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Tapola Hill Station: The Mini Kashmir of Maharashtra!

Tapola hill station near Mahabaleshwardisplays amazing scenic beauty. Tapola river camping, lake camping and trekking are popular activities to do over here!

Best Time To Visit: July To October is the ideal time to visit this spot. You can witness heaven like nature over here during Rainy season!

Location Address: 25 km from Mahabaleshwar, Satara District, Maharashtra (India) –412 806.

Tapola Hill Station Information

It is a relatively unknown place 25 km away from Mahabaleshwar. It is famously known as The Mini Kashmir due to its picturesque natural beauty. This amazing place is located amidst the beautiful Sahyadri Mountain Range and has a thick forest cover. Tapola is on the other side of scenic Mahabaleshwar Hill Station, therefore, this location is also blessed with abundant natural beauty just like Mahabaleshwar. It is very much famous among nature lovers, photographers, and adventure enthusiasts!

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This location is situated at a height of 2500 feet above sea level. Tapola hill station such a peaceful place that there will be hardly anyone to disturb you. Most of the mobile networks don’t work over here so you will be disconnected from rest of the world. Simple natural beauty is the main focus point of Tapola tourism. A large number of people come here just to do camping alongside the beautiful Shivsagar lake or Koyna river / Solshi River.

It is a dead end of the road going ahead of the Mahabaleshwar and it is around 1-hour journey from there. The road passes through the lush green forest & high mountains. one can see different beautiful panoramic views of the dam and rivers.

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Sightseeing/ Places To Visit In Tapola

  • Rivers: The views of Koyana river on one side and Solshi river on the other while traveling is simply awesome. Triveni Sangam is a popular tourist point where a convergence of 3 water bodies takes place.
  • Lake: Shivsagar Lake is the major attraction in Tapola hill station. It is a 90 km long water body and acts as the reservoir of Koyna Dam. Shivsagar is among the biggest lakes in the Maharashtra.
  • Watersports: This lake is an amazing treat for watersports lovers. Various water sports like water scooter rides, motor boats, boating, swimming, wind surfing & kayaking are available at this lake.
  • Spotting Wildlife: You can even spot various animals like Tigers, Wild Fox, Deers & Bears in the nearby forest.
  • Strawberry Farms: As this location comes under a cool region of Mahableshwar, there are many strawberry farms nearby this hill station.
  • Gerbera Nurseries: Gerbera is species of beautiful flowers. Tourists can visit various nurseries of Gerbera flowers around the Tapola hill station.
  • Waterfalls: Being surrounded by high mountains, a large number of waterfalls take birth in this region during a rainy season.
  • Kaas Plateau: The other end of beautiful KaasPlateu comes near the Bamnoliwhich is on the shore of Shivsagar lake. You can see magnificent beds of wild flowers at Bamnoli village!
  • Temples:Dattatreya Temple and Shiv Temple are popular temples over here.

tapola hill station photos


Trekkers Paradise

Tapola is also the base village to the Vasota fort trek, which is one of the best treks in Maharashtra. Trek route of Jungli Jaigad fort also leads through the forest of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. So this region is visited by trekkers all year round. These forts are quiet difficult to reach as they are far away on high mountains. While doing these treks, you can get spectacular views of Lake surrounding, nearby forts & jungle region.

Surrounding Region

Tapola is a truly magical place to visit in Maharashtra. It is totally a great place for a weekend trip. A visit  to this place gives calm, serene & amazing experience. It is undoubtedly one of the best hill stations in Maharashtra. So basically Tapola hill station is an ideal destination to soak yourself in nature completely!

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Tapola River Camps / Resorts / Hotels

There are plenty of hotels and Agro-tourism accommodations in Tapola. Riverside camping and lakeside camping are also available where you can stay in non air-conditioned tents.

Eating Stuff: In the past recent years, various restaurants have developed in the over here. You can get all type of food in these hotels.

Time Required: At least 2 days are necessary to see all viewpoints in Tapola hill station.

How To Reach Tapola

You can reach here by personal or hired vehicles. 

  • By Road: It is 298 km away from Mumbai(Via Expressway); 255 km from Mumbai(Via Mahad); 145 km from Pune, 85 km from Satara, 203 km from Kolhapur, 372 km from Aurangabad, 383 km from Nashik and 849 km from Nagpur.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Satara is the closest railhead to the Tapola. The distance between Satara station and this hill station is 82 km. Mahad (86 km) and Jejuri (130 km) are alternate railway stations to reach here.
  • Nearest Airport: Pune Airport is the nearest air station to Tapola. The airport is 143 km away from the destination. Mumbai airport (268 km) is another option.

Map To Reach:

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So, Tapola hill station is an ideal spot to get lost amidst nature. It is a great spot to send a quality time with your family & friends!