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Malshej Ghat Hill Station – Images, Hotels & Map!

Malshej ghat hill station is among the famous weekend gateways near Mumbai. This place remains blessed with splashing waterfalls, lush green hills & pleasant weather in monsoon season!

Location: 85 kms from Kalyan, Near the boundary of Thane & Ahmednagar, Pune District, Maharashtra.

Malshej Information:

Malshej Ghat (माळशेज घाट in Marathi) is a popular mountain road/pass situated amidst gigantic Sahyadri Mountain Range. This hill station is basically located in Pune near the border of Thane & Ahmednagar districts of Maharashtra in India. Malshej has developed as a small hill station in past few years. Malshej ghat hill station is frequently visited by tourists due to its natural beauty, dense jungle, animal & bird species, mighty hills, giant forts, waterfalls, hill side resort, dam, trekking and adventure activities.

malshej ghat images
Amazing Waterfalls originating On Side Of mountain!


This mountain pass runs through the rough & uneven part of Sahyadri hills. The roadside views of the valleys & nearby mountains are simply amazing. Malshej ghat hill station is a perfect place for the people who love outdoor activities & adventure. Many people visit Malshej hill station just for trekking & enjoying the splashing waterfalls.

The place has cool & pleasant atmosphere for most time of the year. The road is situated at an average elevation of height of 700 meters above MSL. You can see amazing views of the surrounding Sahyadri mountain range & valleys. The valleys along with waterfalls looks beautiful in the monsoon season. The view of lush green jungle amidst valleys is truly exciting. Along with the beautiful Malshej ghat hill station, tourists generally explore nearby places like Pimpalgaon dam, Harishchandragad & Ajoba Fort.

Gigantic Waterfall!

©Sushant Jadhav

Waterfalls originating from the top of the mountains add more beauty to this hill station. Many water streams fall directly on the main highway so people going from this road park their vehicles at the roadside and enjoy the waterfalls. It is certainly among the best hill stations in the Maharashtra.

Flora & Fauna

Abundant species of both flora & fauna are found in the Malshej ghat hill station region. It is particularly popular for its avian population. Many animals have their homes inside the thick jungle of Malshej valleys. Animals like leopards, tigers, rabbits, monkeys and peacocks stay in the woods on Malshej.

You can spot lot of bird species like Rails, Cuckoos, Quails, Crakes & even Flamingos at this place. Huge number of tourists visit this place after monsoon season to see migratory flamingo birds.

malshej ghat accident images

©Vatsal Thakkar

Places of Interest nearby Malshej ghat hill station:

Khireshwar is another popular place of interest Malshej ghat. It is hardly 2-3 kms away from the rest house. You can do trekking to famous Harishchandragad fort from Khireshwar. Even Shivneri fort is loated at just 40 kms distance from this place. Shiva Temple, Bhima river & Ozar & Lenyadri caves are other few places nearby this hill station.

  • Pimpalgaon Jog Dam: It is a 5 kms long dam built over the scenic Pushpawati River. This dam is an absolute paradise for bird watching. It is one of the of the top attractions in Malshej ghat hill station. The beautiful hills surrounding the dam serves as a home to many bird species. Migratory pink flamingo birds visit this dam during the winter season. Other birds like Purple Moorhen, Pied Crusted Cuckoo, Alpine Swift, Whistling Thrush & Quail can be seen at this place all year round.
  • Harishchandragad: It is a very trek from Malshej. The fort is situated at a height of 1,424 metres above MSL. There are Buddhist caves carved out of stone near the fort. One temple of Lord Vishnu Temple is also there.
  • Shivneri Fort: It is the birthplace of the great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Distance between Malshej & Shivneri is 40 kms.

malshej hill station map

©Shubhanjali Bisht


Best Time To Visit: Monsoon is the best season to visit Malshej ghat hill station. You can see abundant natural beauty during the months of July & September.

Time Taken: If you want to enjoy only waterfalls then it can a comfortable one day visit from both Mumbai & Pune. However, minimum 2 days are required to explore other places of interest nearby this place.

How To Reach There: Pune to Malshej Ghat distance is 130 kms and Mumbai to Malshej distance is 154 kms.

  • By Road From Mumbai: If you are going from Mumbai then take Mumbai-Nashik-Agra (NH-3) highway till Bhiwandi-Kalyan Junction. From the junction take right turn to Kalyan and proceed towards Murbad. It is about 3 hours ride from Mumbai.
  • By Road From Pune: While going from Pune, take NH-50 (Pune-Nashik Highway) to Alephata. Then take a left turn towards Kalyan on SH-222 (Kalyan-Ahmednagar Highway).
  • Nearest Railway Station: Kalyan is the nearest railway station to reach Malshej. It is about 85 kms away from the Malshej Ghat. ST buses are available at Kalyan bus depot which is just outside the railway station. You need to catch any bus going towards the Ahmednagar bus from Kalyan station. The frequency of buses between Kalyan & Ahmednagar is good. The bus jouney from Klyan to Malshej takes about 1.5 hours.
  • Nearest Airport: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (Mumbai) is the nearest airport to Malshej.

Eating Stuff: You can have food at the few restaurants developed in the Malshej. MTDC resort is perhaps the best option to have food. This place offers both veg & non-veg food. Saj by the lake, hotel Sushant & Vishwas Garden are other restaurants which serves nice food. Sometimes local people sell eating items like roasted corns, Jamuns, Karvand etc.

malshej ghat hotels food

©Somil Grover

Accommodation options:

  • Malshej ghat hill station is located quiet far from the urban areas so there are not much staying options in this area. Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) runs a descent resort at Malshej. To book a room at MDTC resort visit this page.
  • Nowadays, few other private resorts have also been started for short weekend stays.
  • If you want to try something new, then you can stay in a nearby Madh village. This village is located 6 kms away from Malshej.

Map To Reach:

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