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Raigad Fort: Major Historical Fort of Maharashtra!

Raigad fort Maharashtra is one of the main historical forts in Maharashtra. This fort has served as a capital of Maratha kingdom.

Best Time To Visit: Tourists can visit Raigad fort Maharashtra all year round. July to November is an ideal time for trekking at this fort.

Location: Pachad Village, Near Mahad, Konkan region, Raigad District, Maharashtra (India).

Raigad fort Maharashtra Information

The historical fortress of Raigad was the capital of Maratha kingdom. The fort is situated amidst majestic Sahyadri Mountain Range in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. This fort has witnessed two most important and historical events in the life of Indian legend Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj – his Coronation and his disastrous death. One has to climb about 1737 steps to reach the top of the fort. It is a pleasant & cool place for a stay as it is at a considerable height. Though today the fort is in ruins, it has an energy and aura of its great king!

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Raigad Fort History

The fort was built by Chandrarao More in the early 1030 and later on it was reconstructed by Hiroji Indulkar. Shivaji Maharaj again strengthened this fort between 1657 and 1670. Raigad fort Maharashtra was the place where the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj took his last breath. The coronation (Rajyabhishek) of Shivaji Maharaj was also done on this fort only. This fort is virtually impregnable to enemies so, in 1674, Shivaji Maharaj chose Raigad as the capital of his the Maratha Kingdom. This fort was formerly known as “Rairi”, but later on Shivaji Maharaj renamed it as Raigad.  In 1818, Marathas had a war with British Rulers on this fort. British rulers attacked Raigad with heavy artillery which leads to the major destruction of the fort.

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Raigad Fort Maharashtra Ropeway

Tourists can either reach the top of the fort by trekking or take a ropeway. There is a ropeway at the base village which takes you to the top in just 4-5 minutes. So senior people or physically challenged persons can take a ropeway. This ropeway project of is a non-profit activity which was completed in 1996 under the leadership of late Shri V M Jog. One can have a great experience in monsoon season when it feels like a moving in Sahyadri Mountain Range amidst clouds, mist, and lush green surroundings. Earlier there was only one route to reach the top and awards were given to the person who used to climb the fort via mountain ridges and unconventional methods.

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Raigad fort Trekking

Raigad is one of the most famous trekking destinations in Maharashtra. There are total 1737 steps on this fort. Trek to Raigad takes about 2 hours to reach the top of the fort. One can experience the splendid natural beauty of Raigad in the monsoon season. June to October is the best season to enjoy the eye-pleasing views of surrounding Sahyadri Mountain Range. In monsoon season, local people set food stalls in between the trekking route of Raigad. Overall it is an exciting trek that can be completed within one day from Pune.


How To Reach Raigad fort Maharashtra

One can easily reach Mahad by ST buses. From there paid vehicles like jeep are available till base village of the fort – Pachad. It is 132 km away from the Pune city.

  • Route From Pune: Pune – Kamshet – Khopoli – Sajgoan – Raigad.
  • Route From Mumbai:  Mumbai – Panvel – Pen – Nagothane Fata – Indapur – Mangaon – Mahad – Pachad (Base village Raigad fort Maharashtra). Travelling by road instead train displays amazing scenic views. It is recommended to take the route via Mahad instead of Mangaon. The route via Mangaon is very bad and not much exciting. Though the route via Mahad is bit long but is goes through highway and gives nice views!
  • Nearest Railway Station: Mangoan station or Vir-Dasgaon stations on the Konkan railway are the convenient railheads to reach Raigad fort Maharashtra. Buses and other private vehicles are available from stations till the fort.
  • Nearest Airport: Pune airport is the nearest airport to this fort. It is about 126 km away from the fort.
  • By Boat: People from Mumbai can reach this fort by Boat. Motor launches are available from Gateway of India in Mumbai to Alibaug. They take only 45 minutes to reach Alibaug. Then you can catch private vehicles from there till Raigad.
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Massive Mahadarwaja!

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Accommodation Options: There are many hotels nearby the vicinity of Raigad fort Maharashtra. MTDC resort with good accommodation facilities is also available in Raigad. To check room availability and bookings, you can visit this link.

Eating Staff: Few eateries and hotels are there nearby the fort. Sometimes local people also sell delicious food items like Pithl-Bhakri, Thecha etc.

What To See On Raigad

As Raigad is situated between massive Sahyadri Mountain Range, you can get magnificent views of the surrounding mountains from this fort. There is a large plateau & the hill face is not accessible on 3 sides. There is The Chitta Darwaja & the Khublada Bastion near this Bastion are 3 large caves called the Waghbile (Tiger’s hole). The elevation of Raigad fort Maharashtra from MSL is 2,900 feet (880+ meters) above mean sea level.

  • Shivaji Maharaj Samadhi: The samadhi of Maharaj is the main attraction on a fortThe samadhi of Waghya (Dear dog of Shivaji Maharaj) is also there.
  • Takmak Tok: There is a deep valley down this point of the fort. It was used to push the criminals into the valley for the death sentence.
  • Nagarkhana: It serves as a gate of Balekilla. Nagarkhana is situated in front of the Sinhasan of Maharaj.
  • Mahadarwaja: Mahadarwaja is a main gate of the fort. It is a huge door that comes from Pachad village. This door has a strong fortification on its both sides.
  • Doordarshan Tower: Doordarshan has managed to construct a very high tower on the Raigad fort Maharashtra.
  • Bazar Building: This place is situated next to the Nagarkhana which used to have 22 Store. Today this building is in ruins.

Other places like Hirkani Buruj, Vagh Darwaja, Rani Vasa, Hatti Lake, Gangasagar lake, Jagdishwar temple are also worth visiting.

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Gangasagar Lake!

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Nearby Attractions

  • Mahabaleshwar (75 km away)
  • Harihareshwar
  • Ganpatipule
  • Torana Fort(30 km east to Raigad fort)  
  • Lingana Fort (Shivaji Maharaj built this fort 3 km away from Raigad to imprison criminals).
  • Nijampur – Mangad Fort – Raigad Trek
  • Birwadi – Raigad Trek (24 km long trek along Kal river).
  • Mahad Trek (21 km long trek along Gandhari river – Konzar – Pachad – Raigad fort Maharashtra).
  • Gandhar Pale (Place of Buddhist Caves near Mahad).
  • Shivthar Ghal: the sacred abode of Swami Ramdas, the Guru of Maharaja Shivaji.