Kondana Caves Karjat – Trek, History & Map!

Kondana caves Karjat are some of the rock cut Buddhist caves situated in the Maharashtra. There are total 16 caves at Kondane which dates back to the 1st century BC. Many people gives visit to this beautiful caves every year.

Location: 15 kms from Karjat, Kondivade-Thakurwadi Village, Raigad District, Maharashtra, India.


Kondana Caves Karjat or Kondane Caves is a group of Buddhist caves located in Karjat region of Maharashtra. The location of these caves is on the same mountain of Rajmachi Fort. While travelling from Karjat, you will first come across Kondivade village & then Thakurwadi village. These are famous ancient Buddhist caves.

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Since, the location of caves is near Rajmachi, one of the trekking routes to Rajmachi fort passes by Kondana caves Karjat. These caves display the ancient lifestyle of Buddhist monks who lived here. In addition to big sculptures, these caves consist of vihara, chaitya, and stupa carved inside it. Though the name of caves is Kondana (due to Kondana village name), but caves are actually lies near Thakurwadi Village.

Kondana Caves Karjat History

This is a group of total 16 Buddhist caves where Buddhist monks used to stay during the monsoon months. Kondane Caves were excavated in the 1st century BC. Kondana caves karjat are among few rock-cut Buddhist temples in Maharashtra so many art lovers visit this spot regularly. The sculptures and stupa’s show ancient Buddhist type of architecture. The caves have lot of rooms and are located next to each other and they are accesible by climbing the steps. Kondana caves karjat are certainly among the best mountain caves in Maharashtra.

Architecture of Caves

Some of the Kondane caves have stone carved beds for resting. The last cave has water storage. During the rainy season, many beautiful waterfalls originate above caves which are amazing!  The front entrance and floor of the caves were damaged in early 1900 due to an earthquake. Lots of tourists visit this place to see these old age caves and to perform the trek throughout the year. 

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The Kondana caves karjat are located at about 15 kms from Karjat. Kondivade & Thakurwadi villages are tiny having 20-25 houses only. You must carry a cap & full body covered outfits in case you are visiting here after December because the heat is very exhausting. Smoking and the consumption of liquor is strictly prohibited nearby kondane caves area. They do not allow eating food nearby caves area.


You can get magnificent views of the surrounding Sahyadri mountain ranges while trekking to these caves. Rajmachi fort and Ulhas River valley are easily reachable from this spot. During monsoon period, this region wears a lush green blanket which looks spectacular!


Best Time To Visit: June to December is the best time to visit this place because the atmosphere during this period remains soothing & cool than another half of year. However, the caves are open all year round so you can visit whenever you want.

Time Required: Time of 1 day is required to visit Kondana caves Karjat from both Mumbai & Pune.

How To Reach:

Karjat has situated just 68 kms away from Mumbai so you can easily reach karjat by trains. After reaching karjat station, ask for Shree Ram Bridge from where 8 seater auto-rickshaws (Tum-Tum) are available up to Kondivade Village & Thakurwadi Village. These tum-tums will cost you around Rs.30/- per seat. Auto-Rickshaws will take you up to the base village-Kondivade, from the base village, it is an easy one-hour trek till Kondana caves karjat.

  • Nearest Railway Station: Karjat Station (15 kms) and Bhivpuri are two nearest railway stations on Central Railway Line. You can find more transport options at Karjat station.
  • Nearest Airport: Mumbai Airport (About 70 kms) is the nearest airport to reach these caves.

Eating Stuff: Lots of eating options are available near Karjat railway station. Food options are not available at base village. So, carry your food & water from these stalls. We request you not to throw litter indiscriminately, always think of surrounding beauty & environment. As a result, we all can keep our historical monuments neat & clean!

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Accommodation: There are many good accommodation options nearby the Karjat railway station. If you are planning to visit places nearby Karjat then staying at Karjat is always a good option. If your group is planning for camping then you can also stay at Kondana caves Karjat.

Attractions Nearby Kondane Caves: 

Map To Reach:

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