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Palasdari Fort Trek: The Trek Through Waterfall & Actual Wilderness!

Palasdari fort trek (also known as Songiri fort or Avalas Fort) is an exciting trek in Sahyadris.

Location Address: Palasdhari, Near Karjat, Raigad District, Maharashtra (India).

Height / Elevation:  This fort lies at an elevation of 2500 feet above MSL.

Best Time To Visit: July to January is the best time to do Palasdari fort trek. You can see lush greenery, splashing waterfalls and pleasant weather during these months!

Palasdari Fort (Songiri Fort) Information

It is a small hill fort in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. The trek of Palasdhari is among the scenic trekking destinations near Karjat region. This fort lies on the Sahyadri Mountain Range near Karjat range. The fort lies near a tiny village of Palasdari and it is quite unfamiliar among most of the trekkers. Very less number of hikers do Palasdari fort trek. There are not much of fort structures at the top except few ramparts, fortifications and 2 water tanks. It is one of the must do treks in Maharashtra!

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Actually, there are 2 different forts having the name as Songiri. First one lies near Karjat (which we are covering right now) and another one is near Nagothane in Raigad district. Songiri fort lies at the base of Borghat and was built keep an eye over the Borghat region. Palasdari fort trek lets you see great sights of surrounding region.

After reaching the top, you can see amazing panoramic views of the Borghat, Palasdhari Lake, Ulhas river, Karjat-Khopoli Railway line and Morbe dam. Other peaks of Matheran hill station, Irshalgad, Rajmachi, Dhak Fort,  Bhivgad and Prabalgad are also visible from the fort top. This fort is among the good forts to see in Maharashtra.

Palasdari Fort Trek Routes

There are 2 different trek routes from Palasdhari railway station:

  • The 1st route is: Once you reach Palasdhari station take railway tracks and start walking towards the Pune side on the main line. You will notice a small office like the cabin of railway gangmans after walking for some time. This cabin is few meters before one railway tunnel. From that cabin you will notice a hillock on the left side and one path goes towards it. That is the starting point of Palasdari fort trek. Try to proceed upwards by keeping the dome-shaped hillock in the center of eyesight till the first big plateau. From plateau, a route is marked with arrow till 2nd plateau. After reaching the 2ns plateau, a dome is clearly visible. Be careful with the last patch of this route as it becomes slippery in the rainy season.
  • 2nd route is: After reaching Palasdhari station, walk towards the Avalas village. It takes 20-25 minutes to reach Avalas from the station. From Avalas, walk towards the base village – Naavli. Now from base village, 2 hours are required to reach the top of Songiri fort.

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The Palasdari fort trek goes through dense jungle. You will come across waterfalls, chirping birds, dense vegetation and beautiful views while proceeding towards the fort peak. Panoramic views of trains running amidst green surroundings of Bhor Ghat look splendid. Just be careful with your route as it may mislead you due to thick woods. It is advisable to go from the 2nd route as that one is less confusing!

Palasdhari Waterfall

Apart from the trek, Palasdari lake & Palasdari waterfall are popular attractions among tourists. It is kind of a secret waterfall hidden amidst the jungle of Palasdhari! This waterfall is not much big and remains less crowded for most of the times. It is a private waterfall and they charge as Rs.20 per person.

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Palasdhari Waterfall!

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Quick Tips:

  • Fort is clearly visible once you come out of the station.
  • The Palasdari fort trek passes through the dense jungle which has wild animals like boars and leopards. Honey combs also remain active in few places. So be careful and stay in groups.
  • Always carry a stick along with while going to trek passing through the thick jungle. It will help you to daunt snake, make way from thorny shrub and as a support during a slippery patch.
  • Plan your itinerary by considering the last train leaving from Palasdhari.
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Palasdhari Lake!

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How To Reach

Palasdhari lies next to the Karjat town. You can easily reach Karjat via road or train. 

  • Nearest Railway Station: Palasdhari station is the closest railhead to start Palasdari fort trek. This station lies between Karjat & Khopoli line of central railway.
  • From Mumbai: So you can reach at this station by taking Khopoli train from Mumbai side. Otherwise, you can take Karjat train and catch a private vehicle from Karjat till Palasdhari.
  • From Pune: Catch any train going towards Mumbai and make sure that train stops at Khopoli or Karjat. Then you can catch the train from any of these 2 stations till Palasdhari railway station.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Mumbai airport is the closest airport to this fort. It is 76 km away from the fort. Pune airport (119 km away) is another option.

Time Required: Palasdari fort trek takes 02:30 to 3 hours to reach the top of the fort from a base. However, you can get down easily in 01:30 hours. Trek can be done within 1 day from Mumbai, Pune & Nashik regions!

Difficulty Level: This trek is of easy level and ideal for beginners. It is advisable to carry a person to has done this trek before as the route through the jungle is a bit tricky!

Staying Options: There are no caves or any staying options at the top of Palasdhari fort. You can carry your tents and set them up!

Restaurants / Food Options: Carry your own food & sufficient water along with you while visiting Songiri fort. There are 2 water tanks at the top but it is not advisable to drink that water.

Map To Reach:

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Palasdari fort trek is certainly worth doing due to its adventurous & thrilling route! Who know you may also spot some wild animal on the way to the fort!