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Kaas Plateau, Satara – The Valley Of Flowers!

Kaas Plateau of flowers or Kaas Pathar (कास पठार in Marathi) is a popular flower valley near Satara in Maharashtra. This place is popularly called as Switzerland of India! Let’s see information, photos & tourist guide about this place!

Best Time to Visit Kaas Plateau-Satara: 

During monsoon season, between the months of July to September. August is an ideal month to visit Kaas Plateau Satara. After mid-October, the flowers starts shading & decaying.

Location: Kaas Pathar (कास पठार ), 26 kms from Satara, Maharashtra, India.

kaas plateau images photos



Kaas plateau of flowers is a world famous flowers valley located in Satara region of Maharashtra state. It is also known as Kaas Pathar (कास पठार) and Valley of Flowers. This beautiful Kaas valley situated amidst the hilly region of Satara. This magnificent spot offers the perfect treat of natural views to nature lovers & photographers.

You can spot different varieties of flowers which naturally grows over here. There are over 1500 types of plant species near Kaas mountain range. All these flowers are wild forest flowers. Out of these 1500 species, more than 500 species can be spotted at Kaas Plateau Satara. These species consist of wild flowers, carnivorous plants, orchids & many more varieties.

kaas plateau images photos
Varieties of beautiful Flowers! 🙂

This is a unique place with rich flora & fauna. Species like Impatiens oppositifolious (Balsam lavi), Utricularia purpurascens (Sheetechi Aaswa), Smithia hirsute, Pogostemon deccanensis, Senecio grahami, Senecio grahamii or bombayensis, Murdannia lanuginose, Dipcadi montanum are some of the flowers species that blooms at Kaas pathar satara. Sometimes wild animals like Barking deers & rabbits can also be spotted in this area!

Kaas Plateau (कास पठार) of flowers is basically a volcanic plateau formed of basalt & laterite rocks. These rocks are covered by a thin layer of soil formed due to an erosion of rocks. Kaas valley blossoms with flowers from July to October. The colourful blanket of flowers looks amazing. Kaas plateau satara region is a government protected region with ample of security persons to protect these flowers. It is a perfect site for photographers. Visit this place gives you a heavenly experience!


HOW TO REACH: Personal or hired vehicles. The distance between Pune to Kaas plateau Satara is 125 kms. It is about 2-3 hours drive from Pune. One can take ST or tourist bus till Satara & then further take a taxi up to Kaas pathar.

-Nearest Rail Station: Satara station is the nearest railway station to Kaas Pathar. Distance between plateau and station is about 30 kms.

-Nearest Airport: Pune airport is the convenient airport nearby kaas pathar. You can take hired vehicles from Pune to reach this place. Satara can be reached within 3 hours from Pune.

STAY: Kaas  Pathar village resort is an MTDC approved resort located near Kaas School. Stayatali is another decent hotel located at 2 kms from Plateau. Please book your rooms prior to the visit.

EATING STUFF: There are some decent eateries nearby Kaas pathar. But do not expect very high quality as this spot is located amidst mountains.

NEARBY ATTRACTIONS: Kaas Lake, Kaas Waterfalls, Sajjangad Fort.

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BOOKINGS: You can book your entry tickets at www.kas.ind.in. It is an official website of Kaas plateau Satara.


-Please do not disturb the beauty of this place while seeing flowers.

-Watch your steps while walking through.

-Do not step on flower plants.

-There are lots of snakes in Kaas Pathar  area so be careful while walking & laying down.

Map to Reach:

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