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Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project & National Park!

Tadoba andhari tiger project (reserve) is one of the best tiger reserves in Maharashtra. After the years of work, Tadoba national park authorities has achieved huge success in the preservation of tigers.

Location: Tadoba andhari tiger project, 45 kms from Chandrapur and 195 kms from Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

Best Time To Visit: Tadoba national park remains open throughout the year for tourists. February to May is the best time to spot animals in Tadoba sanctuary. Because temperature during this period rises up to 47°C then animals lookout to cool down body temperature. So they generally keep roaming nearby water bodies.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project Information:

Tadoba wildlife sanctuary is located near Chandrapur in Maharashtra, it is the oldest sanctuary in the Maharashtra. It was opened in 1955 covering the area of 116 sq.kms out of the total forest area of 509 sq.kms. The sanctuary is well known for a large number of Bison, Tigers & Crocodiles inhabited in it. This sanctuary has a good population of animals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Tadoba gives an amazing visual treat to nature and wildlife lovers. All these features make this sanctuary as one of the most visited sanctuaries of Maharashtra.

The splendid natural scenery and pleasant atmosphere help to pull a large number of people to this national park. In the middle of the Tadoba national park, there is a lake which has water throughout the year. The area around the lake is covered by beautiful hills having a dense green forest. The tourist complex is also situated in the beautiful dense forest along the serene banks of the lake. 

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Leopard Roaming in Tadoba!

©Shruti Ambetkar

Wildlife at Tadoba National Park:


Tadoba andhari tiger project (reserve) has a huge population of wildlife animals. Animals like Tigers, Leopards, boar, dotted deer, mongoose, nilgai, jungle cats, jackals, stages, bonnet monkeys, civets, antelope, bears, hares, Indian porcupines live in Tadoba sanctuary. In addition, 181 varieties of birds like kites, robins, Hornbills, Bhardwaj, Golden oriole, herons, seagulls and many others also live in the forest.

Beautiful Landscape at Tadoba!

©Animesh Dey

Some high Machans (Watch-Towers) are also constructed inside Tadoba andhari tiger project to observe animals. Forest department arranges jungle safaris daily to watch Tigers as well as other animals from less distance. This region receives heavy rainfall in monsoon months. So, this rainfall makes Tadoba national park forest area covered with dense lush green vegetation. Because of this reason, it becomes hard to spot animals in the rainy season.

Safari Bookings

Generally, Nagpur hosts the winter session of Maharashtra State Government. So, many political, as well as government personnel tend to visit Tadoba andhari tiger project in this period. So you may not be able to acquire the bookings at the end of December.

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Gypsy’s in the search of the tiger!

©Namrata Shah

For Tadoba national park safari booking and information, give visit to the official websites of Tadoba tiger reserve given below:
1) Tadoba National Park www.tadoba-national-park.com
2) Maharashtra Eco Tourism www.mahaecotourism.gov.in
3) Tiger Safari Tadoba www.tigersafaritadoba.com

Tadoba andhari tiger project also has a crocodile breeding farm near the forest rest house. This breeding centre is worth watching. Hyena, jackals & mongoose attack on crocodile eggs & eat them so the breeding centre was started. One temple is also there on the bank of the lake. Tadoba National Park is probably the best national park in Maharashtra. This place will surely like by those who like an adventure!

tadoba andhari tiger project images photos
Tiger Relaxing On Gypsy Route of Tadoba!

©Mihir Mahajan

Park Timing: Tourists can enter inside the Tadoba andhari tiger project during the daylight only. Forest authorities do not allow to enter the park after sunset due to animal threats. The official guide is mandatory with every vehicle for all kind of trips because they know Do’s & Dont’s of wildlife world.


Transport: Nagpur has good connectivity to all major cities in Maharashtra by road as well as by railway. ST & Tourist buses regularly ply to Nagpur & Chandrapur from all over the Maharashtra. You can reach the park by taking taxi’s or jeeps from Chandrapur or Nagpur.

  • If you are driving then you may enter  from the Khatoda gate at Moharli or via Chimur.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Chandrapur(45 kms) is the nearest railhead to reach the Tadoba sanctuary.
  • Nearest Airport: Nagpur airport is the closest airport to the Tadoba national park. It is about 140 kms long via Chimur.

Eating Stuff: Tadoba andhari tiger project has fewer food options. It is better to have the food at the hotel where you will be staying. Forest Rest House also has a canteen which serves decent quality food.

Hotels in Tadoba: You can stay at rest houses, dormitories or else even in tents offered by  Forest Department. You can also check the availability of MTDC rooms from here.

  • Tadoba has a good accommodation facilities with 3-family blocks and also a youth hostel having 36 beds. For MTDC online booking, visit this link.
  • Many luxury, semi-luxury, budget hotels as well as resorts are also available just nearby the park area.

Map To Reach:

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For more info about Tadoba national park safari booking:

1) Chief Conservator of Forests:
Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project,
Mul Road, Chandrapur,
Maharashtra – 442 401
Telephone: 07172 – 251414
E-mail: ccffd_tatr@redifmail.com

2)Deputy Director:
Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve
Telephone: 07172 – 255980
E-mail: ddcoretatr@gmail.com

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