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Rajgad Fort : The king of forts!

Rajgad fort trek is among the popular trekking spots near Pune. This fort has a vital importance in the history of Maharashtra.

Best Time To Visit: June to March is the best period to perform Rajgad fort trek.

Location: 60 kms south-west of Pune, Maharashtra (India) – 412 213.

Information of Rajgad Fort

Lying amidst majestic Sahyadri Mountain Range, Rajgad fort trek is one of the popular trekking attraction as well as forts. It was the capital of Shivaji Maharaj’s Maratha Empire. Rajgad literally means the king of forts. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj spent about 25 years of his life on this fort. A lot of administrative work was controlled from Rajgad. The fort lies at the end of mountain projection.

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संजिवनी माची!

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The difficulty level of Rajgad fort trek routes is moderate. Fort is surrounded on 3 sides by fortified machees (plain plateaus)- the Sanjivani machee (संजिवनी माची), the Padmavati machee (पद्मावती  माची) & the Suvela machee (सुवेळा माची). Due to its historical importance, prominent architecture, thick forests, pleasant weather and good trekking routes many people love to visit this fort. 

Rajgad Fort Trek Routes

This fort offers one of the best treks in Maharashtra. The route from Pali & Gunjavane villages is the most popular trek routes. You can see beautiful views of the surrounding region from the top of the fort. Rivers like Velwandi, Kanandi & Gujavani run around the fort. There are few routes for Rajgad fort trek. Routes are easy and you need not to worry about taking the guide.

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सुवेळा माची!

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  • Route From Gunjavane: Reach Gunjavane village. You can spot the fort peak the village itself. From the village, the trek route leads through beautiful woods, ridges, valleys, and plateaus. The length of this route is 5.5 kms and it takes about 3 hours to reach the fort via this route.
  • Route From Pali Darwaja: Rajgad fort trek from Pali is 2.5 kms long and takes hardly 1.5 hours to cover this distance. There is a road called Raajmarg which connects Dardige wadi village to the fort. Pali village is the village in between this route which serves as a base village. You can even take a vehicle up to Pali. From pali, ‘Raajmarg’ takes you to the Rajgad fort. It is a simple & easy route which takes you to the main door of the fort.

Rajgad To Torna Trek

Apart from Rajgad fort trek, many people do Torna fort trek Rajgad because they are situated close to each other. The trek route is adventurous and exciting. The length of this trek is nearby 12 kms and it takes about 5-6 hours to cover this distance. Trekkers start this Torna fort trek in the morning and prefer to lay their overnight camp at the fort top.

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Breathtaking view of the Rajgad!

©Mayank Ranveer Thakur

Places To See
  • Padmavati Temple
  • Padmavati Lake
  • Balekilla (The highest point of fort)
  • Padmavati Machee
  • Sanjeevani Machee
  • Suvela Machee
  • Main entrance gate from Pali side
  • Janani Mandir

The fort is very big so it takes about 2 days to see the entire fort properly. One temple of Jijabai (Mother of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) is also there at the fort. Balle Killa is the highest point of Rajgad fort trek from where you can witness breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding region. Sights of rivers flowing around are nice to see. Descending from the fort is easy and it takes about 2 hours.

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The Entrance of Fort!

©Indranil Barve

Fort lies at a massive height of 4600 feet. There are 3 doorways of the fort open onto the Padmavati Machee- The chor darwaja, the Pali darwaja & the Gunjawane Darwaja. The places like Maharaj palace, the Padmavati temple, the Padmavati lake, the havildar wada are worth seeing. So the royal hill fort of Rajgad is one of the best forts in Maharashtra. There is a 15 foot- diameter opening called “Waghacha Dola (Tiger’s Eye)” at Suvela Machee. The Rajgad fort trek is very popular among adventure lovers. 


How To Reach: The fort is about 60 kms away from Pune city and 201 kms away from Mumbai. You can easily reach here by taking ST buses from Pune (swargate). The route from Pune is via Velhe- Margasani- Sakhargaon and Gunjavane.

  • Nearest Railway Station: Pune station is the nearest railhead to reach Rajgad. Rajgad fort is about 60 kms away from a station.
  • Nearest Airport: Pune airport (70 kms) is the nearest airport to the fort.

Camping Information

If you wish to stay, then there is a temple on the top of the fort. Trekkers can also set up their camp outside the temple. About 50 people can stay in this temple at a time.  You can also use fresh water from water tanks or Padmavati lake at the top.  You can buy firewood from local people for 50 to 100/-rs.

Eating Stuff: In the peak season of Rajgad fort trek, local people sell food like Pithla-Bhakri, Kanda Bhaji, curd, butter milk etc. Sometimes villagers also provide a meal on request. However, don’t rely completely on them. Carry your own food & enough water because there are not much food options in the base village.

Rajgad Fort Map:

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