Good Beaches In North Goa: A complete Tourist Guide!

There is a long list of good beaches in north Goa & other tourist places to visit. North Goa is more live and happening as compared to the south Goa. Various beaches and other tourist places in North Goa are very much famous among tourists!

Best Time To Visit: October to March is the ideal time to visit good beaches in north Goa. The weather remains soothing & clear during these months!

Time Required: As there are many tourist places to visit in North Goa, the time required to explore North Goa depends on how much places do you want to see. It can be explored in a time of 3 days as well as in a time of 15 days depending upon the number of places you wanna explore!

Good Beaches In North Goa

1] Baga Beach

baga beach north goa places to visit

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Location: 15 kms from Panaji.

Features: It has beach umbrellas & beach beds all over it to relax and enjoy the sun bath. You can taste a variety of cocktails, mocktails, and delicious food at this beach. It is well known for its beach parties, nightlife, and exquisite seafood. You can see the rare view of the river entering the sea at Baga Beach. Adventure seekers can enjoy water sports and fishing in the area. This beach has got its name from the Baga river flowing at the north direction of the beach which flows into the Arabian Sea. It is one of the good beaches in north Goa. You must take Dolphin watching & island boat trips if you visit this beach!

2] Condolim Beach

condolim beach images north goa beaches


Location: This beach is located close to Baga beach and known as one of the most beautiful beaches in India. 

Features: Condolim beach is among the good beaches in north Goa due to its serene and tranquil environment, which makes it the perfect place for relaxation. You can enjoy many activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, and fishing at this beach. Aguada Fort is a famous attraction nearby Candolim Beach. Nightlife at Condolim is very calm & chaos-free, unlike other beaches. It is also a good place to visit in North Goa if you are shopping lover & want to enjoy dinner in front of the beach!

3] Anjuna Beach

anjuna beach north goa images photos

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Location: 18 kms away from Panaji.

Features: It is the undisputed capital of Goa’s rave scene. Many rave parties are arranged on this beach which attracts a huge number of people to visit this beach. The beach is located amidst beautiful natural region having palm trees, soft white sands & splashing blue water! The Anjuna village is a 5 sq. mile enclosure nestling between the Arabian Sea and the hill overlooking the beach. It is among the good beaches in north goa due to its nightlife activities. It is also an ideal place for full-moon parties during Christmas and New Year celebration. Water sports & snorkelling around the beach rocks allows you to see a large variety of sea life! 

4] Calangute Beach

calangute beach goa images


Location:  15 kms away from Panaji.

Features: It is a 7 kms long stretch and among the busiest beaches in north Goa. This place got its name from the Konkani Word- ‘Koli-Gutti‘ which means Land of Fisherman. This beach is known as Queen of Beaches. Christmas, New Year and hot summer in May is a peak season to visit this beach. This beach is not friendly during the monsoon season and swimming is not allowed in monsoon. There is a sudden rise and drop of waves in the sea at this beach so swimmers are advised to swim carefully. The beach is one of the good beaches in north Goa as it offers various water sports activities like parasailing, wind surfing, and water skiing. You can also enjoy sun bathing along with delicious fried prawns, beers and other delightful food sold nearby beach in many stalls!

4] Vagator Beach

vagator beach north goa places to visit


Location: 22 kms from Panaji.

Features: This beach adjoins the famous Anjuna beach and is situated on the opposite bank of Chapora river from Morjim in Pernem. Vagator beach is one of the good beaches in north Goa. The beach is crescent shaped and popular spot for midnight parties. The beach hosts 500 Old Portuguese fort of Chapora which is very famous. There are 2 beaches in Vagator known as Big Vagator and Little Vagator. Big Vagator beach has dense palm trees plantations and beautiful white sand. Little Vagator is also was known as Ozran beach; you can reach here by taking a walk from Big Vagator. 

5] Arambol Beach

aarambol beach lake images photos

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Location:  Near Mapusa, 55 kms from Panaji.

Features: This beach is among the good beaches in north Goa because of its unexplored locality. It is a virgin & unspoilt beach in Goa having 16 kms stretch of lush green palm trees, pristine sand and calm sea water. You can reach the beach by local bus and train services to Arambol village. One can also reach here taking taxi or rickshaw from Mapusa. The beach is rocky & sandy having a fresh water lagoon which stretches along the bottom of the valley into a thick dense jungle. There are boiling hot water springs and sulphurous mud which people can (and do) apply on their skin as sulphur prevents skin diseases! You can enjoy various leisure sports like Paragliding, dolphin rides and Kite Surfing. A variety of practitioners in the healing arts offer courses in Yoga, Meditation, Odissi Dance and instruments.

6] Bambolim Beach

bambolim beach north goa images

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Location: 7 kms from Panaji along the Panaji – Vasco route.

Features: This is a small beach compared to other beaches but many local & international tourists visit this beach. Bambolim has the campus of Goa University, the Goa Medical College and Hospitals along with the Army Signal Corps. This is a romantic beach and gives a little privacy for couples so it is famous as the honeymoon destination. It is the ideal beach for enjoying the sea and soak up the sun. It is located in a comparatively quieter and calmer part so if you want to be yourself after partying all night in North Goa, it’s the place for you! 

7] Chapora Beach

chapora beach fort goa images


Location: 22 kms from Panaji & 10 kms from Mapusa .

Features: This beach is situated very close to Vagator and Anjuna beach. This beach is among the good beaches in north Goa due to its splashing blue water, palm trees, white sands, lava rocks, freshwater springs, beautiful villages, red cliffs etc. Its amazing features make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. Chapora is a typical rural fishing village where you can see many fishermen in their traditional costumes. This is the beach you should not be missed while your trip to Goa. Swimming at Chapora beach is not recommended due to the irregularity of waves.  The beach is surrounded by green hills; atmosphere around the beach is very calm & serene. You can enjoy numerous adventurous water sports and hippy nightlife at this beach!!

8] Dona Paula Beach



Location: 7 km west of Panaji and among the good beaches in North Goa.

Features: This beach gives an exquisite view of the Mormugao harbour.  The beach is popular as it is situated close to the capital city and lined by palm trees. Beach is also called as a paradise of lovers and is popular honeymoon destination in India. There are some mysterious stories regarding the name of the beach. Some people believe that beach got its name after Dona Paula de Menzes, who was a daughter of a viceroy. She threw herself off the cliff because she was refused to marry a local fisherman: Gaspar Dias. You can enjoy a large variety of water sports like water scooter racing, windsurfing, motorboat riding, sports fishing, parasailing, water-skiing, snorkelling, kayaking, harpoon fishing, skibob, yachting etc.

9] Miramar Beach

miramar-beach-north goa images photos


Location: 3 kms away from Panaji, On the way towards Dona Paula.

Features: The beach is situated 1 km ahead of the confluence of Mandovi River and the Arabian Sea. It was originally known as the “Gasper Dias Beach“. This beach has 2 km long coasts, silvery sand bed and is said to be one of the cleanest beaches in Goa. The silver sand beds of the beach are said to sparkle in the moonlight. The beach gives a magnificent view of the Aguada fort across the river. Miramar beach lies in Goa’s rich and famous area. Try to visit this beach early in the morning, when the rising sun makes the sand look like gold. Though it is one of the good beaches in north Goa, it is not safe for swimming as there is a strong undercurrent movement.

10] Morjim Beach

morjim beach india images photos

©Kaushal Karkhanis

Location: Morjim beach is next beach in North Goa is which is unlike other beaches of Goa. It is situated at 30kms from Panaji, on the northern bank of the Chapora River.

Features: Morjim is named after goddess Morzai. This beach is one of the good beaches in north Goa where you can spot variety of birds and is a nesting site for Olive ridley sea turtles. Many tourists & environmental students visit this beach to study the annual feature of these turtles.You can spot various birds nearby beach surrounding like Turnstones, Sand Plover, Quill, Bay-backed Shrike, Kingfisher, Cuckoo, Sandpipers etc. Morjim is also the place to go for if you are interested in Dolphin sighting! Morjim is also known as Little Russia due to the presence of many Russian people & visitors from Russia. Nearly 75% of chartered flights to Goa come from Russia. 

11] Sinquerim Beach

sinquerim-beach-good beaches in north goa


Location: 16 kms away from Panaji.

Features: It is a major beach in goa having lot of fun activities, hotels & eating options. The beach has 17th-century Aguada fort which was built by Portuguese. The fort has now been converted into a prison. It is among best beaches in Goa having lots of activities to do like Scuba diving, fishing, swimming. water-skiing, wind-surfing, and para-sailing. The beach offers the tranquil and spectacular stretch of sand.  Sinquerim beach stretches up to Candolim beach, and then north to Baga. It is a good place to spend some quality time!

So this is the list of top 11 good beaches in north Goa according to Huntforspot. However, if you feel that there is a scope for any other beach then do let us know via comments! 🙂

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