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Jungli Jaigad Fort Trek: Information of The Exotic Trek!

Jungli jaigad fort trek is a very exotic trek amidst Sahyadri Mountain Range. Passing through the thick woods, it displays splendid natural beauty!

Best Time To Visit: Best time for trekking to Jungli Jaigad is from September to February. It is quite a dangerous to this trek in Monsoon because the jungli jaigad trek route goes through the very dense forest.

Location Address: Near Koyna Dam Lake, Satara District, Maharashtra, Maharashtra (India).

Jungli Jaigad Fort Information

People often get confused between Jungli Jaigad (जंगली-जयगड किल्ला) and Jaigad fort (जयगड किल्ला). Jungli jaigad is a very offbeat fort situated near Koyna Lake in the Satara. Whereas, Jaigad fort is a coastal fort in the Ratnagiri district. This article is about the jungli jaigad trek in Satara. It lies amidst deep forest at an elevation of 2957 feet from mean sea level. Fort region has a very beautiful & thick jungle cover. This forest belongs to Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary which is a part of Sahyadri Tiger Reserve. The fort location displays amazing natural beauty & gives breath taking views of surrounding sanctuary region! 

jungli jaigad trek images


There are not many structures to see on the jungli jaigad fort but the location of the fort is outstanding. Remains of Deepastambha or Samaee carved in Jambha stone are there on the fort. As the fort is surrounded by thick forest, there are various birds & wild animals over there. This forest is a wildlife corridor between Koyna and Chandoli forest. If you are lucky then you may spot some wild animals during the trek.

Jungli Jaigad Trek Information

The trek to this fort is among the best treks in Maharashtra. The difficulty level of the trek is moderate and suitable for all age groups. This trek gives you a very thrilling experience as you need to lead through the dense jungle of Koyna wildlife sanctuary. However, it is not a safe place for camping due to the habitat of wild animals, scorpions & snakes.

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Surrounding Region

One can get magnificent panoramas of long spread forest and Koyna Dam backwaters while doing jungli jaigad trek. Sometimes you can also see the water discharging from the Koyna Hydro-Electricity Project Stage -4. Views of Kumbharli Ghat from the top of the jungli jaigad fort are also great to watch. The region is peaceful and there will not be anyone to disturb you. So you can sit there calmly and enjoy exotic views of the nearby area. The mountain on which fort is standing carries the huge underground pipelines of Koyna Hydro-Electricity Project Stage -4!

jungli jaigad fort images



Time Required: One-way duration to reach the top of the fort from the base village is 3-4 hours. This trek can be done within 1 day from Koyna Nagar.

How To Reach Jungli Jaigad

Navja village near Koyna Nagar is the base village to start jungli jaigad trek. The local people will assist you to the path leading to the top of the jungli jaigad fort. Koyana Nagar is accessible by below means of transportation:

  • By Road: This fort is about 130 km away from Kolhapur, 197 km away from Pune, 340 km from Mumbai, 398 km from Aurangabad, 408 km from Nashik and 875 km from Nagpur.
  • Nearest Bus Stop: Chiplun (42 km) is the closest bus station to the Koyana Nagar. Karad (60 km) and Satara (85 km) are other options to reach here. These 3 locations have nice connectivity to almost all major cities in Maharashtra.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Chiplun (42 km), Karad (60 km) and Satara (85 km) railway stations are convenient railheads to reach jungli jaigad fort. Private vehicles are available outside the station till Koyana Nagar.
  • Nearest Airport: Pune airport (192 km) is the nearest airport to reach the fort. You can take a cab to Koyana Nagar from the Pune airport. Belgaum airport (212 km) is another option.

Eating Stuff: As the fort is situated in the deep forest, there are no restaurants or small eateries. So you need to carry your own food & plenty of water while going to jungli jaigad trek.

Staying Options / Camping: Overnight stay at this fort is not a good option. Many wild animals roam in this forest during night time. Therefore, the camping on this fort is not safe.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Koyna Dam

So, Jungli jaigad fort trek is a perfect destination for deep forest trekking in Maharashtra. If you want to feel the nature very closely then this spot is waiting for your arrival!