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Lonavala Hot Air Balloon Safari : Must Do Thing In Lonavala!

Lonavala hot air balloon safari is a must do adventure activities in Maharashtra. Seeing the breath-taking views of the majestic Sahyadri’s from massive height is an absolute visual treat.

Location of Lonavala Hot Air Balloon Safari: Lonavala, Maharashtra (India). Most probably, Hot air balloon in Lonavala will be carried out from Kamshet & Talegaon region.

Best Time: The rides starts after monsoon season. Due to highest international safety standards, they do not offer rides during monsoon season and during the strong wind currents.  The ride starts early in the morning by 06:00 am or like that.

Lonavala hot air balloon safari Information

There are very few spots to experience the hot balloon ride in India. Lonavala hill station of Maharashtra is one of those places. Though hot air ballooning is quite a new adventure thing among Indian tourists, many of them seem to be keen to try it out. Travelling in an open sky and observing the scenic beauty from the skyline gives a thrilling experience.

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As Lonavala is blessed with amazing natural beauty, Lonavala hot air balloon safari has become a popular tourist attraction.  Balloon ride in the Lonavala region shows you the natural beauty of the hill station region. Hot air balloon inLonavalaa is one of the must-do activities if you are planning to visit Lonavala.

M/S.Sky Waltz provides the service of hot air balloon in Lonavala. Lonavala hot air balloon safari has a facility to travel safely in the sky, overlooking the beauty of Lonavala, Khandala hill station, Mumbai-Pune Expressway, lakes, rivers and surrounding Sahyadri mountain range. Just imagine of having a splendid bird’s eye view through a basket in the sky. The maximum 8 number of riders or the maximum capacity is 500 kgs whichever is lower can fly in a single balloon.

lonavala hot air balloon images photos


About M/S. Sky Waltz

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) shown their interest towards Sky Waltz after successful operations of Sky Waltz in Rajasthan since 2008.  So in October 2013, Sky Waltz launched Lonavala hot air balloon safari services in Lonavala in association with M/s. Rainbow Riders.  

  1. An authorisation was given by the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) – Government of India.
  2. It is a 1st and the largest licensed commercial Hot Air Balloon operator in India.
  3. The pilots are professional, internationally certified & well-experienced.
  4. Operating & Safety Standards as per International Norms.
  5. They provide the insurance cover to riders as per International Norms.
  6. The license is given by Ministry of Civil Defence – Government of India.

hot air balloon in maharashtra images photos

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Estimated height of ride: The Lonavala hot air balloon safari takes you up to the height of 4000 feets above sea level. Witnessing the sunrise view from 4,000 ft height is nice to see. 

Estimated time of ride: Approximately 60 minutes(+/- 15 minutes).

Ride Price Cost

The cost of lonavala hot air balloon varies between Rs. 6000/- to 12000/- per person. It depends on the season and age group of an individual. You can check the ticket rates on or

Roaming amidst peaceful clouds along with your loved ones gives you memorable memories. Taking your loved ones and doing this ride feels like a sweet dream. Since its launch date, Sky Waltz have carried out Lonavala hot air balloon safari of over 3000 riders.


  • Read all terms and conditions (like cancellation/refund etc.) of the ride properly prior to the booking.
  • Clear your all doubts regarding the trip before booking.
  • Avoid taking rides in strong & turbulent winds.
  • Gentle winds are favourable for hot air ballooning; however, you must avoid flying in a turbulent weather.
  • Ask for the kid’s discount because many agencies give discounts for a particular age group.

hot air balloon in lonavala images photos

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Lonavala hot air balloon safari is guided by DGCA certified pilots so it is completely safe. So now you need to go anywhere far to enjoy hot air ballooning. Close to 2,000 riders enjoy Lonavala hot air balloon in each season and number are growing year after year. Balloons are two types: 9-seater and 4-seater.

Ride of hot air balloon in Lonavala includes following:
  • Pick up and drop: Free Pickup and drop service from common pick-up point to balloon launch site and vice-versa.
  • Pre-flight briefing: Pilot crew brief shortly to all riders at the launch site.
  • Food & Beverage services: Riders are given breakfast prior to the balloon ride which includes Tea-Coffee along with cookies. You can even customise your breakfast packages on request.
  • Actual Balloon Ride: Lonavala hot air balloon safari takes about 60 minutes (+/- 15 minutes).
  • Onboard services: Packaged drinking water is provided for the ride.
  • Post flight: Riders can stay at the site after the Balloon has landed to see deflating of the balloon. They also give the hot air balloon flight certificate for first timers!

Things To Carry

  • Comfortable clothes of your choice.
  • Sunglasses/Hats/ Caps/ Dupatta for protection from sunrays.
  • Digital Camera/ Mobile and equivalent electronic recorders to capture the magnificent views.

How to Reach

The flying agency will let you know the common meet up point. They will pick you up from that particular point.

Contact for Lonavala hot air balloon safari:

Sangram Pawar: Business Head (Maharashtra)
Cell: 9822988800 | Email:

So be ready to enjoy views of stunning mountains, a vast horizon of greenery, deep valleys and charming lakes and the sights that you will remember for your entire life!

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