goa trip money required 3-4 days

How much money is required for Goa Trip? Average Budget Per Day!

Want to know about money required for Goa trip? This article is for those enthusiastic travelers who are tight on their budget! Budget required for a trip to Goa mainly depends upon the season in which you are giving a visit. Peak season of Goa tour starts from starting of October and lasts up to mid-January. In the peak season, the prices of everything gets very high, making your trip way costlier than normal costs. In rest of the year, budget depends upon how much days are you planning to stay in Goa.

Money Required For Goa Trip

We will see per day cost. Now the major costs include-Accommodation cost, Food cost, Travelling cost and Booze (If applicable)!

1.Accommodation Cost:

Goa has a large number of hotels, resorts, cottages, huts so it totally depends on which type of accommodation you are selecting. If you are planning to visit Goa during February to October (these are non-peak months) then you will have many options for accommodation at reasonable price. The money required for Goa trip majorly depends upon which hotel you choose. Staying right on the beach or in front of the beach will be costlier as compared to hotels which are 20-25 minutes away from beaches. These hotels will cost you around 1000/- per night for double bed. So per person cost will be around 500/-per night. 

planning goa trip money budget
Take a calculator and start counting! 😉


2.Food Cost:

Goa has various restaurants serving delicious local sea food as well as international cuisines. There are many beachside local restaurants which offer fresh mouth-watering sea food & other amazing local dishes. So avoid visiting expensive restaurants every time. These beachside restaurants will cost you about Rs.200-300/- per meal. So you will require Rs.600/- per day per person.

3.Travelling Cost:

The money required for Goa trip will also depend upon the mode of travel. Hiring a motorbike is a best & economical way to explore Goa in just 4-5 days. Bus transportation will be hectic because you will always be in the rush of catching a bus and which will not let you enjoy the trip. Bus network of Goa is less developed and they are not consistent in the night. Bike travel will be economical as compared to hiring taxis, cars or auto-rickshaws. Taxies cost around Rs.25/- per kilometer.

There are bike shops available just outside many famous beaches like Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Condolim Beach or in Panaji city. It will cost you about Rs.300-800/- depending upon the bike. Costs will be about 300/- for Activa, 500/- for FZ, 800/- for Royal Enfield etc. In addition, you will require money for fuel. So for two people per day cost will be=300+200 max (Fuel) =500/-

Per person cost per day=Rs.250/-

To calculate money required for Goa trip, we will derive average 1-day costing. So,

TOTAL 1-DAY COST (including accommodation+ food + travel) = 500+600+250=1350/- per person per day.

money required for goa trip 3-4 days
Now you know the cost! 🙂


  • Extra Costs:

-If you take drinks then those costs will vary individually but it is cheap. One beer can of Kingfisher, Foster, Hayward’s, Tuborg or Carlsberg will cost about 70rs, 400rs bucks for Vodka, and 200rs for a bottle of Old Monk and 500-600 for a bottle whiskey.

-Your tickets price to reach Goa from your city will be different for everyone. But if you are traveling by train then sleeper class should not be more than 1000/- one side.

So our conclusion is average per person per day cost during non-peak season (including accommodation + food + travel + booze) would be around Rs.1800/-

“Now important part to remember is money required for Goa trip would be 4 to 5 times the normal cost if you are visiting Goa in the Christmas or for the New Year celebration.”

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