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Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai: Symbol of Bond Between Son & Mother!

Rajabai clock tower Mumbai is one of the historical clock towers in Mumbai city. The architectural features of this tower are very beautiful. This is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in the Mumbai!

The height of Tower: 280 foot.

Best Time To Visit: Rajabai clock tower Mumbai stands in the open area so you can visit here all year round.

Location: Fort area, Near Mumbai High court, South Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Rajabai clock tower Mumbai Information

Rajabai tower is a majestic clock tower located in fort area of south Mumbai region. This tower basically hosts the Mumbai University’s library within its premises. Rajabai tower is Mumbai’s one of the major architectural landmarks that attract many tourists. The construction of the tower took around 9 years between 1869 and 1878. The total construction cost was nearby 2 lakh rupees which were a very big amount at that time. The tower is still in use and fully functional.

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View From Oval Ground!

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At an interval of every 15 minutes, Rajabai Clock tower Mumbai chimes a single tune. It is a phenomenon in which a set of metal tubes produce a melodious series of ringing sounds when struck upon each other. This tower used to play sixteen different tunes during the British rule. Among those 16 tunes few were “Rule Britannia”, “God Save the King” and “, “Home Sweet Home” and “A Handel Symphony”.


The height of Rajabai clock tower Mumbai is 280-foot (85 meters). It is built in early French (Venetian) + Gothic style of architecture. It is a very nice piece of architecture adorned with oriental figures. The tower was constructed in the 19th century by English architect Sir George Gilbert. The buff coloured Kurla stone was used in the construction of this tower. This eye-catching stone material is easily available in Mumbai. It’s stained glass windows looks amazing adding more beauty to a structure.

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There are spiral staircases inside the clock tower on left and right sides. Two rooms are also there on the ground floor. The shape of the Rajabai clock tower Mumbai is a square from the bottom to the gallery of the first floor which is 20.73 meters from the ground.  From there, a tower is built in an octagonal shape till the end. There are many statues carved on the tower. This is one of the most visited monuments in Maharashtra.


The fund for the Rajabai clock tower Mumbai construction was raised by an affluent broker – Premchand Roychand. He was the person who founded the Mumbai stock exchange and “Rajabai” was a name of his mother. Premchand funded this tower on the only condition of giving his mother’s name to the tower. His mother – Rajabai was blind and a strong follower of Jainism. Therefore, according to customs & traditions of Jainism, she used to have a dinner before sunset. So the sound of ringing bell in the evening used to help her to know the exact time without asking anyone.

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The idea of this tower was taken from the Big Ben Clock Tower in London which is at the UK houses of Parliament. Rajabai tower was the tallest erected structure of Mumbai when it was built.    

Reopening of Tower

On the completion of 150 years of university, the officials of Mumbai University had taken a decision to reopen Rajabai clock tower Mumbai. In last few years, the electric functions of the tower were not working. Also, due to high maintenance cost it was getting difficult to keep it operational. Then few of the good hearted people came forward to sponsor the maintenance cost of this historic clock tower.  The maintenance work of the tower was done from October 2013 to  May 2015 under the guidance of Anita Garware (Heritage Society), N Chandrashekhar (CEO: Tata Consultancy Services) and Dr Rajan Welukar (Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University).

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Clock in the night!

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It is a magnificent structure that can been seen perfectly from the oval ground in fort area. However, tourists are not allowed to enter inside the tower. Earlier, tourists were allowed to see the tower from the inside. But few suicide attempts were done from this tower. Since then the entry inside the tower has been restricted. Tourists can take photos from the road outside. This place is a must visit spot in Mumbai!


How To Reach

One can easily reach Rajabai clock tower Mumbai by city transport means like taxies, trains, buses and radio cabs.

  • Nearest Rail Station: CST and Churchgate are the nearest railway stations to reach this spot. Taxies and buses are easily available outside the stations. 
  • Nearest Airport: Mumbai airport is the nearest airport to reach at this spot.

Accommodation Options: Many luxury, semi-luxury and budget hotels are available in Mumbai for accommodation purpose. You can choose any of them according to your budget. You can also check for MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) accommodation at this link.

Eating Stuff: There are a number of restaurants nearby Rajabai clock tower Mumbai to grab a bite. 145 Kala Ghoda, Fountain Sizzlers, Beers Café, Burma Restaurant, Ayush & Relish Restaurant are some of the good eating points nearby this clock tower.

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Rajabai clock tower Mumbai is standing because of a simple goodwill of a son to help his mother. So along with the architecture features, this monument is also a symbol of a love between son and mother. That’s what makes this monument special!