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Sindhudurg Fort Information: Strong Sea Fort In Maharashtra!

Sindhudurg fort is a great place to visit in Maharashtra. It gives a lot of information about the history of Shivaji Maharaj’s strategy towards b

Location Address: 1 km from Malvan Jetty, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra (India).

Best Time To Visit: You can visit this fort all year round. However, October to March is the best time to visit this fort. Monsoon months are not safe to take a boat up to the fort and climate in summer remains hot.

Sindhudurg Fort Information:

It is a naval fort in the Arabian sea, just off the coast of Malvan in Konkan region of Maharashtra. This fort was built in 1667 & named as Sindhudurg by Shivaji Maharaj. Sindhudurg literally means sea fort (Sindhu=sea; Durg=fort). It is an outstanding example of ancient Indian architecture having impressing features. This fort strengthened the power of Maratha navy along with other sea forts like Vijaydurg Fort, Suvarnadurg Fort, and Colaba Fort.

It is a historical spot and also unleashes scenic natural beauty. One can reach Sindhudurg fort by a boat through a narrow channel between two islands of Dhontara & Padmagad. Domestic as well as foreign tourists visit this beautiful fort in a large number. You can also stay at this fort which increases the enjoyment!!

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This fort was built in the times when traveling by sea was banned by scriptures. So the construction technique of this fort was way ahead those times. Even in those conditions, Sindhudurg fort reflects a magnificent mindset of a ruler and his engineers.

Sindhudurg Fort History

This fort was the place where the preparation of wars and tactics used to happen. It was one of the most important forts of Maratha Navy. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj himself chosen the site of construction for this fort to counter foreign enemies, and to keep an eye over the nearby Siddis of Murud-Janjira in check.

The fort was built with huge rocks on Kurte island, which shows the great vision of Maharaj. A strong work force of 100 architects and more than 3000 manpower were involved in the construction of the fort. Special Portuguese architects were brought to build the fort.

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Sindhudurg Architecture

The fort is constructed on a 48-acre rocky island near the seacoast of Malvan. Sindhudurg fort has got 3 km long rampart, 9.1 m high and 3.7 m thick fortification walls. The construction of the fort was initiated in 1664 and completed in 1667. The total circumference of the fort is about 4 km. The main entrance of the fort “Dilli Darwaja” is designed in such a way that it can be spotted from very less distance. This entrance looks like a fortification wall from a long distance. So it added extra security to the fort.

There are 42 turrets and ramparts which rise up to a massive 35-40 feet. There are Shivaji Maharaj’s Palm & footprints on dried lime slabs in a tower. Big size stones along with 2000 khandis (72, 576 kg) of iron metal were used for the construction of foundations, fortification walls, and bastions. The foundation walls of the Sindhudurg fort were built with 5 khandis (181.5 kg) of molten lead.

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What To See
  • Shivaji Maharaj Idol: The temple inside the fort has an idol of Shivaji Maharaj without beard & mustache. This type of idol is not there anywhere else in Maharashtra or India. The idol was created by his son Rajaram Maharaj.
  • Various Temples: Inside the forts, there are temples of Bhavani Mata, Shambhu Mahadev, Hanuman, JariMari & Shiwajeshwar which are worth watching.
  • Wells: 3 of sweet water wells are present on the fort by the name of Dudhbav (Milk Well), Sakharbav (Sugar Well) & Dahibhav (Curd Well). These wells are so nicely designed inside the sea that when the water in the nearby villages gets over in summer, these wells always have sweet water.
  • Lake: There is also a lake inside the Sindhudurg fort.
  • Unique Coconut Tree: One coconut tree having a branch is there inside the fort. Coconut trees do not have a branch but this tree was struck by lightning which bifurcates the tree!
  • Hidden Tunnel: A 27 km long escape route from the temple inside the fort is still present. It starts in a temple that looks like a water reservoir. The length of the tunnel is 3 km under the island, 12 km under the sea and further 12 km till the nearby village from a sea. However, this tunnel was choked by British before abandoning the fort.
  • Watersports: Scuba-diving and snorkeling on the coral reef nearby the island is a popular activity among tourists.


Sindhudurg Fort Timings

Fort remains open to tourist every day between 08:00 a.m. to 05:30 p.m.

Time Required: 3 hours are enough to see this fort properly.

Entry Fees / Ticket Charges: Ticket charges for Indian tourists are Rs.50/- per person and for Foreign tourists Rs.200/- per person.

How To Reach:

You can reach the fort by taking ferry boats from the Malvan jetty. Boats go through a narrow a channel, between two small islands of Dhontara and Padmagad. Ferry boats having 20 people per boat ply to fort entrance from jetty between 08:00 am to 06:00 pm. Charges for the ferry are Rs.27/ per adult and Rs.14 / per child (may subject to change over time). Boat charges are generally on a return basis.

  • By Road: Sindhudurg has a good connectivity to all major tourist cities in Maharashtra. MSRTC (state transport) buses regularly ply to Sindhudurg from cities like Ratnagiri, Sangli, Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Nashik etc. After reaching Sindhudurg, private vehicles & buses are available till Malvan Jetty.
  • Nearest Rail Station: Malvan, Sawantwadi, Rajapur and Kudal are the nearest railheads to reach up to this Many auto-rickshaws and buses are available outside the station to reach to the Malvan Jetty.
  • Nearest Airport: Dabolim airport in Goa is the nearest airport to reach Sindhudurg fort. This airport is 130 km away from the fort. You can catch taxi or bus from the airport. Buses are available from Madgaon, Vasco, Panaji, and Pernem to Sindhudurg

 Restaurants / Eating Stuff: There are a large number of restaurants in Malvan. You can taste delicious authentic Konkani food in the Malvan. Various sea food and non-veg dishes are an absolute treat for food lovers!

Hotels / Accommodation / Staying Options: Being a popular tourist destination, there are various hotels, homestays, lodges and resorts in Malvan. You can choose any of them as per your budget & convenience. MTDC accommodation is available in Tarkarli which is close to Malvan. You can check the availability of MTDC rooms at this link.

Map To Reach:

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Sindhudurg fort is really a good spot to explore history of Maratha Navy and to finds roots of Indian Navy. The architectural features of the fort are worth watching!