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Scuba diving in Maharashtra: Top 6 Places!

Scuba diving in Maharashtra is one of the most exciting adventure activities in the state. With beautiful spots like Tarkarli, Vengurla and Dandeshwar, this activity is getting popular nowadays. You can see wonderful coral life and colorful species of marine fishes while doing this activity!

Scuba diving in Maharashtra

A large number of beaches are situated on a 720 km long coastline of Maharashtra. Water sports activities on the shores of popular beaches of Maharashtra have developed a long time ago. One of the most thrilling and adventurous water sports is – Scuba diving. In past recent years, this sport has established as an independent tourist attraction on the Konkan coast.

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1.Scuba diving in Vengurla

Vengurla beach is situated at the southern side of Maharashtra coastline. This is a beautiful beach that lies just 2 hours away from Goa. Vicinity of Vengurla rocks provides a good site for Scuba diving in Maharashtra. You may also spot Dolphins over here while going on the trip of Scuba diving. Generally, the beach of Vengurla remains crowd free and peaceful all year round.

  • Mumbai To Vengurla Distance: 547 km.
  • Pune To Vengurla Distance: 405 km.

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2.Scuba Diving in Tarkarli

It is the first spot to think of when you imagine doing Scuba diving in Maharashtra. Tarkarli beach is undoubtedly among the most scenic beaches in Maharashtra. Seashore of tarkarli has a clean and sparkling blue water. There are many coral reefs where different species of fishes are found. Seaside near Sindhudurg fort is the main location of Scuba diving in Tarkarli.

  • Mumbai To Tarkarli Distance: 535 km.
  • Pune To Tarkarli Distance: 392 km.

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3.Scuba diving in Malvan

Shores of Malvan lies very close to the Tarkarli. It is a marvelous location just like Tarkarli. Scuba diving is an inseparable part of Malvan tourism. Various water sports clubs in Malvan offer scuba diving and snorkeling at a reasonable price.

  • Mumbai To Malvan Distance: 533 km.
  • Pune To Malvan Distance: 390 km.

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4.Scuba diving in Dandeshwar

Dandeshwar is another good location to experience Scuba diving in Maharashtra. It is situated close to the Tarkarli. Tourists can also experience thrilling night sea diving at Dandeshwar. Scuba instructors over here are certified from “Professional Association of Diving Instructors(P.A.D.I.)”.Various ancient temples are other attractions of Dandeshwar due to their amazing architecture.

  • Mumbai To Dandeshwar Distance: 533 km.
  • Pune To Dandeshwar Distance: 391 km.

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5.Scuba diving in Devbaug

The crystal clear water, calm sea, shimmering waves and dolphins roaming around makes Devbaug one of the most interesting spots to enjoy Scuba diving in Maharashtra. Backwaters of Karli river joining the Arabian sea is also a treat to see.

  • Mumbai To Devbaug Distance: 536 km.
  • Pune To Devbaug Distance: 393 km.

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6.Scuba Diving in Murud

Recently, few sites for scuba diving have been developed near Murud-Janjira fort. Even deep sea diving is possible to close to this fort. It is a new water activity in Alibaug along with other common activities. Being close to Mumbai & Pune, a large number tourists have has started going here instead of other locations. All instructors are affiliated to P.A.D.I. and they conduct courses for everyone.

  • Mumbai To Murud Distance: 159 km.
  • Pune To Murud Distance: 182 km.

Scuba Diving Cost & Packages

The cost of scuba diving packages varies from location to location. The general price range for various activities is given below:

  • Scuba Diving (Commercial):800rs to 1500rs per dive.
  • Scuba Diving (Professional):3,000rs to 5,000rs per dive.
  • Underwater Video Shooting: 100RS to 300rs for each drive.
  • Various hotels also offer combined cost packages including scuba diving, underwater shooting, boat riding, Dolphin safari, fishing activities etc.
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Underwater Photography!

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Basic Information of Scuba Diving

  • Do you need possess swimming skills?

No, not necessarily. Scuba diving can be done by everyone even if you do not know how to swim. The instructors guide you properly and stay around you during entire dive time. So it is absolutely ok if you don’t know how to swim.

  • Do they give any trailing before diving in the sea?

Yes, they do. Scuba diving in Maharashtra is very safe and well developed. Generally, before going towards the main diving site, small training is given to the diver about Do’s and Don’t’s.

  • What is the exact procedure of scuba diving?

First of all, diving operators provide you necessary gears and equipment to swim underwater. Equipment consist of an oxygen cylinder which is mounted on a back of diver with the help of belt and breathing mask is connected to that cylinder. So you just need to breathe through the mouth instead of the nose. Few operators have advanced setup in which oxygen is stored in the boat and diver need to carry only air tube with him/her.

  • Can you take photos/videos underwater?

Generally, diving agencies have their own underwater photographer. So you can take your photos or videos from them. Just ask them in advance to do so!

Scuba diving in Maharashtra has now emerged as a popular water sports activity on Konkan coast. If you ever happen to visit the above spots, then do try scuba diving once. It is a must have experience in a lifetime!