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Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary – A Perfect Treat For Nature Lovers!

Nagzira wildlife sanctuary national park is among most popular sanctuaries in Maharashtra. Tourists can see the wide range of wildlife animals, trees & birds in Nagzira national park. This sanctuary is situated in between Tadoba National Park & Kanha National Park.

Location: Nagzira forest, 122 kms west of Nagpur, Bhandara District, Maharashtra.

Nagzira Sanctuary History & Information:

Nagzira Sanctuary lies in the Bhandara district of north-east Maharashtra. This region was declared as a reserved forest on 20th February 1879. This sanctuary is one of the best sanctuaries in Maharashtra. Due to its huge biodiversity, huge numbers of people visit Nagzira forest every year. In the year 1984, Nagzira has declared a wildlife sanctuary.

Then the Deputy Conservator of Wildlife Forests took the control of this region in 1984. Tourists are allowed to explore the Nagzira wildlife sanctuary in safari vehicles. These vehicles cover about 50 kms roads in each safari. Elephant safari is also provided in this sanctuary.

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Killer Look of Leopard!


Bhandara District has very thick vegetation of forest like nowhere in Maharashtra. This forest mostly consists of thick Teak trees. Some part of this forest has been declared & converted into a sanctuary by Government. The sanctuaries of The Nagzira & the Navegaon Bandh are popular among nature lovers.

In Nagzira wildlife sanctuary, the natural habitat of animals has maintained very nicely. This place gives an amazing experience for all nature & adventure lovers. Every year, about 30,000-35,000 tourists visit this sanctuary.

Wildlife Species Found in Nagzira wildlife sanctuary

Nagzira national park is the perfect destination for wildlife lovers. One can spot a huge number of animals and birds in this sanctuary. There is also an astonishing variety of butterflies, interesting amphibians and the reptilian population at Nagzira forest. Watchtowers are built by forest department at various spots in the sanctuary.

  • Animals: A large number of animals & birds can be seen in the Nagzira wildlife sanctuary. Animals like Tigers, Jungle Cats, Leopards, Blue Bulls, Sloth Bears, Leopards, Hares, Hyenas, Sambar, Deer, Antelope, Jungle Dogs, Bisons and many other can be spotted over here.
  • Birds: The wide birdlife is another attraction of this sanctuary. More than 166 species of the birds have been spotted in this sanctuary. 13 endangered species of birds like PeaFowl are also recorded in the Nagzira sanctuary. The huge diversity of birds in Nagzira include Golden Oriole, Black-Headed Oriole, Crested Honey Buzzard, Black-Winged Kite, Swallows, Flycatchers, Warblers, Little Grebe, Egrets, Herons, Storks, Black Ibis, Pariah Kite, Woodpeckers, Brahminy Kite, Barbets, Pitas, Larks, Shrikes, Hornbills, Cormorants, Kingfishers, Peacocks, Patridge etc. Flamingoes can also be spotted here in migratory season.
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Crested Hawk Eagle!


  • Butterflies: There are about 49 species of butterflies spotted in the Nagzira wildlife sanctuary. Lime Butterfly, Common Sailor, Common Indian Crow, Common Rose, Black Rajan and Common Mormon are some of them.
  • Reptiles & Amphibians: There are total 36 species of reptiles in this reserve. Various reptiles such as Indian Cobra, Indian Rock Python, Russel’s Viper, Dhaman, Common Monitor and Checkered Keel back are found in Nagzira. 4 varieties of frogs such as Bull Frog, Tree frog, the six toed frog and rare Ramanell amontana toad can be spotted here.
  • Fish Species: The Lake inside the Nagzira sanctuary contains several freshwater fish species. Rohu, Catla, Shivda, Vadas, Mrigal are found inside the Nagzira lake.
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Wonderful photo of the peacock!


Geography of The Region

Nagzira wildlife sanctuary has spread over the area of 153 Sq. kms. Sanctuary serves as a corridor that connects Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and Kanha Tiger Reserve. This region receives average annual rainfall up to 1,500 mm. The sanctuary region has semi-mountainous terrain. The altitude of this terrain ranges between 30 meters and 550 meters. Nagzira forest has laterite soils on its upper strata. There is a single village called Thadezari situated inside the boundary of the sanctuary.

Fauna & Vegetation

Nagzira is also called as a Green Oasis of Vidharba. The entire forest is densely populated with huge varieties of trees. More than 200 flora species are found inside the Nagzira Sanctuary. You can spot various deciduous trees, smaller trees, shrubs, herbs & species of grass. Plant species of Teak, Bamboo, Tendu, Dhavda, Arjun, Moha,  Ain, Dhavda, Bija, Garari, Tinsa and Surya are present in this forest.


Best Time To Visit:

The Nagzira wildlife sanctuary remains open to visitors the months of October to June. Sanctuary remains closed during monsoon months. February to May is the best time to visit Nagzira wildlife sanctuary. As the temperature rises high during this season so animals can be easily spotted near water bodies.

Weather Conditions:

The temperature in summer rises up to 45°C and the temperature during winter fall up to 6.5°C.

How To Reach Nagzira National Park: The reserve is well connected by road to all main cities in the Maharashtra. The park has total 8 gates namely: Nagzira Gate, Kosamtondi Gate, Pongezara Gate, Mangezari Gate, Murpar Gate, Murdoli Gate, Chorkhamara Gate & Balapur Gate. Out of these, Nagzira gate is the main entrance gate. You can alight here from Sakoli via the route of Pitezari.

You can reach Nagzira wildlife sanctuary by personal vehicles or hired vehicles from following destinations.

  • Nearest Railway Station: Gondia is the nearest & convenient railhead to reach Nagzira Sanctuary. It is located at a distance of 45 kms from the sanctuary. Bhandara Road(50 kms), Soundad (20 kms) and Tirora (20 kms) are other nearby railheads.
  • Nearest Bus Stop: Sakoli bus stop on the National Highway (NH)-6 is the nearest bus stop to reach Nagzira. The distance between Sakoli and Nagzira is 22 kms (via Pitezari). Bhandara bus stop (at 60 kms) is the other option to reach the sanctuary.
  • Nearest Airport: Closest airport to reach Nagzira sanctuary is Nagpur airport. It is situated at a distance of 122 kms from a sanctuary. Taxies are available from the airport till sanctuary (This journey takes 3 hours to reach). Godia also has an airport but that airport is reserved only for private flights.

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Timing: Entry inside the sanctuary is allowed only during the day timing. Tourists can take animal safari between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The specific timings are given below:

  • 1st October to  31st January : 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • 1st February to 15th June: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Sanctruary remains closed for tourists between 16th June to 30th September 30.

Accommodation inside Nagzira national park:

The forest department has built Rest Houses amidst Nagzira wildlife sanctuary for tourists. Department of a forest has built the cottages around the lake named Madhu-Kunj, Lata-Kunj & Nilay in the middle of the forest. These rest houses have good accommodation facilities, clean rooms and nice food arrangements

  • Contact for booking of Forest Rest Houses: Conservator of Wildlife Forests, Near Government Press, Nagpur – 0712-528953 and Deputy Wildlife Conservator (Gondia) – 07182-26399.
  • One can also Contact MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation), Mumbai – 022-2024482/ 4522/ 4584/ 4514. You can check the availability of rooms at MTDC Accommodation Reservation.

Ticket Charges:

(Please note that the rates may subject to change over time)

  • Park Entry Charges: Rs.50/- per person for Indian Tourists & Rs.100/- per person for Foreign Tourists.
  • Vehicle Parking Charges: Parking charges as Rs. 150/- per car & Rs. 200/- per mini bus are taken.
  • Camera Charges: The cahrges for carrying camera are very niminal. They take only Rs. 2/- for each  Still Camera & Rs.20/- for each Movie Camera.
  • Safari Jeep Charges: Jeep charges between Rs. 1500/- and  Rs. 1800/- are taken for each safari at Nagzira wildlife sanctuary. Tourists can negotiate the rates. There are two rows of seats in each jeep. 3 persons can sit on each row (1 Jeep=6 persons).
  • Guide charges: Rs. 300/- per vehicle. Taking guide along with each vehicle is compalsary for safety as well as information purpose.

Eating Stuff: Forest Rest Houses provide decent food items.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Shiva Temple: One temple of Lord Shiva is present at Pongezara village near Sanctuary. The huge number of devotees flock to this holy temple during the festival of Mahashivaratri.
  • Museum: There is a small museum inside Nagzira Tourist Complex. You can see different species of stuffed birds preserved inside showcases. This museum acts as an information center for tourists. Tourists can get knowledge & know various facts regarding wildlife in this museum.
  • Watch Towers: There are 5 watch towers and 5 watch cabins built inside the Nagzira forest. Travelers can calmly observe animals & birds from these watch towers. These structures are carefully built on the proper locations where chances of spotting wildlife creatures are high.
  • Navegaon National Park: Navegaon is another famous national reserve located 50 kms from Nagzira.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • There is no continuous supply of electricity in Nagzira wildlife sanctuary. Sometimes the light is provided through Petromax Lamps & Lanterns. [You better forget about your cell phones & internet in here! 😉 
  • Radio & Tape-Recorders are prohibited in Nagzira Sanctuary.
  • In the night time, tourists can actually hear sounds of birds & animals while resting in cottages. This makes a very different & exciting experience for nature lovers!
  • Tourists can take elephant rides for safaris into Nagzira national park.
  • Smoking & making loud noise is strictly provided in order to maintain natural habitat of wildlife.
  • Nearest bank, public telephone facilities are available at Sakoli which is situated at the distance of 22 kms from the sanctuary
  • The closest post office & fuel station points are available at Sakoli.
  • Nearest hospitals are available at Sakoli, Bhandara and Gondia.
  • It is advisable to carry binoculars and a camera to capture some amazing wildlife photos & memories in Nagzira forest.

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So if you are looking for a nice wildlife spot then Nagzira wildlife sanctuary national park  is an ideal destination in Maharashtra.

Have you ever been there to any wildlife reserves in Maharashtra? How was your experience? Share your experiences with us! 🙂