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Velneshwar Beach, Ratnagiri: Tranquil Beach On The Konkan Coast!

Velneshwar beach in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra is among the most beautiful beaches on Konkan coastline. It is a great weekend gateway to spend peaceful holidays!

Location Address: Velneshwar, Between Guhagar and Ganpatipule towns, Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra (India).

Best Time To Visit: October to February is the ideal season to visit Velneshwar beach in Ratnagiri. However, you can visit this beach all year but beware of high tides. Due to its great natural blessings, the weather of Velneshwar remains pleasant throughout the year.

Velneshwar Beach Ratnagiri Information

It is a very beautiful & relatively less known beach in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. Beach adjacent to the Velneshwar village that is 81 km away from Ratnagiri and north of Shastri river. Beach has scenic blue water, soft white sand and lush green coconut trees. This place is full of peace, tranquility and isolation from the hustle-bustle of city noise. It offers some really ambient surroundings to de-stress your mind.

Dense vegetation of coconut palms on beach coast adds beauty to the beach. Velneshwar beach in Ratnagiri is ideal for sun bathing as well as relaxing. One can spend some quality time at this beach. This beach is a rock-free beach and ideal for swimming. You can play various water sports here as there are no rocks on the beach.

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Town of Velneshwar has 2 popular tourist spots Ganpatipule and Guhagar on its each side. Tourists can also see farming of beetle nut trees in Velneshwar village. There are a large number of beetle nut trees in this village. Due to its abundant natural beauty, now many tourists have started visiting this beach.

Other Tourist Attractions Near Velneshwar

Brahmanghal In Hedvi

It is an interesting and unusual natural formation which is created by continuous gradation of the rocks due to sea water. A small valley has formed between a big black rock which is approximately 20 feet deep and 1-2 feet wide. A large water column of about 30 feet height forms when sea water runs inside this valley. It lies just on the shore of the Velneshwar beach in Ratnagiri.

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Dashabhuja Ganesh Mandir In Hedvi

Dashbhuja temple is dedicated to Laxmi Ganesh. It is kind of a rare temple which was built a very long time back. Temple is made up of white stone that was brought from the Kashmir. The idol of the deity is 3 feet high having 10 hands hence names as “Dashabhuja (10 Hands) Ganpati Mandir”. The birth celebration of Lord Ganesh takes place every year in the Marathi month – MAGH.

Velneshwar Temple

There is also an old 1700 years old Shiva temple near Velneshwar beach which is frequently visited by pilgrims. This temple also has idols of other gods like Lord Ganesh, Lord Vishnu, and Kal Bhairav. A large number of devotees visit this temple in the month of March, when temple hosts a  Mahashivratri Fair. In spite of being a very ancient temple, it was half constructed and the remaining part was built between 1960-70. This temple lies near the entrance of the beach.

Uma Maheshwari Temple

This temple is on the same rock stretch while going towards the Brahman Ghal.

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Resorts / Hotels / Staying Options

MTDC has its own resort near Velneshwar beach in Ratnagiri. You can check the availability of MTDC Rooms at this link. Few other hotels are also available near the beach. Otherwise, you can stay in Ganpatipule which has plenty of accommodation options. Due to increasing popularity of this beach, now local people have also started offering homestays to tourists!

Eating Stuff: There are very less eating options around the beach. However, some resorts, small restaurants serve nice food. Even villagers provide delicious varieties of sea food on request.

velneshwar beach pictures images

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How To Reach Velneshwar Beach Ratnagiri
  • By Road: Velneshwar is 50 km away from NH-17 (Panvel – Kanyakumari Highway). Maharashtra State Transport (MSRTC) buses ply daily to Velneshwar from Ratnagiri, Guhagar and Ganpatipule. It has good connectivity with other cities like Ratnagiri, Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur. Beach is respectively 16 km & 39 km away from Guhagar & Ganpatipule.
  • Route From Mumbai to Velneshwar:Mumbai – Mangaon – Mahad – Khed – Chiplun – Guhagar – Velneshwar.
  • Route From Pune to Velneshwar: There are 2 options to reach Velneshwar beach in Ratnagiri from Pune. The 1st route is from Khed Shivapur – Bhor – Varandha Ghat – Mahad – Khed – Chiplun – Velneshwar (It covers a distance of about 259 km). While the 2nd route is Pune – Khed Shivapur – Surur – Satara – Umbraj – Kumbharli Ghat – Chiplun – Guhagar – Velneshwar (This route covers a distance of about 290 km).
  • Nearest Railway Station: Chiplun is the closest railhead to reach this beach. This station lies on the Konkan railway line of Indian Railway. Regular trains ply to Chiplun from Mumbai & Pune. The distance between Chiplun & Velneshwar is 53 km. Private vehicles are available outside the station to reach up to Velneshwar beach Ratnagiri
  • Nearest Airport: Mumbai airport is the nearest air station to reach this beach. Airport is about 316 km away from the beach. You can catch a train from Mumbai till Chiplun and catch taxi later on!

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Velneshwar beach in Ratnagiri is an ideal place to visit if you want to spend your holiday away from the crowd and city noise!