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Suvarnadurg Fort

Suvarnadurg fort (सुवर्णदुर्ग in Marathi) is a fort located near Dapoli in Ratnagiri district. This fort is one of the major sea forts in Maharashtra.

Location: Harne Port, 17 kms from Dapoli, Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra (India) – .

Suvarnadurg Fort Information

This naval fort is located on a small island in the Arabian Sea near Harnai in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra. Suvarnadurg means “Golden Fort” as it was one of the important coastal forts of Maratha empire. Suvarnadurg fort was built by Sultan Adilshah. He was the Sultan of Bijapur in the state of Karnataka. The fort also includes another small land fort called the Kanakadurga at the base of the headland of Harnai port on the coast.

Fort is surrounded by the sea on its 3 sides and currently home to wild animals.  You can have a magnificent view of Kanakdurga fort jutting out into the Arabian Sea. Suvarnadurg fort is now densely occupied by the thorny trees & bushes. The Mahadarwaja of this fort is not visible until you reach very close to the fort. 


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Suvarnadurg fort was captured by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1660 by defeating Ali Adil Shah. This fort was ruled by Maratha rulers, Peshwe rulers & British in order to provide a solid defence to their empires. In 1755, William James carried out attack on this fort. This attack had seriously damaged the fort. This was a very strong fort in the past but now all parts are in ruins. Kanhoji Angre majorly had the control of this fort for a long time. Kanhoji was the Admiral of the Maratha Navy. The entire west coast from Mumbai to Vengurla (Except Janjira Fort) was in the control of Kanhoji Angre.


Walls are made up of solid rock and the ramparts are constructed by using huge square blocks.  The Suvarnadurg fort has many bastions and two Darwajas.  There is also a hidden main gate which opens towards the east side.  It has on its threshold a carved figure of a tortoise and on the side wall, that of Maruti (Hanuman). There were some buildings, water tanks and a place for ordinance inside the Suvarnadurg fort. However, the mortar was not used in the construction of walls!

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Local people often prevent visitors exploring the Suvarnadurg from inside. The land fort and the sea fort were connected by a tunnel in the past but this is now defunct. This fort is indeed one of the worth seeing forts in Maharashtra.

Suvarnadurg fort is about 8 acres big with stonewall bastions. The sea-gate depicts carved figures of a tiger, eagle, elephants and 15 old guns have also been there in the fort. You can reach to the sea fort by taking boats from the Harnai port on the headland. There is a famous light-house on the half  acre land. This fort is now a protected monument.  This is a nice place to explore near Dapoli. If you are in Dapoli then try to visit this fort.


Best Time To Visit: You can visit the fort all year round. But avoid visiting this fort during high tides & heavy rainy season. Weather generally remains clear during the months of November to May.

suvarnadurg fort photo gallery
Amazing view of the fort!

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How To Reach: One can easily reach Ratnagiri or Dapoli by means of train & road. Tourist vehicles, ST buses & private trip buses regularly ply to Ratnagiri from all major cities in the Maharashtra.

  • By Boat: To reach the fort, one has to take a boat ride from Harne village. You can reach the Suvarnadurg fort only by boats from Harne. Currently, there is no regular boat service to the fort but boats are available through the local fishermen. Every day, many tourists visit this fort by boats.
  • By Road: Harne is 230 kms away from Mumbai. Harne has good connectivity all year round to Dapoli (17 kms), Anjarle (7 kms) & Khed. Fort is 147 kms away from Ratnagiri, 187 kms from Pune and 227 kms from Kolhapur.
  • By Rail: Khed is the nearest railway station to reach this fort. The khed station is there on the Konkan Railway line. The distance between station & fort is 43 kms. You can hire vehicle outside the station to reach up to the fort. Auto rickshaws, jeeps & private cars are available outside the station
  • By Air: Mumbai Airport is the nearest airport to reach this fort.

Time Required: 2 to 3 hours are sufficient to explore the Suvarnadurg fort.

Eating Stuff: Carry your own food & enough water with you. Though there are some water tanks on fort but don’t rely on them.

Accommodation: You can stay in various hotels or local cottages at Dapoli, Harne or Anjarle. Suvarnadurg fort is a worth exploring place near Dapoli. There is a lot of history about the remnants of this fort. This spot offers the good opportunity to archaeology & history students.

suvarnadurg fort photos images

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Map To Reach:

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Attractions Nearby Suvarnadurg fort:

  • Kanakadurga fort

Kanakadurga fort is a small fort near Suvarnadurg. It lies at the base of Harnai port on the coast. The shape of Kanakadurga looks like projecting into the sea. This fort occupies an area of 0.62 acres or 0.25 hectares. One has to reach this fort through a set of steps. There is not much to see on this fort. Today, all structures of the fort are in ruins. Some water tanks, one lighthouse & bastions are still there on this fort.

  • Harne Fish Market on Beach

Harne is a considerable large port. The fish market of Harne gathers every day in the morning time. Daily, many fishing ships comes at Harne village. Trading of huge quantity of fishes takes place at this market. One can get fresh varieties of sea fishes at Fish Market in Harne. Tourists can take a visit to this market to see various species of fish. It’s a different experience to see trading & vast varieties of fishes.  

  • Harne Beach

Harne beach is there along the coast of Harne village. This beach has very clear water & white-silvery sand. A large number of seagull birds visit this beach. The fish market is located on this beach only. This beach is situated amidst serene & natural surroundings.

  • Gova Fort (Harne fort)

This fort is located very near to the Suvarnadurg fort. The construction of this fort is carried out in various parts. It is considered to be built by Kanhoji Angre.

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