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Shirdi Saibaba Temple: History & Information!

Saibaba samadhi mandir in Shirdi is one of the prime deities of Maharashtra. It is a world famous temple of a great yogi/saint – Shree Saibaba. Devotees from all around the globe visit Shirdi Saibaba temple to seek the blessings of Saibaba.

Best Time To Visit: Saibaba samadhi mandir in Shirdi  remains open throughout the year so you can visit here all year around.

Location: Shirdi Town, Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, India.

Saibaba Samadhi Mandir in Shirdi

Shirdi is a busy town in the Ahmednagar district of Indian state of Maharashtra. This town is very well known for Lord Saibaba. Sai Baba was the great yogi, guru and fakir who is known by Hindus as well as Muslims as a saint. Because of deeds and teachings, there is a huge temple complex dedicated to Saibaba in the town of Shirdi.

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Beautiful idol of saibaba!

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Saibaba samadhi mandir in Shirdi is one of the most popular temples in Maharashtra. This is the place where Sacred Body of Saibaba is resting in SamadhiIt was the place where the Saibaba lived in the 19th century. Millions of his devotees from all over the world come to his temple to take his blessings.


It is said that Shree Saibaba came to Shirdi at the age of 16 and lived here until going to Samadhi in 1918. No one really knows the real name, birthplace and date of birth of Saibaba. Every day various rituals like daily Aarti’s, Pooja & Abhishek  are performed at Saibaba samadhi mandir in Shirdi. In addition to this, many activities take place throughout the year in the temple.

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There is a beautiful & marvellous idol of Saibaba located at the centre of the temple. Look of the idol gives calmness as well as inner peace to the mind. Sometimes devotees have to stand in line for as much as 10-12 hours to get the darshan. 

Temple Complex

The construction of samadhi of Baba has beautiful white marble stones. Sai Baba did not leave any written works or books. All his teachings were oral, small and catchy. Furthermore, Saibaba samadhi mandir in Shirdi is the 3rd largest place in terms of devotees with over 25,000 pilgrims thronging in here each day. Revered equally by both Hindus and Muslims, Sai Baba lived in a Masjid. The chavadi is also a small building nearby. The sacred fire called Dhuni still burns here. The temple opens at 5:00 am with morning prayers and closes at 10:00 pm with night prayers.


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Transport: Tourist buses as well as ST buses ply regularly to Shirdi from all important cities in Maharashtra. Other hired  vehicles also frequently ply to Shirdi from all over the Maharashtra.

  • Nearest Railway Station: Shirdi has its own railway station. You can also reach here from Manmad or Nashik Road stations.
  • Nearest Airport: Nashik airport is the nearest airport to reach Shirdi which is 100 kms away from Saibaba samadhi mandir in Shirdi. Aurangabad airport is another option which is 125 kms away.

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Timing: Shirdi Saibaba mandir remains open every day from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Stay: There are a large number of hotels in Shirdi fitting to all budgets. Saibaba temple trust also provides accommodation at very less cost. You can book a room very easily at Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust.

Eating Stuff: Restaurants and eateries provide many varieties of food. Sai Sansthan Trust also serves Mahaprasad daily at less cost.

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