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Ulhas Valley Trekking | Good Spot Near Karjat & Lonavala!

Ulhas valley trek is a famous valley trek route near Karjat & Khandala. This valley is nestled in between beautiful mountainous region. It is one of the most popular treks in Maharashtra. Read further about trek route & other information.

Best Time To Visit: July to December is the best time for Ulhas valley trail trek. During this period, one can see spectacular beauty of nature.

Trek Location: The trek starts from Khandala & ends at Kondivade Village.

Ulhas Valley Trek Information:

This valley is a very famous trekking destination near Lonavala-Karjat region. It is also known as Canyon Valley. Large flowing streams of Ulhas River runs through this valley. A valley is a magnificent place having a lush green dense jungle. Every year, a large number of hikers & adventure enthusiastic people perform Ulhas valley trek. This valley offers spectacular natural, scenic and pleasant views of the surrounding region. The views of adjacent lake & lush greenery are truly unmatched!

Ulhas valley trek karjat
Breath-taking view through the valley!


Ulhas River flows through this beautiful valley & thus known as Ulhas valley. The valley has large varieties of wild flora and fauna. During the monsoons, it offers awesome views of nature. A large number of waterfalls in this area makes it even more beautiful to watch. There are many tunnels inside this valley, which helps the trains to cross the valley.

Due to this exciting environment, the Ulhas valley trek is very popular among hikers and adventure lovers. A large number of enthusiastic hikers from Mumbai as well as Pune region visits this place every year. The trek starts at Lonavla and ends in Kondivade village in Karjat region.

Trek Route

It is that kind of exciting trek where you have to start a trek by descending in a downward direction and climb up to end the trek! There is one huge waterfall which is popularly known as Kataldhar which falls down in the valley. Trek route is tricky & adventurous patches. The entire trek route goes through the jungle.

There are about 10-12 rock patches to ascend and descend. While doing Ulhas valley trek you will walk through streams, rappel through rocks, come across waterfalls, hear birds chirping & do many more activities. While enjoying you must also ensure your safety because the currents of Ulhas River are strong in monsoon season so you should start trek on the correct side of the river.

trek route to ulhas valley lonavala karjat
Waterfall diving into the valley!



Trek Grade/Difficulty: Beginners are advised not to do Ulhas valley trek in the absence of experts. This trek is quite difficult & you must have trekking experience. As trek route passes through dense jungle, one might get confused about a route. So you must have a guide or experienced person with you.

Time Required For Trek: 1-2 Days are required for this trek. If you start early in the morning, then trek can be finished in one day. Otherwise, you can stay in Karjat or Khandala based upon your direction.

Trek Path: 

Lonavala Station – Khandala – St.Mary School – Proceed through Valley – Kondivade Village – Karjat Railway Station. Otherwise, you may proceed in vice-versa direction.

How To Reach

Reach Lonavala station then take a private vehicle to Khandala. Get down at the Khandala exit then head towards St. Mary School which has the route towards the Ulhas valley trek. From here your trek will start with descending first, peculiar huh? But it’s correct!! 

  • Nearest Railway Station: Lonavala Station is the convenient railhead. After reaching the station, follow the route stated above. You can take a hired vehicle up to Saint Mary School.
  • Nearest Airport: Pune airport & Mumbai airport are the closest airports near Lonavala.
ulhas valley trek route karjat
what about this view? 😉


Eating Stuff: Carry your own food & plenty of water as you will not find anything inside the jungle. You can also take ready to eat food packets along with you.

Accommodation: Large numbers of hotels are available in Lonavala & Khandala hill station. The benefit of staying here is you can start your trek in the early morning when an atmosphere is very cheerful & pleasant.

Nearby Attractions: Rajmachi Fort in Lonavala and Kondana Caves near Karjat are two popular tourist attractions along the route of Ulhas valley trek.

Map to reach:

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