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Dolphins In Maharashtra: An Amazing Treat For Tourists Visiting Konkan Coast!

Dolphin rides in Maharashtra are blooming every single day due to the satisfactory population of dolphins in Maharashtra. This western Indian state is blessed with long sea coast of about 700 km along the Arabian Sea where dolphins have managed to maintain their natural habitat.

Location: Coastal region of Konkan, Maharashtra (India).

Best Time To Visit: Winter season when sea remains calm & the climate remains soothing.

Dolphins In Maharashtra Information:

In the survey carried out between 2014-2015, there are about 569 dolphins on Konkan coast. Dolphins are spotted largely on the seacoast of Sindhudurg district in the Maharashtra state of India. Because of increasing number of dolphins, tourists from all over the India have started visiting the Konkan coast of Maharashtra.

Biologists from Government of India, United Nations Development Programme, Maharashtra State Mangrove Cell and Global Environment Facility carried out a survey along the coast of Maharashtra. They took various dolphin rides in Maharashtra and examined 2,425 km on the boat extending to 17 nautical miles from the sea coast.

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Dolphin just off the coast of Bhogwe beach!

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This was the very first time when the entire team of Biologists conducted detailed research along with a coast of Maharashtra (Western India). They invested a lot of money and time in the sea to document dolphins and porpoises. Nowadays, Dolphins in Maharashtra have become a vital part of beach holidays. Dedicated agencies, as well as local fishermen, take tourists in a deep to spot pod (group) of dolphins!

The Popular Spots For Dolphin Rides In Maharashtra:


It is a small seaside town 16 km away from Dapoli. Harnai is a good location to spot Dolphins in Maharashtra. Best season to spot dolphins in Harnai is between November to February. There are few good hotels and homestays are also available for tourists. Tourists can also see other sea creatures like Olive Ridley sea turtles, white backed vultures, white bellied sea eagle, and sea gulls nearby Harnai.

Bhogwe Beach

Bhogwe Beach is a good place to spot dolphins in Maharashtra. Tourists can take dolphin boat rides at Bhogwe Beach at a very reasonable cost. Dolphins can be easily spotted just nearby the coast of the beach. This Beach is the unending stretch of the seashore to the north of Nivati Fort. The sea water near Bhogwe is very clean & has visibility of more than 6-8 feets. It is situated near vicinity of Vengurla Beach, Nivati Beach and Tarkarli Beach in the Konkan.

dolphins maharashtra images photos
Dolphins at Dapoli Beach!



Dapoli is undoubtedly an ideal destination for dolphin rides in Maharashtra. It is blessed with 50 km long sea coast having dolphin spotting sites. Tourists can spot dolphins at Burondi, Kelshi till Dabhol. Ladghar beach in Dapoli acts as a home to many dolphins. Apart from dolphin rides, many water sports are available at various beaches in Dapoli.

Confluence of Karli River and Sea

The confluence of the Karli river and the Arabian sea is a great habitat for growth of dolphins. The abundant fish in the river attract a lot of dolphins towards it. If went there early in the morning, then you can easily spot a herd of dolphins. So it is among the top places to spot dolphins in Maharashtra.

Karde Beach

It is a very less known and crowd-free beach 13 km away from Dapoli. Karde is a scenic, tranquil and clean beach. Dolphin rides is a major attraction of this beach. The beach is lined with Suruchi Trees and safe for swimming. It is a nice spot to explore dolphins in Maharashtra. Various local fishermen offer dolphin rides nearby Karde beach.

Dolphin rides in maharashtra beaches

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Murud Beach

Murud is one of the best spots for dolphin rides in Maharashtra. This beach is clean which palm trees which attract dolphins towards it. You will see many boat rides around the beach who will help you to find dolphins. Food lovers can enjoy delicious sea food like Pomfret, Surmai (Kingfish), Crabs and Prawns in Murud.

Malvan Marine Wildlife Sanctuary

It is the place where you can spot dolphins very close to the coastline. This place has been a great natural habitat for dolphins since last many years. Malvan is blessed with calm backwaters and beautiful sea coast. Mostly, it is possible to spot beautiful sea creatures within half an hour at this place.

Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli is arguably the most scenic coastal region in Maharashtra. It has very clean and sparkling blue water. The tranquillity and crystal clear water attracts many tourists at Tarkarli. It is popular for Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, water sports and Dolphin rides in Maharashtra. Tarkarli is undoubtedly must spot to visit in Konkan.

Dolphins trips in Maharashtra images photos

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Harihareshwar Beach

Being one of the scenic and clean beaches on Konkan coast, it is popular for its beauty and dolphin rides.
Anjarle Beach

It is another hot spot to locate dolphins in Maharashtra.

Nivati Beach

It is a perfect spot for dolphin rides in Maharashtra. This is the place where many agencies give a guarantee to spot herd of dolphins. So dolphin rides are major attraction among tourists visiting Nivati. It has 5 km long backwaters and tourists can take a ride along it!

  • The other ideal spots for sighting the dolphins are: Malvan, Bhogwe, Mhapan, Vijaydurg Creek, Dabhol Port, Kuravde Beach, Divegar Beach, and Devbag.
  • The finless porpoises are found along the coasts of: Bhogwe, Nivati, Khawane, and Mochemad.

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Tips & Facts About Dolphins
  • Dolphins can only be spotted in the early in the morning and in the evenings. So wake up early and start your dolphin expedition in the early morning.
  • The possibility of spotting dolphin in the evening is less than mornings.
  • Sometimes a herd of as much as 40-50 dolphins appears jumping in the water in front of you suddenly after entering into the sea. And sometimes, it takes a lot of time to spot a dolphin. It’s all luck, though!
  • The type of dolphins we spot in Konkan region are Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins (SousaPlumbea) and Indo-Pacific Finless Porpoises (Neophocaena Phocaenoides).
  • Single dolphin generally weighs around 500 kg and is about 5-6 feet in length.
  • Apart from dolphins, Blue Whales and Bryde’s Whales having the length as long as 47 feet long are also being spotted along the coast of Maharashtra.
  • Most of all, don’t be disheartened if you don’t spot any dolphin; there is always a next time! They are free mammals and cannot be spotted in the same region every time!

So do take dolphin rides in Maharashtra seacoast on your next visit to Konkan. Dolphins in Maharashtra are adding more value to a rich bio-diversity of Maharashtra!