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Panshet dam, Pune: Historical dam that changed Pune’s Geography!

Panshet dam near Pune is a main source of water for the city and a popular tourist attraction. It has faced a tragedy of dam burst back in 1961, but the newly constructed structure is standing intact like a beast!

Best Time To Visit: July to March is the ideal time to visit Panshet dam near Pune.

Location: 45 kms southwest of  Pune, Maharashtra (India).

Panshet Dam Information

Also known as Tanaji Sagar Dam, Panshet is situated on the Ambi river in Pune district of Maharashtra. This dam is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It has emerged as one of the popular tourist spots in Pune and attracts a lot of tourists from Mumbai too. Due to its scenic beauty, Panshet acts as a great weekend holiday destination for from Pune & Mumbai. Various water sports facilities are the major attraction in Panshet dam near Pune. It is the oldest dam in the region which was constructed in the 1950’s. It is a major source of water for Pune city and suburb along with Khadakwasla dam.

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Panshet Water Sports, Boating & Camping

It is popular among adventure lovers for water activities and an ideal spot for picnicking. You can enjoy different water sports like speed boat rides, kayaking, banana ride and water scooters over here. Camping can also be enjoyed in the adjoining areas of Panshet dam. This place is also popular among the cyclists from Pune. You can spot groups of adventure cyclist on the rough terrain of Panshet dam near Pune.

The dam lake is fantastic for bird watchers and nature lovers. This place offers some spectacular views that one can never forget. With the scenic beauty the hills and the lush greenery, you will definitely fell in love with this place. Visit during monsoon is gives an amazing experience. You can see picturesque views of the massive Sahyadri Mountains Range from Panshet dam near Pune.

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Panshet Dam Tragedy

In the very first year of its water storing, the walls of the dam burst on 12th July 1961 which caused a complete devasting situation in Pune city. This dam burst is one of the major highlights in the history of Pune city. This resulted in huge loss of property and lives. The water that escaped after a dam burst entered into smaller Khadakwasla dam and ruptured that dam also.

After the dam burst, seeing the loss one of the engineers of Panshet dam near Pune – Late SM Bhalerao committed suicide. After that incident, the present dam structure was re-constructed in 1972. Restoration of major bridges in Pune had to be done due to this flood. Few new areas like Lokmanya Nagar and Gokhale Nagar were also developed in the city for flood affected people.

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Reason For Panshet Dam Burst

According to few people, there was a continuous heavy rain for 4 days before this incident. Some repairing work of dam was also being carried out at that time. In between these simultaneous events, dam developed few problems and it burst. However, the official reason is still unknown. Close to 1000 people lost their lives in the dam burst of Panshet dam near Pune.

Army soldiers played a very important role in delaying the dam burst by few hours. They deployed thousands of sand bags ahead of ruptured part of the dam without which the dam would have burst in the middle of the night. Due to the sincere effort of the army, a dam burst down in the early morning instead of midnight. Otherwise, the city would have faced even more worst conditions.

Technical Details

Panshet dam near Pune is 1039 meters in length having a storage capacity of 3,03,000 m3. It is an Earthen cum masonary dam type of dam having a surface area of 120 km2. The dam has the height of 63.56 m and length of 1.039 km. The dam has total 4 Ogee spillways with power generation capacity of 8 Mega Watts. The catchment area of the dam includes various tributaries from mountain slopes of Sahyadri range.

Panshet Backwaters & Lake

The backwaters of Panshet dam near Pune have spread over a large area. The lake is made due to these backwaters. There are a lot of activities to enjoy nearby this backwaters area. They are mentioned below:

  • Trekking: You can go for a short trek on nearby hills to see the great panoramic views of dam’s catchment area and surrounding mountains.
  • Sunrise Views: Observing the sun rising behind the mountains and its reflection in dam looks marvelous.
  • Wildlife: Imagine waking up by listening to the sweet chirping of birds in place of your daily irritating alarm ring! You can see various bird & flower species in the woods nearby Panshet dam near Pune!
  • Waterfalls: The surrounding hills give birth to many waterfalls in the rainy season!
  • Watersports: Panshet Boating Club is a private firm that offers various water sports activities in Panshet dam. Speed boat ride costs you nearby Rs.100/- per person and Kayaking costs you nearby Rs. 100/- per person for the 30-minute ride.


How To Reach Panshet Dam Near Pune

You can easily reach Pune as it has good connectivity to other major cities in the Maharashtra by bus, train and flight facilities.

  • By Road: Panshet is 45 km away from the Pune. It is a 1.5 hours journey by car via the route of Pune- National Defense Academy – Khadakvasla – Sinhagad – Panshet. Buses are also available outside the Pune station that takes you directly to the Panshet dam.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Pune station is the nearest railhead to reach the dam. A lot of private vehicles like jeeps & cars are available outside the Pune station. The station is 43 km away from the dam.
  • Nearest Airport: Pune airport. The distance between airport and dam is 51 km. This airport has very network of flights worldwide.

Eating Stuff: One small hotel and an MTDC restaurant is there near dam locality to have food. There is a canteen next to the dam to grab a bite, it’s better to prefer the MTDC restaurant to have lunch. MTDC offer more decent food options.

Resorts / Hotels

Panshet dam near Pune has MTDC accommodation service with rooms (29 blocks) and Suites (10 blocks) having water sports facilities. You can reserve MTDC rooms online or else from Mumbai or Pune branch of MTDC. However, it remains closed during monsoon season. You can book MTDC rooms online via this link.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Sinhagad Fort
  • Torna Fort
  • Raigad Fort
  • Sinhagad National Park
  • Khadakwasla Dam

Map To Reach:

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Panshet dam near Pune offers nice opportunities for 2 day holiday near Pune & Mumbai. You can enjoy various activities in the dam region!