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Igatpuri Hill Station: sightseeing, trekking & places to visit

Igatpuri hill station is one of the best hill stations in Maharashtra. The speciality of this spot is its natural beauty and adventure locations around it!

Location Address: Igatpuri, Mumbai – Agra Highway (NH-3), 47 km from Nashik, Maharashtra (India) – 422 403.

Best Time To Visit: July to December is the best time to visit this hill station. As nature displays maximum scenery during these months, you can thoroughly enjoy your visit. Weather also remains pleasant in this period so you can roam around the town region easily.

Elevation: Igatpuri stands at an elevation of 600 meter (1967 feet) from MSL.

Igatpuri Hill Station Information:

Igatpuri is rising as one of the pleasant tourist spots in the Maharashtra due to its abundant natural beauty. Its strategic location among highest peaks of Sahyadri Mountain Range keeps it cool & beautiful throughout the year. The city lies at a height of 1967 feet above mean sea level. It is exactly on the Mumbai Agra Highway (NH-3) in the Nashik district of Maharashtra.

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Beautiful landscape of train in Igatpuri!

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Plenty of tourist spots like misty points, lush green forests, waterfalls, lakes, trekking locations and religious spots are there in the vicinity of Igatpuri. Its like a dream place for adventure & nature lovers! The peace and tranquillity of Igatpuri hill station is worth experiencing. There are many less places like these where you can enjoy both nature and adventure. The city lies on the Mumbai – Shirdi travel route, so lot of people take halt over here.

Igatpuri Trekking, Waterfalls & Forts

  • Tringalwadi Fort: This fort lies at a high elevation of 3000 feet above MSL. So one can get spectacular views of the surrounding region from this fort. It is popular among trekkers due to its beauty!
  • Kalsubai Peak: This is the highest point in Maharashtra having an elevation of 5400 feet above MSL. It’s a centre of attraction for huge number of hikers and adventure enthusiasts. This is the most famous trekking destination near Igatpuri hill station.
  • Ratangad Fort Trek: It is perhaps one of the most scenic treks in Maharashtra. It stands at a height of 4250 feet above MSL. The fort region blooms with marvellous wild flowers in monsoon season!
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Cascading waterfall!

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  • Avandha Fort:Standing at an elevation of 4300 feet, it offers a great trek near Igatpuri. You can approach to this fort via Kadwa Colony and Girvaadi. The fort has nicely sculptured rock caves and water cisterns.
  • Vihigaon Waterfall (Ashoka Waterfall): Just 12 km away from Igatpuri hill station, it is among the best waterfall rappelling spots in Maharashtra.
  • 5-Waterfalls: Just few distance after Ghatandei temple, there is a kachha road that goes towards the railway route. After crossing the railway line, you can witness spectacular 5-waterfalls that cascades down one below the other.

Igatpuri Sightseeing / Places To Visit:

  • Dhamma Giri Vipassana: One of the best meditation centres in India. It offers meditation courses taught by Lord Buddha 2500 years ago. Huge number of Indian as well as International tourists visit this meditation centre throughout the year.
  • Bhatsa River Valley: This point is just outside the city where Thal ghat ends. It displays splendid panoramic views of Bhatsa river basin. Views of lush green vegetation and rock formations amidst river are amazing to watch.
  • Camel Valley: It lies just next to the Bhatsa river valley. The view of a giant waterfall from this point is the prime interest among tourists.
  • Arthur Lake: Formed by the Pravara River, it is one of the stunning places to visit in Igatpuri hill station. It a very giant lake and is surrounded by thick forests!
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Tourists enjoying at lakeside!

©Abhishek Loni

  • Amruteshwar Temple: A temple of Lord Shiva that is built in Hemadpanthi architectural style in 11th century AD. You can reach here by taking an exciting 8 km boat ride through Arthur Lake.
  • Tringalwadi Lake: The route to Tringalwadi fort passes along this lake. Views of lake from the fort are very mesmerising!
  • Vaitarna Dam: A 65 years old dam that acts as a major source of water for Mumbai city. Its scenic surroundings attract a large number of tourists.
  • Ghatandevi Temple: This temple is situated at a higher ghat area and is accessible via small road after camel valley. It is dedicated to the Ghatandevi goddess who is safeguards the Ghat (as per the faith of local people). 


igatpuri photos gallery
Train tunnels in Igatpuri

©Leon Nicholas

How To Reach Igatpuri Hill Station

  • By Road: Large number of ST buses, private buses and tourists vehicles ply to Igatpuri every day. The city is good connectivity throughout the Maharashtra by extensive network of roads. It is 47 km away from Nashik, 121 km from Mumbai, 213 km from Aurangabad, 230 km from Pune and 690 km from Nagpur.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Igatpuri station is a prime station on Mumbai-Nashik railway line. It has very nice connectivity to all major cities in Maharashtra. So you can easily reach here by catching a train.
  • Nearest Airport: Mumbai airport is the most convenient to reach this hill station. Nashik airport is close to the city but has very less number of flights.

Time Required: 2 days are sufficient to cover all viewpoints in the Igatpuri. If you want to do trekking activities then your schedule will get extend accordingly. Every trek needs at least one day.

Accommodation/ Staying Options: There are many hotels, resorts and private villas in Igatpuri. They suits everyone’s budget and convenience nicely. Even Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has their holiday resort near Igatpuri. You can check availability of MTDC rooms here. Its advisable to book your room in advance while visiting this spot.

Restaurants Nearby/ Eating Stuff: Igatpuri town has plenty of restaurants including Maharashtrian, North Indian and South Indian restaurants. Especially, the spicy Vadapav with Mirchi Thecha is very much popular in this region.

Map To Reach:

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Overall, Igatpuri hill station is a perfect holiday spot for nature & adventure enthusiasts. Being close to the Nashik, Mumbai & Pune it is also a hotspot for corporate outings!