Regiment of Artillery Museum, Nashik: Biggest Artillery Centre In Asia!

Regiment of artillery museum Nashik lies near Artillery centre of Nashik. 

Location Address: Near Nashik- Pune Highway, Nashik, Maharashtra (India).

Best Time To Visit: You can visit this museum all year round. But make sure that you must have 2 copies of ID proof while visiting this museum. You need to deposit 1 copy of ID at the Ashok Chakra gate or Kargil gate and other copy at the main building of the museum. You can collect the copy while returning!

Regiment of Artillery Museum Nashik Information

This museum shows how Artillery museum in Nashik has played a very vital role in the Indian military. is among the best military museums in India and is spread over 2 floors. You can see different vintage and modern weapons in this artillery museum. Regiment of artillery museum Nashik is situated near the biggest artillery centre in Asia. This is one of the best museums in Maharashtra.

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Pakistani T59 tank captured during Kargil War!


It lies at beautiful foothills of Sahyadri Mountain Range behind the hill of Pandavleni Caves. This region is under Indian military and the area except museum is completely restricted for outside persons. Training to soldiers and army officers is given at the nearby artillery centre.

Visitors can see photos of historical events, Bofors guns, cannons, tanks, military agreements, paintings and many other things in the Regiment of artillery museum Nashik. While walking towards the museum you can see well maintained cannons and tanks. The surrounding area of museum has huge and nicely maintained lawns. It is one of the must visit spots in Nashik!


The museum holds the history of the Regiment of artillery museum Nashik, their campaigns and the sacrifices of Indian soldiers. The artillery centre in Nashik had a crucial role in Kargil war by supplying the vital artillery material to the infantry units.

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Anti Aircraft Gun!


What To See

  • Artillery Evolution: This museum depicts the thorough information on evolution of cannons and Indian Artillery since medieval times. The rare history of development of military artillery since Mughal rulers & Maratha rulers to Sikh rulers & British era is depicted in this museum. The arrangement of various artillery guns and military ammunition since 19th century British era is done very nicely in this museum. This is an ideal location to know the roll of ammunition in various wars in India since ancient times.
  • War Machines: The huge cannons are there outside Regiment of artillery museum Nashik. Tourists can see different cannon models along with the description of mission in which they were used. Enthusiastic people can study the working of Prithvi missiles, Agni missiles and Canon rockets.
  • Documents: Other things like career maps of army generals, the surrender agreements and letters, guns used in 1971 Pakistan war and formation of Bangladesh can also be seen over here.
  • Light & Sound Show: They also conduct the light and sound show of 45 minutes on Saturdays!
  • Short Film: Museum authorities show a short film to tourists on various battles of Indian army.
  • Military Store: One store nearby the museum sell ornaments and relics related to Indian army. You can buy unique gifts for your family & friends from this store!

Artillery Centre Nashik

Being the biggest artillery centre in Asia, it acts as a major force of the Indian defence. This artillery centre is more than 125 years’ old which was started by British Rulers to train gunners. They have guns and other equipments of Artillery Division. Artillery Musuem lies near the Nashik road railway station. It is relatively very less popular attraction of Nashik city.

This spot creates a feeling of proud towards our beloved country in the mind of each person visiting Regiment of artillery museum Nashik. Civilians must take children to this spot to strengthened their bond with the mother India!

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Search Lights!



Artillery Museum Nashik Timings

You can visit this museum between 10:00 am to 01:00 pm and 4:30 pm to 06:30 pm. Museum remains closed on Mondays. Be sure to carry 2 copies of your ID proof.

Entry Fee: Museum authorities take ticket charges as Rs.15 per person. One soldier will come along with you and explain the features of museum.

Photography: Visitors cannot take photos inside the military zone do not click any photo in or outside the museum unless yopu have the permission.

Eating Stuff: Regiment of artillery museum Nashik has a small cafeteria where you can get tea/coffee and basic eatable items (like chips & biscuits).

How To Reach Regiment of Artillery Museum Nashik

You can easily reach the Nashik city from anywhere in the Maharashtra. This city has very nice connectivity to all popular tourist cities in Maharashtra.

  • By Road: From Nashik, proceed on Nashik-Pune highway till Icchhamani Road (Iccchamani lawns) then take a right turn towards Gandhinagar airport. From there you will get the directions easily. The museum is quite far from the main gate and you can either take a walk from there or take your car up to the museum building.
  • Nearest Station: Nashik road railway station is the closest station to reach this museum. You can take private vehicle from the station till the museum.

 Nearby Attractions:

  • Deolali Camp: It is just 3 km away from the Museum. It is a very beautiful place and also popular as Switzerland of Maharashtra. This place has a feel of British cantonment.
  • Pandavleni Caves
  • Masoba Temple: This temple lies on a hill nearby the museum. You can get spectacular views of the Sahyadri Mountain Range from this temple. One can even listen a strong firing sounds of Bofors gun from this hill. Firing practice generally takes place between 07:00 am to 01:00 pm.
  • Coin Museum
  • Sula Vineyards
  • Anjaneri Fort Trek
  • Harihar Fort Trek
  • Dhammagiri Igatpuri

Contact: You can contact museum authorities on 0253 241 1264 or 02532417424 or 02532414421.

Map To Reach:

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Regiment of artillery museum Nashik  is a must visit spot in city. It helps you to create a huge respect towards the nation and its security forces!