Siddhagad Fort, Murbad – Amazing Trekking spot Near Mumbai!

Siddhagad fort Murbad is a good trekking spot near Mumbai. This place is a good option for 1 day or overnight trek nearby Mumbai. Siddhagad waterfall is also a famous spot among tourists & hikers!

Location: Narivali village, near Kalyan, Murbad, Thane District, Maharashtra.


Siddhagad fort Murbad is a nice fort located near Murbad in Thane District. Narivali is the base village to reach this fort. It is among the best forts to trek in Maharashtra and is a part of Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary range. This is an old hill fort built by Shilahaar dynasty in the 9th century.  The Central top of this fort is quite hard to climb. You can spot the tomb of freedom fighter and martyr Bhai Kotwal at the south base of the fort. Siddhagad Fort Murbad has the tallest height to climb in all forts in Maharashtra.

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The Siddhagad fort Murbad is divided into 2 parts: The lower part is called as Siddhagad Machi (or Siddhagad Wadi) & is located at about 1400feet above MSL. There is a small Siddhagad Wadi village of about 300 people at Siddhagad Machi. The upper part is called as Bale Killa (Citadel) & is located at about 3235feet above MSL. The trekking at this fort is quite difficult and it takes about 3-4 hours to reach the main gate of the fort.

Siddhagad Fort Murbad Trek Route:

Trek up to Wadi is easy & goes through the dense jungle of Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary. The route from Narivali village to Wadi requires 3 hours of trekking & is clearly marked. You will come across many small water streams, splashing waterfalls and pleasing chirping of birds while trekking at Siddhagad fort Murbad. While moving forward, take a right turn as the stone steps end.

You will notice a gate which takes you to the Wadi. For navigation purpose, it is advisable to take a guide from the Wadi to take you atop the fort. There are many species of birds, animals inside this forest and you must be careful while eating as monkeys may attack!



Places To See

The baba’s cave is a wonderful place to visit while trekking. You can get spectacular views of the adjacent Sahyadri mountain Range from this point. Siddhagad fort Murbad is relatively less explored and hence its natural beauty is still intact. You will see an open Shivling & an ancient temple of Goddess Shri Namrata Devi on the top of the fort. There are some broken cannons and water cisterns at the fort.

Now, this fort is completely in the ruins as British and the Maratha forces had fought for mastery over here. The environment at the top is simply amazing. You will find yourself amidst the dense clouds if the weather is foggy! You can spot Gorakhgad and Machhindragad on the left side of Sidhhagad fort during clear weather. Siddhagad waterfall is another popular attraction while trekking at Siddhagad fort Murbad. This is a very beautiful trek amidst Bhimashankar Wildlife sanctuary where you can enjoy nature to the fullest!

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Tourist Information

Best Time To Visit: You can visit this fort all year round. Visit this fort during monsoon season & post monsoon season gives an amazing experience. But reaching to the top is very risky in the monsoons and best avoided. Winter season is a perfect period for complete trekking till Balekilla (Top of the fort).

Time Required: 1 Day is enough to trek on this fort but if you want to reach Balekilla (Uppar part of a fort) then it will be 2-day trek. Siddhagad fort Murbad is a good fort for night trekking.

Fort Elevation: Maximum elevation of the fort is 982meters (3223 ft).

Trek Difficulty: Medium. It is slightly tough to trek during monsoon season.

How To Reach Siddhagad Fort
  1. Catch ST bus from Kalyan Sation ST Stand to Murbad ST Stand (30kms).
  2. ST bus takes about 1 hour to reach Murbad from Kalyan Station ST Stand.
  3. There are lots of buses available for Murbad at an interval of about 15minutes.
  4. From Murbad ST stand, you can catch the direct bus for Dehri which is after Narivali village(16kms).
  5. Buses to reach Narivali are available at every 2 hours.
  6. One can also go to Mhasa village by auto-rickshaw and from Mhasa auto-rickshaw to Narivali. 
  • Nearest Railway Station: Kalyan station is the convenient railway station to reach this fort. ST buses are available from Kalyan ST Bus Depot (which is near the station) to Murbad.
  • Nearest Airport: Mumbai Airport is the nearest airport to this fort.

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Eating Stuff: Local people can provide food on request. However, it is advisable to carry your own food & water to the Siddhagad fort. Carry dry food packets or ready to cook food items like noodles with you.

Accommodation: Local people at Siddhagad Machi village provides accommodation if requested. So if you are planning for 2-day trek or night trek then you can take rest in the village.

Attractions nearby Siddhagad fort Murbad: Siddhagad Waterfall, Gorakhgad, Machhindragad and Dhamdhamicha Dongar (Mountain) are the nearby famous trekking locations.

Map To Reach There:

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This fort is a good spot to explore near Mumbai. If you have any questions then feel free to ask! 🙂

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