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Matheran Hill Station – Points, Map & Information!

Matheran hill station is a very famous tourist destination in Maharashtra. Matheran toy train (Or Matheran mini train) is also a popular attraction among tourists visiting this scenic hill station. Let’s have a look at information related to Matheran hills & images in this article.

Location: Matheran Village, Near Neral town, Karjat District, Maharashtra, India. 

Matheran Hill Station Information:

Matheran hill station is a very beautiful hill station located near Neral town in Karjat District of Maharashtra. It is placed near to Mumbai still it has preserved its astonishing natural beauty. It is situated at a height of 800 metres above Mean Sea Level. The major attraction of Matheran is a Toy Train which runs from Neral to Matheran. This Matheran mini train runs through a lush green forest, high mountains, alongside deep valleys and gives an unforgettable experience!

King George Point – That visible peak is of Kalavantin Durg Fort!


Matheran has a cool and pleasant atmosphere all year round. It is covered with amazing thick forest. All these things makes Matheran one of the best hill stations in Maharashtra. If you walk through the forests during the morning, then you can clearly listen to the amazing musical chirping of birds. Options to roam around in Matheran hill station are: taking the walk through various points (which is exhausting), taking horse rides to various points & taking the man-pulled rickshaw (these have vanished nowadays).

Vehicles are not allowed to enter the Matheran hill station premises and that’s the secret of Matheran’s beauty. People travelling by car have to keep their vehicles at the Dasturi junction before town. From there, it is 20-25 minutes’ walk up to Matheran market. Heavy rainfall occurs during a rainy season. Matheran displays splendid natural beauty in monsoon season. You can see amazing lush greenery of the forest. Many splashing waterfalls take birth on Matheran mountain range.

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The zigzag road to Matheran top!


It is advisable to make your own travel plan per day. Make a list of spots per day to visit. There is no point in visiting all points in a single day if you can’t enjoy them properly. Generally, tourists stay away from Matheran hill station during monsoon because you can’t see much due to thick clouds. Matheran is also among well-known trekking destinations in Maharashtra. But trekkers give visit during those days so some of the hotels are now functional during monsoon.

Points To See:

There are various points in Matheran hill station like Panorama point, Sunset point, Honeymoon Hill, Charlotte Lake, Garbutt Point, Heart Point, Louisa point, Echo Point, One Tree Hill, Lords Point, Olympia, Chouk point, Monkey Point, Dasturi or Mount Berry point, Malang Point, Paymasters Park etc. These points are located at the quiet considerable distance from each other.

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Aerial View Of Toy Train!


Some of the popular points in Matheran are described below:

  1. Panorama Point: It is a famous point from where you can witness a nice sunrise. It is often called as a Sunrise Point. A good glimpse of both sunrise and sunset can be seen from this point. This point remains crowded in the early morning and in the evening. You can get magnificent views of the Sahyadri  Mountain Range from this point.
  2. Louisa Point: Louisa point is among popular sightseeing points in Matheran. You can witness amazing sunset views from this point. In the monsoon & post monsoon season, the views of lush green surroundings & adjacent mountains are very scenic.
  3. Echo Point: This is an interesting point at Matheran hill station. As its name indicates, you can listen to the echoes your yelling at this point. Even the sound of water streams running down the Matheran mountains can be heard at this point. Tourists can also see the spectacular views of waterfalls from this point.
  4. Charlotte Lake: It is a scenic lake nestled amidst Matheran forest. It is basically the source of drinking water for Matheran hill station. You can take a walk across the dam constructed on one end of Charlotte lake and go towards the Lords point. It is surely a must visit place in Matheran. When the dam overflow in the monsoon, tourists enjoy on the other side as a waterfall!
  5. King George Point: This is quite less known & less crowded point of Matheran. But it is an amazing spot from where you can see valleys & surrounding mountains with the help of Telescope. Telescope charges as Rs. 50 per person are taken and then they show you the things that are unable to see with the naked eyes. Views of the villages in the valley below Matheran hill station, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj statue beneath Louisa Point, Prabalgad fort, Kalavantin Durg Fort are amazing. If you are lucky then even trekkers on the top of Kalavantin Durg can be seen from this point.
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Charlotte Lake!


Many horses are available on rent to see these points. One can spot spectacular views of sunrise, sunset, surrounding valleys & mountain ranges from Matheran. Matheran hill station is one of the popular honeymoon spots in Maharashtra. The soil of Matheran is red in colour which colourful natural views. There are several handicrafts, chappal and shoes stores are there on the roadside. Chikki and Honey from Matheran are famous among tourists.


BEST TIME TO VISIT: Matheran hill station has a cool & soothing climate throughout the year. You can visit here at any time of the year. November to May is the best time to visit Matheran. Matheran remains covered with clouds in the rainy season  (June to September) which restricts tourists to see amazing panoramic views of beautiful valleys. In winter season (December to February), temperature ranges between 12ºC to 15ºC.

TICKET: Entry charges for Matheran are taken as Rs 50/- per adult and Rs.25/- per child.

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One Tree Hill Point!


ELEVATION: Matheran hill station is situated at an elevation of about 800 metres (2600 feets) above Mean Sea Level. Due to this huge elevation, this place remains cool & pleasant.

HOW TO REACH: Being one of the famous tourist spots in Maharashtra, reaching to Matheran is not difficult. Private or hired cars have access up to the top. One can easily reach here by catching Karjat or Khopoli train till Neral railway station. Taxi service runs 24 by 7 to Matheran from Neral. There is a good motorable road till Matheran from both Mumbai & Pune.

  • NEAREST RAILWAY STATION: Neral Railway Station on Central Railway is the nearest station to reach Matheran. From Neral Station, you can catch famous Matheran Toy train (Or Matheran mini train) which runs from Neral station to Matheran. You can also take a private taxi from the station
  • Matheran mini train takes around 2.5 hrs to reach the top of the Matheran hill station from Neral (Distance is 21 kms) . Matheran is convenient for visitors from Pune and Mumbai. Neral village is on the way of Mumbai-Pune railway line. At least 3 days are required for an ideal break at Matheran!!
matheran mini train toy
Amazing Route of Matheran Mini Train Through Dense Forest!


EATING STUFF: There are lots of hotels and eateries up on the hill station. You will get a wide variety of food like Maharashtrian Food, Gujarati Thali, Punjabi Food, Biriyani, Kababs, Chinese, Chicken Dishes and much more.

ACCOMMODATION: Matheran has a large number of Hotels & Resorts for accommodation.  Various Matheran hotels provide comfortable accommodation & good service!

MTDC Booking: Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation runs its own resort at Matheran hill station. To book a room at MTDC resort, please give a visit to this link  MTDC Accommodation.

Matheran Map:

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Have you even been to the Matheran? How was your experience? Share your view with us in the below comment box! 🙂