Toranmal Hill Station: Least Explored Hill Station In Maharashtra!

Toranmal hill station in Maharashtra is a picturesque location in Nandurbar region.  It is nestled amidst beautiful Satpuda mountain range.

Location: Satpuda Hills, Akrani Taluka, Nandurbar District, Maharashtra (India) – 425 432.

Best Time To Visit: October to February is the best time to visit Toranmal hill station. Weather conditions in summer months make it very difficult to roam outside. But still, many tourists visit this place during March and April when Mahashivratri Festival celebrated very enthusiastically in Gorakhnath temple of Toranmal.

Elevation / Height: It lies at an elevation of 1150 meters (3770 ft) above mean sea level.

Toranmal Hill Station Information

Toranmal is a famous hill station in the Nandurbar district of Maharashtra. The highlights of this hill station are its beautiful environment along with the serene surroundings. Being one of the less crowded as well as unexplored places in Maharashtra, it offers very peaceful holidays. This is one of the best hill stations in Maharashtra. The location Toranmal hill station is on the boundary of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat states of India.

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Ambient Yashwant Lake!

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There are 7 different hills around the hill station and it has a dense forest cover in Toranmal hill station region. Due to these thick woods, it is the 2nd coolest hill station in Maharashtra. There are amazing trekking routes, viewpoints, mighty mountains, sanctuary, deep valleys and lakes at this location. Toranmal is basically a small plateau having the area of 41.43 sq. km. It is separated into south & north by a water stream.

There are various lakes, lush green trees, small jungle paths and beautiful old temples in Toranmal. Khadki and Seeta khai are popular trekking spots over here.


Formerly it was the capital of Mandu Dynasty. British rulers had found this place very early. Forest rest house of Toranmal hill station was built in the year of 1915.  There is also a building called Mission Bungalow which was built in 1894 by British. This bungalow is on the bank of beautiful Yashwant lake.

There was a large population of Torna trees in this region. Due to this, the name of this hill station was kept as Toranmal. Bothered from the huge population of Torna trees, the local tribes started worshipping Torna Devi who is believed to be the Goddess of fertility.

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Amazing Sita Khai Waterfall!

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Toranmal hill station has the large variety of flora as well as fauna. It is one of those rare places which are not much crowded by tourists. Unlike other hill stations like Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, Lonavala or Panchgani, this is visited by less number of people. Therefore, this place has maintained its natural beauty very well!

Places To See In Toranmal Hill Station

  • Gorakhnath Temple: A large number of devotees visit the temple of Gorakhnath along with Nagarjun temple. The grand fair of Maha Shivratri takes place in front of Goraknath temple every year from March to April.
  • Torna Devi Temple: It is a 600-year-old temple of  The Torna Devi . The idol of the Goddess is in black stone.
  • Yashwant Lake: The water stream on south Toranmal plateau gives birth to the beautiful Yashavant Lake. This lake has an area of 1.59 and is 27 meters deep. This lake has got the name from Maharashtra’s former Chief Minister – Yashwant Rao Chavan. You can enjoy boating or fish activities in this lake!
  • Protestant Church: Just few distance away from Yashwant lake, there is a Protestant Church.
  • Lotus Lake: The water stream on north Toranmal plateau forms the Lotus lake. This is a very beautiful lake which always remains full with lots of lotus flowers.
  • Sita Khai (Valley): The similar stream of water falls down into the Valley called Sita Khai. It forms a waterfall during the rainy season.
  • Sunset Point: This is an amazing spot at Toranmal hill station to see the sun setting peacefully behind mountains!
  • Machhindranath Cave: This cave has got its name from great saint Machhindranath. According to local people, he meditated at this place for many years. 
  • Aawashabari Point: You can get spectacular views of the nearby mountains & surrounding region from this point.
  • Jalindranath Temple: This popular temple lies next to the Aawashabari point.
  • Khadki Point: According to legends, there was a huge wall along the Toranmal hill station. The remnant of that wall was discovered at this place during one excavation.
  • Fort of Gond King: If you are a history lover then this is a must visit fort for you.
  • Nagarjun Point
  • Saat Paayari (7 Steps) Point
  • Forest Park & Medicinal Plant Garden: This is an interesting garden having various species of medicinal plants and shrubs.
  • Check Dam
  • Coffee Garden
Misty Roads of Toranmal!

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How To Reach Toranmal hill station

Its location is not on any national or state highway but it has good connectivity to Shahada (शहादा) city. Shahada has good connectivity to almost all popular tourist cities in Maharashtra. It is 55 km away from Shahada city, 76 km from Nandurbar, 128 km from Dhule, 280 km from Nashik, 289 km from Aurangabad, 484 km from Pune, 510 km from Mumbai & 689 km from Kolhapur.

  • By Road: The State Transport (ST) buses regularly ply to Toranmal from Dhule, Nandurbar and Shahada. Tourists from Mumbai can reach here by taking NH3, NH8, NH6, SH5 and SH2 up to Dhule. From Dhule you can easily reach Toranmal hill station.
  • Nearest Rail Station: Nandurbar is the closest railway station to reach over here. The distance between the Toranmal & Nadurbar is 76 km. However, Dhule (128 km) is the more convenient railhead to reach here. Chalisgaon station (145 km) is yet another option. You can catch private vehicles like jeeps or cars from the station.
  • Nearest Airport: Aurangabad airport is the nearest airport to this hill station. Airport is 290 km away from Toranmal. Vadodara airport is an alternate option to Aurangabad.

Eating Stuff: There are few restaurants & eateries around the hill station.  MTDC canteen also serves decent vegetarian food dishes to tourists.

Accommodation / Staying Options

There are various resorts & hotels at the Toranmal hill station for accommodation purpose. Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has 13-holiday homes in Toranmal having intake capacity of 48 persons. Forest department also has their rest house built in 1915 on the bank of Yashwant Lake. Aruodaya Kuti Rest House is another option to stay near banks of Yashwant Lake. You can check the availability of MTDC rooms at this link.

Map To Reach:

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Toranmal hill station offer a perfect holiday treat! So if you want to experience peaceful & serene holiday away from crowded places then this is a right place for you!