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Global Vipassana Pagoda is a spiritual and meditation center situated in Mumbai. It is located outside the main Mumbai city. Read further to know Global Pagoda courses, timings, address and detailed tourist information.

Location: Next to Essel world, Gorai Village, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Global Vipassana Pagoda mumbai is Asia’s tallest stone structure & meditation center located near Gorai island of Mumbai. Many people perform Global Vipassana Pagoda Courses. It is spread over an area of 15.5acres. The structure of Global pagoda mumbai a splendid example of the modern 21st-century architecture. It is world’s largest pillar-less dome structure ever built. It is among must visit places in Mumbai

gobal vipasasana pagoda images aerial view
Amazing view of Pagoda!


This dome has the capacity to accommodate 8000 people at a time. Global Vipassana Pagoda is surrounded by ocean on its 3 sides. It is situated on a small hillock. Global Pagoda Mumbai preserves genuine relics of the Lord Gautam Buddha and explains his thoughts. Pagoda appreciates the Myanmar for safeguarding the Vipassana Meditation. It is indeed among the Top Monuments To See In  The Maharashtra.

Architecture of Global Vipassana Pagoda

The planning of Pagoda structure was started in 1997 while actual construction work was started in 2000. The pagoda structure is built of 3 sub-domes. The 1st dome is the largest one which was completed in 2006 when bone relics of Lord Gautam Buddha were placed in the central locking stone of the dome. These relics of Lord Buddha were originally found in Bhattiprolu, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India. Mahabodhi Society of India donated those relics to the Global Vipassana Pagoda.

entrance global vipassana pagoda mumbai
Entrance Gate of Pagoda!


2nd, 3rd dome and supplementary dome joining the second dome are connected to the 1st dome. The 3rd dome was completed on 21st November 2008. The height of the total dome is about 29 meters and the total height of the building structure is 96.12 meters. The Outer diameter of the greatest section of the dome is 97.46m and the diameter of the smaller sections is 94.82 meters. While the inner diameter of the dome is 85.15m. 

The meditation hall has the area of about 65,000 sq. feet. Mr. S.N. Goenka held a first 1-day meditation course on December 21st, 2008.


This beautiful monument serves as a place for of meditation. Global pagoda mumbai is dedicated to Lord Buddha. The teachings of Lord Buddha are taught here by the community of Buddhist monks. They teach the public about the life & teachings of Buddha. Global Vipassana Pagoda courses include short & long duration practice of meditation. Different 1 day to 10-day vipassana courses are offered over here without any charge. It was inspired by the great Vipassana meditation master Acharya S N Goenka.

1-day Global Vipassana Pagoda courses are applicable to those people who have successfully completed at least single 10-Day course. You can register for 1-day vipassana courses at this link. Please make sure to register for these one-day courses in advance. Advance registration for 1-day courses is mandatory. Also, take a courtesy to send a cancellation note via email or call if you are unable to attend the course after registration.

global pagoda mumbai interior
Beautiful interiors of Pagoda!


Global Vipassana Pagoda courses give the feeling of inner peace & calmness. It is surely a nice place to visit with family & friends. Don’t forget to try their 10-minute meditation sessions. They have their own food court to grab a bite. Photographers will be pleased to see such a wonderful place. It was declared as one of the “7 WONDERS OF MAHARASHTRA” by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation in partnership with ABP Majha (a Marathi news channel) after reviewing 350 destinations in Maharashtra.


Best Time to Visit: You can visit this place throughout the year.

How to Reach Global Vipassana Pagoda:

It is accessible by Mumbai City transport like Buses, Taxies & Auto-Rickshaws. and Ferries ply to Gorai. You can reach Boriwali State Transport Buses from Thane, Navi Mumbai & other cities.

  • If you are driving by your car, then take Western Express Highway proceed towards Ahmedabad.

Follow this route= Dahisar Toll Booth-Mira — Bhaindar crossing (Shivaji Maharaj Statue) — Take the left turn towards Mira-Bhaindar — Proceed straight till Golden Nest Circle — Take left at Golden Nest Circle — Take immediate right turn after Maxus Mall — Take a left at next T junction. Then you will notice lots of sign boards pointing towards Global Pagoda & Essel World.

  • By Railway Station:

Borivali Station (on the Western Railway) is the nearest station to reach Global Pagoda Mumbai. From the station, you can catch BEST Bus number 247 & 294 to Gorai Khadi. Auto-rickshaws are also available to the Gorai Creek from the station. The distance between station & Gorai khadi(Creek) is 3.8kms.

 The bus is also available from Bhaindar station up to Global Pagoda mumbai. From Bhainder Station, you can take Mira-Bhaiandar Municipal Transport route number 4.

  • By Ferries: Ferries are available from the Gorai Creek till Esselworld. It costs Rs.50/- per person for a return trip. The last ferry for Global Vipassana Pagoda leaves at 5.25 pm. Alight at Essel world stop & then follow signboards till Pagoda.

-Nearest Airport: Mumbai Airport is the nearest airport to Global Pagoda. It is located at a distance of 42 kms from Mumbai domestic airport.

Timing: Everyday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Courses Charges: Global Vipassana meditation courses are provided free of any charge. They do not take any money for the teaching of these courses.

Accommodation: If you want to do long term courses then some hotels nearby the Global  Pagoda Mumbai are  Find them here.

Eating Stuff: Global  Pagoda mumbai trust serves the free meal to all meditators & people.

Nearby Attractions: Essel World, Gorai Beach, Water Kingdom, Dhobi Ghat, Madh Island Fort, Prince of Wales Museum, Gateway of India, Marine Drives, Banganga Tank.

prayer hall global vipassana pagoda


Important Instructions:

  • For security reason, carrying your Photo ID proof is compulsory. Please carry your photo ID like Voter ID, Driving Licence or Passport.
  • Video shooting or photographs are strictly prohibited inside the main Pagoda Dome. Photos are allowed outside the main Pagoda Dome and other premises.
  • The 1-Day Meditation Course is only for those people who have successfully completed at least single 10-Day course.
  • Overnight accommodation is not available for 1-day Global Vipassana Pagoda courses students. Only temporary storage of baggage materials is provided at Pagoda.
  • Do not talk loudly and maintain silence during the meditation course.
  • Carry a small piece of cloth to locate your cushion. This will assist you in finding your seat after a break.
  • Children are not allowed inside the Global Pagoda Mumbai. Please do not take children to 1-Day Mega-Courses. 
  • Carry your own drinking water bottles, which can be refilled at the Global Pagoda.
  • Mobile phones should be switched off or turn on the Aeroplane Mode before entering pagoda premises.
  • Consumption of Alcoholic drinks or any intoxicants like Cigarettes, Paan, Tobacco, Mawa is strictly prohibited.
  • Meditators will have to seat inside the Pagoda for the complete duration of the course.
  • Seating arrangements for Male and Female visitors for the Mini-Anapana course will be separate.

Telephone: +91-22-33747501 (30 lines), 022-28451204/1170


Contact Number: Sujit: +91-9579926595 and Chandraneel: +91-9167460281


Map To Reach:

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