Tung Fort Trek, Pune: Good spot to visit near Lonavala

Tung fort trek in Pune near Lonavala is a great place for hiking. Hikers normally exploe the pair of Tung & Tikona fort in a single visit. It is also popular as Kathingad fort. Lets see details about this fort!

Location Address: Tungwadi village, 12 km from Malavali, on the INS Shivaji Road, Maharashtra (India).

Best Time To Visit: June to January is the best time to do Tung fort trek. One can see stunning views of the surrounding region in this period!

Height: Tung fort lies at an elevation of 1075 meter (3526 feet) above mean sea level.

Difficulty Level: Medium. Though the name of fort is Kathingad (Difficult Fort), the trek route is not much hard.

Tung Fort Details & Information:

Kathingad or Tung Fort is a great trekking spot near Lonavala region. This fort is known for its challenging approach to reach at the top. Kathin means ‘Difficult’ in Marathi hence the name of fort is Kathingad. The fort is located at Tungwadi village near Ghusalkhamb on the INS Shivaji road. It is about 25 km from lonavala and stands at the height of 3,526 feet. Now, Tung fort trek route is not much difficult as it used to be earlier.

Carved steps at top.

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This fort is small in size and it cannot accommodate more than 200 people at a time. The fort is at a higher elevation than Lonavala and fort is surrounded by water on 3 sides. There is a temple of Tungi Devi on the top. You can see stunning views of Pavana lake and nearby mountain peaks from here.

Tung Fort Trek Route & Details

Path to the fort has vertical slope so one can easily understand how the fort got its name. The trek is not much hard and is feasible for everyone.  You can easily spend one-day trek at Kathingad & return to Lonavala in the evening. It has a conical shape, which makes it challenging to reach at the top. The approach to the fort is steep and has a narrow route on the mountain edge.

Water tank at top

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First of all you come across the Hanuman temple then Tuljai devi temple. There are some water tanks as well. The view of Pavana dam surroundings is simply spectacular from top of the fort. Various other forts in the Sahyadri Mountain Range like Lohagad, Visapur, Korigad and Tikona are while doing Tung fort trek. One can see region of Maval, Pavana valley and Mulshi valley from top of this fort.

Fort History

The construction of Kathingad fort was done in the Adil Shahi dynasty before 1600 CE. Later on, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured this fort in 1657. The Dhamale ancestry was responsible for the protection of Kathingad during reign of Marathas. In 1660, Shivaji Maharaj gave the control this region to Netaji palkar who was the Sarnoubat (Commander-in-Chief) of the Maratha army.

Beautiful view from the top

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Mirzaraje Jaysingh captured this region in 1665 and Mughals demolished many villages nearby Tung & Tikona forts. However, they were not able to won these 2 forts. But then after the Treaty of Purandar, Mughals (Kubadkhan with Halalkhan) took the control of this fort on 18th June 1665.

Fort Architecture

This is a tiny fort and conical in shape. While doing Tung fort trek you can see few bastions, strong fortification walls and ramparts in good condition. Due to its small size, Kathingad fort was unable to defend itself for a long span. The shape and structure suggests that it was used as a watchtower. The fort stands at a strategic location from where it was easy to keep a watch on the Maval region.

So it was easy to spot enemy troops and notify the Lohagad/Visapur forts for preparation. One hour is sufficient to see this fort properly. Tung fort trek route first leads you to the Hanuman temple. Thereafter, you can go forward through steps. Then, there is a main gate of the fort. Another temple of Lord Ganesh is there on the right side. After that, you can see the water trench, Tungi Devi and an underground cave.


How To Reach From Mumbai or Pune

Tungwadi is the base village to Kathingad fort. Reach Lonavala then follow route of Bhushi Dam-INS Shivaji-Peth Shahapur-Tungwadi. All routes Tung fort trek start from this village only.

  • Via Lonavala: Take a ST bus going to Bhamburde or Ambavne village from Lonavala. Then get down at the Ghusalkhamb village and start walking towards Tungwadi. The distance between Ghusalkhamb and Tungwadi is 8 km and it takes 1.5 hours to cover.
  • Via Tikona Peth Village: A ST busleaves to Kamshet-Morve bus from Tikona Peth at 11:00 am. Catch that bus and alight directly to Tungwadi village. It takes 40-50 minutes for this journey.
  • Via Boat: You can reach Tungwadi by taking a boat from Pavana dam. Reach Tikona Peth village and walk towards Bramhnoli village via Kale colony. Then from Bramhnoli, catch a boat to Kevre Gaon. It takes 20-30 minutes to reach Tungwadi from Kevre.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Lonavala station is the convenient railhead to reach Kathingad fort.
  • Nearest Airport: Pune airport is the closest airport to the fort.

Accommodation/ Staying Options: Maruti temple on the top can accommodate 5-6 people. More 3 to 4 persons can stay in the underground cave on top.

Restaurants Nearby/ Eating Stuff: There are no hotels or eateries around Kathingad fort so carry your food & drinking water while visiting here!

Map To Reach:

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Tung fort trek along with the Tikona fort offers a good weekend trekking option near Mumbai & Pune. You can experience beautiful scenery of this region in monsoons!