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Gorakhgad Trek: Must Do Trek In Murbad!

Gorakhgad trek near Murbad is one of the must do treks in the Maharashtra. It lies near the Murbad tehsil in the Thane district. This peak has medium difficulty level and is suitable for everyone!

Location Address: Dehri village, 26 km from Murbad, Maharashtra (India).

Best Time To Visit: June to March is the best time to visit Gorakhgad fort. It becomes difficult to trek in the extreme summer months when mountain walls get heat up. 

Gorakhgad Fort Information:

This fort lies near the Dehri village near Murbad taluka of Thane district. It stands on the mountain in continuation with Bhimashankar range at an elevation of 2150 feet above sea level.  This fort offers an easy one-day trek from Mumbai as well as Pune. Gorakhgad trek is famous among trekkers due to its peak that offers nice options for hiking and rock climbing. The region nearby the fort has a thick jungle cover.

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The scenic road to the base village!

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The fort is small in size in comparison with other forts in Maharashtra. It was a stopover & patrolling point of the route going to Junnar via Naneghat in the era of Shivaji Maharaj. 3 forts namely Gorakhgad, Machhindragad and Siddhhagad lie in the same locality. Sidhhagad is the tallest among 3 of them. Gorakhgad and Macchindragad are connected to each other via a common ridge.

Gorakhgad Trek Route:

Once you reach Dehri village, proceed towards the Vithhal-Rukmini temple. The trek route starts from the back side of this temple. Gorakhgad trek route passes through lush green forest, beautiful species of wild flowers accompanying many waterfalls. The route becomes more scenic in the monsoon season. You can see amazing views of the surrounding Sahyadri Mountain Range while ascending towards the peak.

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View of peak from first level!

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From the top of the fort, you can see other fort peaks of Ahupe ghat in the south direction, Naneghat-Jeeevdhan-Dhakoba in the east direction and Siddhagad Fort in the southwest direction. Final patch of the Gorakhgad trek has a steep climb on mountain wall till the top peak of the fort. This patch ends into a small temple. Though it’s a steep rise, one does not necessarily need special equipment’s to climb this patch.

Gorakhgad History:

The fort has got its name from saint Gorakhnath who punished himself at this fort for repentance of some wrongdoing. There is no mention of this fort in any significant historical event. However, Gorakhgad fort had a strategic value during the period of Shahaji Maharaj (Father of Shivaji Maharaj). After that, it was mainly used to keep an eye over a nearby region by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.  According to historians, this fort is more than 1000 years old and stone carved steps is the proof for that. This fort was noticed by British Officer – Captain Dickinson. He noticed caves and cisterns from the nearby area and rediscovered the fort.

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Caves on the mountain side!

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What To See During Gorakhgad Trek:

  • Shiv Temple: One small temple of lord Shiva is there on the way to the fort. It also has an idol of Nandi bull.
  • Caves: There are few spacious caves carved into one side of the pinnacle. Caves are big, clean and offer a perfect spot for relaxation. One can see amazing panoramic views of the surrounding Machhindragad and Deccan Plateau region from these caves.
  • Water Tanks: 3 water cisterns are situated right next to the caves. These tanks contain potable water for most of the time. Water remains crystal clear and cool.
  • Gorakhnath Temple: There is a tiny temple of Saint Gorakhnath at the top of the peak.
  • Machhindragad: Machhindragad fort is known as the twin fort of Gorakhgad. They both are situated next to each other in the same mountain range. Machindragad peak is named after saint Machindranath who was a follower Gorakhnath. Machchindragad is the smaller peak while Gorakhgad is the bigger peak.
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View of Machhindragad from Gorakhgad peak!

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Time Required: Gorakhgad trek takes about 2 hours to reach the fort from Dehri village.

Difficulty Level:

The trek route is quite safe and mountain slope is non-dangerous.

  • Trek route can be divided into 3 levels – Samadhi point of saint Gorakhnath is the 1st level that has a small plateau.
  • After that, you have to take carved steps on the mountain slopes which take you till caves. This is the 2nd level. Reaching up to these caves is an easy task.
  • Now the third level is tough to go up to the top. The real adventure starts on the 3rd level where you have to climb a steep mountain wall. You can reach the topmost peak after crossing this rock patch. You have to be careful while climbing over here. It is advisable not to climb this patch in the rainy season because rocks become slippery and have less grip.

How To Reach Gorakhgad Fort

You can start the trek from Narivali or Dehri or Khopiwali village. Dehri is the most common base point for Gorakhgad trek. You can reach Dehri from Murbad town. Murbad has a good connectivity to cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik. Buses are available from Murbad for Dehri village.

  • From Mumbai: One can reach Dehri village from Mumbai, by taking ST buses from Kalyan bus stop. Firstly, you need to take a bus to Murbad and then to Dehri. You can also take private jeeps or tum-tums from Murbad to reach Dehri.
  • From Pune: Best way to reach this fort Pune is getting a train for Kalyan station in the night. You can have an overnight stay at Kalyan station. Then catch a bus in the early morning with the same route as stated above.
  • By Road: If you are going by private bus or car, then take a right turn to Mhasa after crossing Murbad. After reaching Mhasa, take a right turn and proceed towards Dehri. Peaks of Gorakhgad and Macchindragad are visible from Mhasa However, they are accessible from Dehri only. Local people will easily help you to figure out the route.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Kalyan station on the central railway is the convenient railhead to reach this fort. Buses are available to Murbad from Kalyan ST stand which is right outside the station.

Accommodation/ Stating Options: If you are planning to stay over then there are caves on the fort. These are spacious caves which can accommodate about 30-35 people at a time.

Eating Stuff: Water remains available at the fort for most time of the year. You need to carry your own food while doing Gorakhgad trek. Otherwise, you can do food arrangements in the base village – Dehri. Villagers provide food at a reasonable amount.

Map To Reach:

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So, Gorakhgad trek provides great opportunities to explore Sahyadri’s. One can experience lush greenery, beautiful trek route and soothing climate in the monsoon season. People from all age groups can do this trek as per their convenience!