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Ellora Caves Aurangabad – History, Sculptures & Information

Ellora caves Aurangabad are beautiful ancient caves located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Along with Ajanta Caves, tourists definitely give the visit to caves at Ellora. Let’s see caves information, images & history in this article.

Formation: Ellora caves Aurangabad dates back to 5th to 8th Century BC.

Location: 30 kms from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Central India.

Best Time To Visit: You can visit Ellora cave temples throughout the year. However, June to February is the best time to visit Ellora because temperature remains normal in these months. The temperature rises very high about 37°C to 44°C during summer months.

Ellora Caves Aurangabad Information

Famous caves of Ellora are located at Aurangabad district in Maharashtra state of Western India. Ellora & Ajanta Caves is a world famous pair of caves. These are beautiful Hindu and Jain cave temples along with the Buddhist caves. Various generations of Hindu, Jain & Buddhist monks have built Ajanta as well as Ellora. People generally visit Ajanta and Ellora in a single trip. These are one of the finest caves in Maharashtra.

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The Ellora cave temple is also a UNESCO world heritage site. There are total 34 caves carved in the mountain of which 17 are Hindu (600-900 CE), 12 Buddhist (600-800 CE) and 5 Jain (800-1000 CE). Ellora caves Aurangabad were built between 5th to 8th century BC. Aurangabad to Ellora distance is only about 30 kms, therefore buses play regularly from Aurangabad to this spot.

History of Ellora Caves

Ellora caves history is interesting due to the way of their exploration. The area was previously forested and covered by dense jungle, therefore these caves remained undiscovered for many centuries. These caves were rediscovered in 1819 by British Officer while one Hunting Party. Ellora caves Aurangabad show an amazing spirit of tolerance of India. Buddhist caves are said to be the oldest structures built between the 5th and 7th centuries. Hindu caves were probably carved  at the start of the 7th century.


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Sculptures & Architecture

A large number of archaeology lovers visit here to gather Ellora caves information. These caves are numbered according to their place from an entrance. Sculptures of Lord Buddha sitting under The Bodhi tree, Hiranya-Kashyapu, Rameshwar and much more are carved in various caves. Multi-storied buildings having living rooms, kitchens and even some other rooms are also there. 

There are different groups of Ellora caves Aurangabad. Caves number 1 to 12 are Buddhist Caves, 13-29 are Hindu caves and 30 to 34 are Jain Caves. Lately, 22 more caves dedicated to Lord Shiva were discovered. One can see finely carved designs depicting scenes from the Mahabharata, Ramayana as well as the life of Lord Krishna.

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Waterfall Above Caves!


Kailash Temple

The Kailash temple in Ellora caves Aurangabad is very popular. This Kailasa or Kailash temple is a rock cut temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is carved out of a single huge piece of rock. This is the world’s largest monolithic sculpture. It took 150 years & 7000 labors to build this temple. It is also an ultimate example of ancient Indian architecture. For people, it is quite difficult to believe that this entire temple was carved with the use of only Hammer & Chisel. Roaming around caves as well as temple gives a great experience!

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Sitting Buddha!

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Timings: Caves remain open every day from 09:00 am to 05:30 pm.

How To Reach Ellora Caves Aurangabad

You can easily reach here as it is one of the hot tourist spots in Aurangabad. Various tourist buses as well as State Transport Buses regularly ply up to the caves from Aurangabad. Aurangabad is well connected to all major cities by road, rail & air.

  • Nearest Rail Station: Aurangabad rail head is the nearest railway station to reach these caves. This station has good connectivity to all popular tourist cities in Maharashtra. Bus services & other hired vehicles regularly ply between the station & Ellora caves Aurangabad.
  • Nearest Airport: Aurangabad city has a national airport. So it has a good connectivity to all major airports in India. The distance between caves and airport is 30 kms.

Eating Stuff: There are some eateries at Ellora to have food. Otherwise, you can have food in Aurangabad or on the way to the caves.

Staying Options: Wide range of hotels & resorts are available in Aurangabad. MTDC accommodation facilities are also available at Aurangabad.

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Hope you like this information of Ellora caves Aurangabad. Apart from the other caves at Aurangabad and Ajanta, these are also the amazing set of caves amidst forest region!