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Lonar Crater Lake, Maharashtra – History & Information!

Lonar Crater Lake is located in Buldhana district of Maharashtra, India. It is among world’s largest crater lakes formed by meteorite impact. In this article, we will see all important tourist information of Lonar.

Location: Lonar town, Buldhana District, Maharashtra, India.

Lonar Crater Lake Information:

Lonar crater is a very famous attraction in Maharashtra. Lonar town is located near Aurangabad. Lonar lake was created by a unique impact of the meteorite on the earth. It was formed approximately 50,000 years ago. Lonar crater is world’s 3rd largest crater. The crater is 150 meters deep, 1.83 kms wide and has 1.2 kms mean diameter. It was chosen among “7 WONDERS OF MAHARASHTRA” by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation(MTDC). This lake was ranked in top 7 spots after reviewing over 350 tourist spots in Maharashtra.

lonar crater photos
Beautiful Lake Surroundings

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This crater was first discovered in 1823 by British officer J.E.Alexander. Lonar crater lake has very thick forest around it, it was unknown till many years. The water of the lake is both alkaline & saline in nature. Water in the lakes contains large content of salts or sodas. 2 small stream channels drain into the lake and a sweet water is located on the southern side. A Large quantity of Sodas is removed from the crater when the water level reduces in the summer season.

Mind Blowing! Isn’t it? 😉


Initially, researchers thought that this lake was a site of volcanic origin. Later on, years of research was going on. Then it was found that the crater was created by the hypervelocity impact of a meteorite or a comet. Some ancient scripts like Padma PuranSkanda Puran & Aaina-i-Akbari hosts narration about Lonar crater lake.

 Tourists from all over the world visit this historic crater every day. The location of the crater is very unique. There are low hills with dense jungle around the circumference of the crater lake. This jungle is home to wide range of plant species & animals. During the monsoon season, this lush green area gives a magnificent & eye-pleasing views. Other than tourists, a large number of researchers & scientists visit to explore lonar crater history.

lonar crater lake photos
Amazing! Isn’s It? 😉


Nearby Places To See:

There is also one other circular crater at a distance of 700 meters from Main Lonar crater lake. This small lake is called as Chhota Lonar Lake or Ambar Lake. It is said that a broken part of the meteor hit the ground to make this little crater. One Hanuman temple called Motha Maruti is situated near this small lake.

The shrine of Lord Hanuman is made of rock and believed to be very magnetic. The local farmers use the water from this little lake for farming.  There are also other temples of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Kamalja Devi and Daityasudan Surya. A place called Gaimukh is an origin of fresh water stream which was built by Peshwas.


Lonar lake is also an amazing spot for bird-watchers and wildlife lovers. The wildlife animals found nearby Lonar crater lake are chinkara, peafowl and gazelles. Every year, migratory birds also give a visit to the lake during a winter season. Birds like shell-ducks (European migratory birds), Herons, Brahmini ducks, Baya weavers, Red-wattled lapwings, Parakeet hoopoes, Larks swallows can be spotted nearby the lake.

temples at lonar crater buldhana
Vishnu Temple Near Crater!

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Best Time To Visit :

September to January is the best time to visit Lonar crater lake. Climate remains cool & pleasant during these months. Visit to the lake in the early morning gives you pleasing experience!

How To Reach Lonar:

Lonar is accessible from Buldhana. ST & Tourist Buses regularly ply to Buldhana from all important cities in Maharashtra. Mumbai to Lonar distance is 600kms (MumbaiAurangabad-Jalna-Lonar) and Aurangabad to Lonar distance is 145 kms. Aurangabad is well connected to all cities by road, rail & air. One can catch private vehicle from Aurangabad up to Lonar.

  • Nearest Rail Station: Jalna is the nearest railway station to reach Lonar. It is situated 90 kms away from the Lonar crater lake. Parbhani is the other railway station situated at 100 kms from the Lonar.
  • Nearest Airport: Aurangabad airport is the closest airport to reach Lonar. It is located at a distance of 122 kms from the lonar lake. 


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Accommodation In Lonar:

There are only a few of stay options in Lonar. MTDC Resort is the best option to stay near Lonar. It is recommended that one should book the room in advance as the stay options are limited. Winter is the peak season for tourists so you better book rooms well in advance. You can check the availability of MTDC rooms at this link.

Eating Stuff:

Not much food options are available in Lonar. MTDC tourist complex and Gulmohar Restaurant serves good quality food. Some small stalls run by local people also provide decent food.

Lonar Crater Map:

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You may include a one-day visit to Lonar crater lake if you are in Aurangabad. It can be visited while going to the Ajanta Caves and Ellora caves. The natural ambience of Lonar is very serene & heart pleasing. Let us know if you want some information.