meditation centre if you are registering for meditation course. If you are planning just to visit the Dhammagiri Igatpuri Nashik, then there are various decent hotels & lodges in Igatpuri. Manas Resort, Two Villas & Lifestyle are some of the nice hotels in Igatpuri.

Nearby Attractions:

Map To Reach Dhammagiri Igatpuri near Nashik:

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So you want to discover the inner peace this Vipassana meditation centre is the right place for you. And while practicing meditation courses then do not worry about other problems in the world. Just be yourself  and enjoy the routine!